Have you been wanting to write a book, but you struggle with what to put inside of it? Perhaps you have no clue on how to get started and that holds you back from actually writing your book?

Here at Monica Writes, we believe that your message in vital to the world and so many people are waiting to hear your message! That is why we designed a package uniquely for you that will not only get you started with your book but will be the blueprint to finishing your book quicker than you thought possible!

Here's what will happen: we will get on a call through Zoom where I'll ask you a series of questions for 90 minutes and within 72 hours, you'll have your book outline! And all you had to do was answer questions and have a simple conversation with me and I'll do the hard work of providing you with your outline!


  • 90-minute session with Monica to flush out your book contents while you sit back and answer questions 
  • Deliverable:  Book outline with chapter titles, 3 main points per chapter, and 1-2 stories/anecdotes per chapter that support the chapter title 


You will have your own outline - an outline that describes exactly what you will say in each chapter

Your outline will have 10-14 chapters with your own stories, illustrations, and more to help your audience understand your key points

Simple bullet points to key you in on what you need to write about in each chapter

An outline that will be your guide through your book writing journey


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