Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night wondering what you’re going to write about in tomorrows blog post?

How many of you struggle with generating content for your business on a consistent basis? Perhaps you’re writing content, but it doesn’t seem to get any attention! 

What does one do?

Many of my clients struggle with coming up with topics to write about and when they hire me, together we come up with 3-6 months worth of content for them to write about on a consistent basis and I’m going to teach you exactly how we come up with this content bank over the next several weeks!

Last week, I talked about how you can find time to write your blog, so for the next several weeks, I’m talking all about how to generate content for your business that gets likes, shares, comments, and traffic! I want you to have a full content bank where your audience is hanging onto every word!

So how do you get this content bank full of awesome ideas to write every single time you post for your ideal audience? 

Ask your audience

It’s really is that simple. One of the best ways to know what your audience wants to know from you is to simply ask them. But when you ask them, you want to know what their pain is.

What is a struggle they are trying to overcome in their business or life? What is it that is stopping them from doing what they love or achieving what they desire?

You have a solution to your ideal audiences pain, so you need to ask them what their pain is. For example, your pain is trying to come up with topics to write about consistently every week. That is how you landed on this blog post!

So what kind of question should you ask? 

“What are you struggling with when it comes to [blank]?”

That blank is your solution.

My question was “What are you struggling with when it comes to creating content for your business?” 

Turn their answers into content. For me, the answers I got from this simple question gave me content for my blog (yes, even the one you’re reading now!), social media posts, and even a webinar (see below!)!

I used Google Forms and sent it out to my email list and went to several Facebook Groups with my ideal clients asking this same question as well. You can use different forms like SurveyMonkey or TypeForm for your question as well.

Market Research on Websites

Sometimes you need to go outside of your email list and Facebook to see what your competition is writing about. You see, your competition is already answering your ideal client’s questions and is writing content that you need to be writing! You can research what your competition is saying about your audience’s pain so you can replicate the process.

Do NOT steal their stuff! That’s not staying in integrity; however, you can learn what they are saying and apply that to your content marketing strategy. If they are answering one of your client’s questions, then take the idea and turn it into your own blog post. Make it your own! Remember, people want to hear it from YOU and YOUR VOICE!

That is how you’re going to stand out in the crowd.

You can research what your competition is saying by going to Buzzsumo and typing in your solution (mine would be content creation or blogging).

One another way to conduct market research is to go to Q&A sites like Quora and study what people are asking about in your industry. 

Yes, you can answer a question if you like or you can see what questions people are asking about your passion and expertise and begin coming up with related blog topics for your own audience. This is what I would recommend.

Facebook Groups

Ask the market research question that I talked about earlier and post it in your favorite Facebook Groups that has your ideal client in them.

Be clear on who you want to answer the question!

If you’re going after graphic designers who are in the first year of business, then put that in your text so you’re clear on who you want to answer your question. Otherwise, you’re going to get people who are not in your target audience answering your question and it’s not going to serve you (trust me, I have learned!).

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