Every entrepreneur and small business owner should be blogging in today's society. Blogging allows you to build your expertise, claim your authority in your industry, find potential clients, increase SEO on your website, and increase your brand awareness. Did you know that 81% of online consumers trust a blogger's opinion? That is what you're missing out on if your company is not blogging.

Sadly, many entrepreneurs and small business owners are not blogging, therefore, handing over their potential clientele over to their competition. If you're tired of not getting seen or heard, and your authority hasn't been claimed in your industry yet, isn't it time that you take action?

Here at Monica Writes, I help you unleash your hidden inner expert inside of you through blogging with you not having to do anything (literally)! 

Here's what will happen: we will get on a call through Zoom where I'll ask you a series of questions for 60 minutes and within 72 hours, you'll have up to 6 months of content for your blog! And all you had to do was answer questions about what you love doing most!


  • One hour session to flush out your story and make it into a series of blogs with strategy behind it to both entice your audience and build your email list
  • Deliverable: 6 months of weekly blog titles that tie to your story and message 


You will have a bank of ideas that you didn't have to create on your own blogs (I do all the hard work!)

You will have a detailed plan of action

You will know how easy it is to gain a connection with your audience

You will post your first blog with confidence and ease

You will have the tools to go out and make a difference in the world by using your blog

Gain income with your blogs

Have a strategic plan for promotions, events or services with your blogs


Schedule Your FREE Consultation Call to get on my calendar for Your Blog Strategy Call and begin writing your blogs in the next 14 days!