Writing consistently can be hard. Writing ongoing blog content is even harder! So how does one keep up with all the content from social media to newsletters to blog content to landing pages content to email sequence content to book content… the list goes on and on!

There is so much to say, but yet one can run out of ideas quickly. Even I think, “I don’t know what to write…” and yet I’m the queen of content creation! I totally get it and I know that many of you who are starting blogs are wondering where will all the content come from.

Luckily for you, you have come across this blog post where I am going to share with you 12 ways to generate blog content that is easy and fun!

1. AnswerthePublic.com

If you ever need a plethora of content ideas for your next blog post, then go to answerthepublic.com and it’ll give you more than one idea, I promise you!

I have talked about this website before, but it’s literally a goldmine of information because it takes all the frequently asked questions from Google and Bing and compiles it into a nice graphic for you to get ideas for your blog post, social media post, a book idea, a content upgrade, and the list goes on and on!

When you go to the site, you’ll type in a keyword that you’re in or you are an expert in. I typed in “blog” and here is just ONE of the many circles that answer the public gave me from just one word! 

Using this site can literally give you tons of ideas for your next blog, video, newsletter, and social media post!

2. Repurpose a post

You know I LOVE repurposing and I have created TONS of content from repurposing my blog content! Don’t have any blog content yet? Why not go look on social media for content you’ve created and turn that into a blog post?

What if you recorded a video that people just ate up? Turn that into a blog post because you’ll reach those who would rather read than watch a video.

3. Update a post

Did you know that you can update a post? If you have written a blog post two years ago, you can update it and “revise” it to fit today’s trends. I have done this with a few post blog where the title has the words “updated and revised” to let people know it’s an older post turned new.

4. Make a Negative Blog Post

Is there a concept out there that is outdated amongst your field of expertise? Is there an idea that you consider to be “bad” that people are telling your ideal audience how great it is?

Perhaps it’s time to share why you think it’s a bad idea or that a concept is outdated to showcase new and improved ideas to your audience. This is one way to help and contribute to your audience.

5. Look at your competition

If you’re fresh out of ideas and answer the public isn’t helping you, then look at your competition. What are they writing about? Take a few minutes to research and see what they are writing about.

Then ask yourself, “How could I make it better? What gaps can I fill that they are not sharing?” If you leave their blog post feeling unfulfilled or with more questions, perhaps you should write a blog post filling in the gaps or answering questions you have. Chances are if you’re asking more questions after reading the blog post, your ideal audience are, too.

6. Read the Industry Gurus Posts

Instead of looking at your competition, you can look at your industry gurus blog posts or podcasts. For me, I love Amy Porterfield and I consider her my industry leader or guru. If I ever needed inspiration, I can go to her blog posts and see if there is an idea or concept I can break down further in my own blog post. Try it out.

7. Write a Listicle

Listicle – or list posts – are popular as they are scannable and quickly digestible. Pinterest and social media LOVES listicles, so why not try it out?

What kinds of listicle can you create? Books you enjoy reading, apps and services you use, where to find a particular resource using different websites, quotes, reasons or steps your audience should do something, podcasts you love, and courses you would recommend. There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to write a Listicle; it just needs to be a subject your audience is wanting to know about.

8. Ask the Experts

In other words, if you have a dying question you want an expert to answer, why not think of several experts and email them your question? Let them know that you’re wanting to write a blog with this question and you want their feedback. Then ask if they can share your blog post when it goes live.

Now there’s a win-win right there. Have experts on your blog, get them to share; your blog might go viral!

9. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of my go-to places to find ideas or to get a new idea. Before I write a blog post, I see how others are writing their blog posts on the same topic as mine on Pinterest first. This gives me ideas on how people are looking and wording search terms so I can mimic this same process.

You can type in a search term in Pinterest and follow the colored boxes that give you a different slant or get down into a particular niche.

10. Interview 

When in doubt or feeling extra lazy, then ask a peer if you can interview them. All you have to do is come up with 5-7 questions, email them to your peer, and when you get the email responses back, you’ll copy and paste that into your blog post.

All you have to do is create an intro and a conclusion and you’re done! Now you have a blog post. Easy peasy.

11. Share a Success Story

Everyone has a different level of success and if you’re thinking, “I don’t have any”, I can guarantee that your success is more than a lot of other people success! 

For example, I can write a blog post on how I generated $3,000 from a series of blog posts. But how did I generate the cash? By turning those blog posts into a workshop and then selling a package afterward. It might be a unique way of making money, but I made money from my blog that way!

What success have you had with something? It could be “How I got 3 new clients from one 15-minute speech!” or “How I went from $0 to $150 in affiliate sales in 14 days!” It doesn’t matter the price tag, what matters is that you discovered the “secret sauce” and I can bet you a lot of money that someone is waiting to hear what that secret sauce is!

12. Get out of the house

Sometimes we just have to turn our brains off and go somewhere to come up with awesome ideas. Take some time and go to the coffee shop or the library or Barnes and Noble and let your mind come up with an idea.

Too often we get into our heads thinking of an idea when we need to let it go so our brains can actually come up with a new idea! And we need the fresh air anyway, I am sure, so focus on getting out and having some fun. I’m sure your brain will come up with something quickly and it’ll be better than you could have created on your own.

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