Traffic. How do you get traffic for your blog?

You don’t want to write a blog and then hear crickets! You want traffic to come to your blog so you can get new leads, new subscribers, and start building residual income from your blog!

What’s are good traffic sources for your blog?

Although there’s not one answer that fits all, here are strategies you can put into place to increase traffic to your blog so you can start seeing more results faster.


Ensure you have a basic understanding of SEO and how to use it for your blog. Hubspot has a quick and easy free course that teaches you the basics of using SEO for your blog.

Blog Consistently

Consistency is key to growing and building your blog and traffic. Without it, you’re not going to reach the traffic numbers you want. I encourage all of my clients to blog weekly before blogging more than that.

Social Media

Never underestimate the power of social media! Always post your blog onto your social media platforms to show off your knowledge and your expertise. 

Facebook Groups

I have used Groups to promote my blogs and it’s a good place to test if you actually get traffic from it. 


If your target is women, then go ahead and create a Pinterest Business Account and begin posting onto Pinterest. Invest in Tailwind as this makes life a whole lot easier!

Even with Pinterest, you’ll have to test out what works for you and what doesn’t. Just because someone repins your blog doesn’t mean they actually read it. That is why you’ll have to learn some Pinterest analytics and then discover if people are actually going onto your blog and reading it. 


You want to create a resource of backlinks either to your own blog or another person blogs. Or even sites, you can use sites a part of your backlinks (I’ve already used Hubspot and Tailwind). This helps Google know you’re serious about your blog.


Commenting on other blogs can help gain more traffic. Especially if you’re helpful and give valuable advice or insight. You can even target your peers, power partners, influencers, or your mentors to comment on their blogs. Make it fun and make it count!

Blog Outreach Plan

Just like with commenting, get a few friends, peers, power partners, or community members you love and share their content out to your audience and ask if they wouldn’t mind sharing your blog out to their audience. This is what’s called a blog outreach plan. Make it a win-win for everyone.

Submit to Blogging Communities

Blogging communities can be a great place to submit your articles in order to get in front of more eyes. There are different communities for different niches, so investigate to see which community fits your niche.

Create an Infographic

Wrote a detailed blog post that can be turned into an easy to read infograhic? Why not create one and share it onto social, Pinterest, and your email list? People are visual learners and turning a blog post into an infographic can bring new leads to your blog.

Neil Patal did this and it doubled his traffic.

Blog to Video

Video is predicting to account for 82% of all internet traffic by 2021 and if you’re not on board with the video wagon, then you could be missing out on the 81% of consumers who buy after watching videos.

Take the content from your blog and produce videos, whether its Facebook Live videos or creating a YouTube channel (or both!), it can increase traffic to your blog as well as your bank account because more people know who you are.

This is nowhere near the number of strategies you can do in order to increase your traffic to your blog, but it’s a start. I would suggest that you start with just two activities this month and see what the numbers say. Then pick up another one or two, or work on tweaking what you’re already doing.

Before you can even start to gain traffic to your blog, you need to write high-converting content, like a How-To Post! A How-To Post is a tutorial to teach your audience how to do something that they have been dying to know about!

Download the Write a How To Blog Post Template workbook that shows you exactly all the elements you need to write a successful how-to post now! Then you can easily create strategies to get more traffic to your blog with this blog post!

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