How many of you want more clients?

How many of you want more clients that come from your blog?

When we have more clients, we can create more impacts on the world, our communities, and our lives. When we work with people we love, we are not only more fulfilled, but our purpose and vision for this world is coming true because it’s being lived out in our client’s lives.

Now if you are blogging or want to begin blogging for your business, you might be wondering how to gain more clients with a blog. 

Before we can start attracting clients to our blog, we must understand a few things on how to write our blogs for our clients so that they can turn into private clients who love and adores us.

It’s Not About You

One thing I have been guilty of is that I sometimes tend to write about ideas, concepts, and key points that I am interested in or that I think my clients would want to read about.

But in reality, we want to make our content about them, their pain points, their struggles and answer their questions.

Content Consultant, Ardelia Lee, says, “I focus on tying my blog posts to my clients’ pain points and offer a solution. Clients love it when their pain points are validated, and they go crazy when you provide them with a solution (or several solutions).”

You want your content to be of high value to your client and their needs. They are going to read your content and love it for how you give them value. 

The next time you write a blog post, ask yourself, “What is in it for my reader?”

You can take it a step further and ask, “What transformation will they receive from reading my blog post?” 

Talk to Your Best Customer

You need to understand who your best customer is. 

Think about a private client that you just LOVED to work with. I mean, this person was beyond perfect and you were on cloud nine every single time you coached this person.

That is the person you should be talking to every time you write a blog post!

Consider the language you used when you were coaching this person. Think back to the pain and solutions you gave them. Now turn that into blog posts and act as if each blog post is a coaching session with your best private client.

Create Powerful Call to Actions

When your best customer comes to your blog page, you want to begin nurturing a relationship right then and thereby asking them to do something.

The Call to Action can be for them to download a free gift or to take your free challenge. You want to go over the benefits if they download your free gift so that they can get onto your email list.

Remember, it’s all about them.

How many of you give your clients homework? Think of your Call to Action as homework for your client because in that homework explanation, you’re telling them what will happen after they get done with it, right?

Your Call to Action can be anything from, “Get on a free discovery call with me” to “download the free worksheet where you’ll experience Result A, Result B, and Result C.”

Your Blog Must Reflect Your Intent on Gaining More Private Clients

If your sole purpose is to get more higher-end private clients from your blog, then it’s time to start writing a bigger game than you were previously. It means each blog has a direct purpose to it and your language isn’t going to be just for anyone – it’s going to be for your best client.

If you want more clients that you love, then your content is going to be written for them, meaning you’re going to act like every blog post is a private coaching session where you give advice, direction, and action to your client.

Your Call to Action is like homework to your client and if they want to experience more results, then they will do that. You want action takers to be on your email list, so start nurturing that now in your content.

If you’re wondering how to do this yourself or need help in making a purposeful plan for your blog, then let’s talk.

Within 30 minutes, we will discover exactly how to get your content being seen by the right pair of eyes, talking to the right (and best) clients, and generating more paying private clients than ever before. Together, you’ll walk away with making more money, writing higher quality content, and bringing in more leads because your content is making the difference you’ve always wanted to create.

Schedule a call with me today and let’s start making you money with higher-end clients now!



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