So you want to write a book… or you think you do. But maybe you’re weighing the ROI from the time spent writing the dang thing. Maybe you are not sure how in the world writing a book can help you and your business succeed. You may know that there are impacts from writing a book, but you sure as heck don’t know what they are. Well, that is why you tuned into this blog, right? In Spice It Up with a Book, we’re getting you ready for NaNoWriMo and this month, I’m covering the basics of why you should write your book! Check out last week blog on my friend Anastasia Button and how she wrote her book if you need a little bit more motivation 🙂

In this blog, you will discover the three impacts writing a book can do for you and your business. So let’s get into the three impacts already then!

IMPACT #1: Writing a book makes you an expert in your field.

How many of you would hire a plumber with no training to come in and fix your plumbing? You wouldn’t. That’s just asinine. You would want an expert to fix your plumbing!

Nick Morgan says, “In an era of increasing specialization, and a daily explosion in knowledge, experts have clout and authority.  So if you want to be at the head of your field, you need that book – especially if you’re a consultant or something similar, who’s hired because of your expertise.”

When you write a book, you automatically become an established expert in your field, which enables you to broaden your horizons. A book can potentially allow you to move into areas such as training, consulting, and presenting (if you’re not already doing that). It elevates your business to a whole new level of expertise than you are at right now. Plus you’re more trusted with a book and who wouldn’t want the KLT factor to go up an notch when meeting new clients?

IMPACT #2: Writing a book helps you land more clients and generate more leads

There’s a sense of respect and integrity when you have a book. Why? You are going to trust someone who took their time out to write a book rather than someone who has not done so. It also lets your audience know that you are sending the same message across the board – from sign on the front door, to the tagline on your business card – you’ll gain customers trust when displaying the same brand and focus across different touches.

Erika Andersen says, “If you’re running a business and you publish a great book with helpful information in it, your business gets a halo effect from your rise in credibility.  Being associated with a business book and its author gives an enterprise legitimacy in the eyes of the world.”

You are building trust with your audience because you’re sharing your expertise with your audience. When you provide an authentic voice that speaks to your readers as a person and they sense you really want to help them, your readers will spread the word about you, your book, your classes, and your conferences.

IMPACT #3: Writing a book will establish your brand and people will pay for your name

Erika Andersen says, “Having a book or books that lay out the key intellectual property or the core models or principles of your business really helps potential clients understand what you’re about and how you can be valuable to them…. People have often been surprised when I’ve said this – they question whether it’s really a good idea to put your ideas out in public for anyone to see (and, by implication, steal).  But our experience has been that the ideas in a book quite often whet people’s appetite for more in-depth knowledge or consulting.”

“Your brand has to plant itself in the hearts and minds (especially hearts) of prospects and customers. It also has to be memorable. Your brand is the focus of all your marketing efforts (yes, it needs to say something about your company, connect with your target market, be motivating in some way and always create loyalty),” says Lois Geller. 

When you establish your brand, you can charge more because higher-paying clients will be attracted to your brand, which increases your monetary income.

I hope this has inspired you to begin thinking of how a book can impact your business to a whole new level! How can you impact your target audience if you wrote a book? Also, how could that book impact your business? Answer in the comments below!




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