3 Simple Ways to be Consistent with Your Content

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“How do you stay consistent with your content?” Someone asked me when I was on a call with them. How many of you are inconsistent with your own content? You may post regularly for a few weeks only to stop after that. Or you post for a few months consistently, and your life or business gets busy, and you fall off the bandwagon again. I know that you, along with many others,… Read More

5 Ways to Build Credibility and Authority as a Speaker

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How many of you want to be speakers? How many of you are already a speaker? If you’ve been wanting to become a speaker and wonder what it takes to become one and be taken seriously, then you’re at the right place. If you’re already a speaker, perhaps you’re looking at how to leverage yourself and build authority for your brand. Regardless if you’re looking to be a speaker or are already… Read More

How to Prepare for Travel in the Post-Covid World

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Now that things are opening back up, how many of you are considering traveling? If you are like me, then you're probably traveling for speaking engagements or considering going on a nice family vacation. But you may be wondering what is different this time around?  Airline travel is changing by the minute, and it can be a difficult thing to understand and find the best ways about it. Not everybody is airline… Read More

8 Ways to Turn Your Book or Blog Content into a Killer Money-Making Marketing Strategy

By: [email protected] Monday June 8, 2020 0 comments Tags:

  Have you ever thought, “How do I make more money with my book?” “How do I get more eyes on my stuff?” “How do I expand my business without any extra additional time (or learning how to do something new)?” Marketing is the name of the game, but do you know how to make your book or long-form content into a killer money-making strategy? If you are have written a book… Read More

5 Reasons You’re Not Getting New Clients (and how to fix that)

By: [email protected] Tuesday May 26, 2020 0 comments Tags:

How many of you want more clients?  Maybe you are in the space of “I will love to have some more clients to work with because I just love working with clients!”  Do you ever feel like finding clients is hard work?  For a time, I felt like every month, it was a struggle to get a new client and meet a new bottom line.  Since then, getting new clients is relatively… Read More

5 Things to do with Your Money Right Now as an Entrepreneur

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"What should I do with the money that is flowing into my account?!" Have you ever wondered this? Perhaps you're wishing you could wonder this! When your business begins to take off and you start incurring money, perhaps you're looking at what to do with all the money you're bringing in. Do you reinvest some of it back into your business? Do you pay off credit card debt? Do you save some? If… Read More

How to Add Revenue Streams into Your Coaching Business Easily

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How does someone have different revenue streams while working full time in their business? Running a business is full-time and hard work as it is, but if you're looking for more ways to add revenue streams into your business and are not sure how to add them in without overwhelming your market with promotion after promotion, I can see why you would get stuck or overwhelmed easily! That is why I asked… Read More

How to Add Revenue Streams in 2020 as a Micro Influencer

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What is one thing that you believe that most entrepreneurs and influencers learned during the COVID-19 pandemic? One thing I believe a lot of people learned what that we can't rely on one source of income because it could literally disappear overnight. I knew one guy who lost four high-paying clients when the pandemic hit. Ouch. How can we ensure that our source of income will not disappear? I believe that answer… Read More

7 Things You Can do to Bring in Money Now

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  Finally, at last! The COVID-19 self-quarantining mandates are about to be lifted! How many of you are preparing to start going out WAY more now?  Regardless of if you're planning on going out or staying in, your business may be feeling like it needs more clients or income coming in right now. Maybe you're one of the many entrepreneurs where the pandemic caused you to lose clients which made your income… Read More

3 Resources You Need to Enroll New Clients Now

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There are affiliate links in this post, which means if you sign up for one of the tools, I will receive a portion of it.   Are you ready to get more clients?  If you're ferociously nodding your head, thinking, "What kind of dumb question is this?" then we're on the same page! Just because there's a crisis going on, doesn't mean that people aren't still buying and investing in themselves. I… Read More
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