You have heard it a million times (maybe over 100 times from my blog alone), “Your coaching business should be blogging”. If you’re a service based coach like I am, then your brand needs a blog to it!

Perhaps you’re unsure why your business needs a blog or how it could help grow your business. Then it’s confusing when you hear that blogging is dead.

Blogging is far from dead and it’s just one tool to connect and build trust with your audience. Blogging can bring revenue, passive income, clients, prospects, community, and much more if its done right.

So if you’re asking, “Can blogging benefit my business?” My answer is YES and here are 10 reasons why you as a service based coach need to be blogging today:

1. Easy Access to Your Audience

    Blogging is a gateway to access your audience without having to leave your home. You can literally blog from anywhere and get in front of your ideal audience by typing up a piece of valuable content that you know your audience would love and enjoy reading. It’s the place to start a real conversation and building your expertise and authority right away, even when you have little presence online.

    2. Expertise

    You are an expert in your field because you have studied, went to college, or have taken years to excel to where you’re at today. Blogging is a way to showcase your expertise in a friendly, informative fashion while building credibility to you, your brand, and your business on a consistent basis.

    3. Create Authority

    When you showcase your expertise, you automatically build authority within your niche. If you’re a life coach who works primarily with women dealing with weight issues, then creating consistent content that is driving value to your audience, you will begin to create authority, and when that authority is created, your ideal audience begins trusting you.

    4. Build Community

    When you converse with your audience, you encourage feedback, engagement, and interaction, thus building community. I will continually go to blogs that I enjoy reading because I feel community with that blogger. If I want to continue to that sense of community, I will join their Facebook Group or get on their email list.

    That is what you want to do… build a sense of community with your blog so you can move your prospects into a more intimate community, such as a Facebook Group or your email list.

    5. Share your story

    I know many of you have a message – a story – to share with the world and being on social media is just not cutting it. Blogging is a way to share your story and spread your message like wildfire with others who are looking for a story like yours (your ideal audience is looking for your story right now!).

    6. Establish Yourself Online

    Establishing a presence online is essential to your service base coaching business. Social Media presence is only going to go so far. Blogging generates organic SEO which brings more traffic to your website and gets you and your brand seen by more eyes (something social media doesn’t offer).

    7. Generate New Leads

    A blog can help you get more leads by asking people to join your email list or get inside your Facebook Group. When you showcase your expertise, establish your authority and share your story, people will feel inspired to move forward with you and will gladly be more connected with you, whether that’s through email or Facebook.

    8. The Power of Repurposing

    Once you have a plethora of content (a plethora could be 10 blog posts by the way), you can begin to repurpose your content to get more mileage out of it. By creating free content upgrades, webinars, ebooks, or email sequences, you will never run out of things to write about because you’ve written it once already! All you have to do is copy and paste and woola! A new way of marketing yourself as just been created without having to write for hours!

    9. Your Blog is the Heartbeat of Your Marketing efforts

    A blog is a marketing tool for your business. I use my blog as the primary tool to promote my services, online courses, and content upgrades. Then I repurpose my blog into social media content so I can market myself even further using different platforms. You can do this as well when you use your blog as the heartbeat of your marketing campaign.

    Want to see an example of how I do this? Download the Free Guide to learn how you can repurpose your blog into social media content!

    10. Blogging is cost-effective.

    Blogging isn’t just creating a piece of content for today, but for years to come. It’s not just something for your readers now, but for a reader down the road. Blogging is cheap, but yet the way it can grow, flourish, and bring in new clients for years to come, is priceless.

    A blog can benefit your service-based coaching business tremendously, but you have to put in the time, effort and energy for it to see the real growth in it. 

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    Female Entrepreneurs hire me to create and write successful blogs so that they can articulate their message into convertible and profitable content. Many are confused, overwhelmed, and lost at where to begin, so I help them step up into their authentic authority, strategize their message and increase their income all from the powerful use of blog strategy.

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    I am an author of three books, International speaker and writer, and coach who is married to a USAF veteran. Together we have a beautiful son, so when I’m not chasing him around, I love to snuggle with my cat, travel, drink coffee and read fantasy (Brandon Sanderson fans in the house?).