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Are you ready to get more clients? 

If you’re ferociously nodding your head, thinking, “What kind of dumb question is this?” then we’re on the same page!

Just because there’s a crisis going on, doesn’t mean that people aren’t still buying and investing in themselves.

I asked on social media if people thought that they could still land clients and I got such a tremendous response, all with a resounding, “Yes!”

But before we can serve new clients or even get people on the phone with us, we need a few tools and resources to make sure our backend is utterly amazing.

If you’re ready to take on more clients during coronavirus with your content and boost your leads, you will need three tools to enroll new clients effortlessly and save you tons of time. 

Calendar Tools

You need to have a link to a calendar to schedule people to get on a call with you to discuss how you can serve them. This will be given in email messages, messenger, and text.

Make it an email to remember the link, like or something to that effect. This is called a “pretty link”. 

My calendar link is a link that I created a long time ago and it leads straight to my online calendar where people can schedule a time to chat with me. 

Here are the calendars I recommend getting if you haven’t gotten an online calendar yet:

Acuity Scheduling*


Google Calendar

Next, you need to put in your available times for the month, make a pretty link to your calendar page, and that’s it! You can start receiving calls!

Merchant Account

Next is a way to take credit card payments over the phone. I highly recommend taking payments over the phone because then you are in control of taking payments, especially if your client prefers a payment plan.

I have seen too many of my colleagues not get paid because they leave it in their client’s hands to pay via invoice rather than charging their client’s card every month. 

The popular merchant or payment accounts are PayPal and Square. These are both simple and easy to set up to your bank account. 

I highly recommend Square as you can manually put in your client’s credit card information in real-time or at a later time with Square’s website or app.

Agreement or Contract

Finally, you need to have an agreement or contract in place. This protects you and your client.

Make sure there’s an agreement on no chargebacks because this is going to protect you if someone decides not to pay and asks their credit card company to not allow you to charge their card. You can then show the credit card company that they signed an agreement that they would not chargeback their card.

I send my agreements to my clients to sign electronically with HelloSign as it syncs with Google Drive, which is where I make all my agreements for my clients to sign. 

Another recommendation: use Google Doc to draft one contract or agreement so every time you sign on another client, you can change out the name and add or take out the package type or features, according to the package your client signed up for.

HelloSign is easy and free for up to four documents every month. You can easily set up your signature and your client can set up his or her signature and sign the document within moments of sending it to them.

It’s very slick and professional looking and I love how easy and simple it is to use for both myself and my clients.

Enroll Clients Now!

That’s it! These tools have saved me so much time, energy, and headaches when onboarding a new client. When you have a system in place and you’re ready to go, then it makes enrolling a new client so much better.

Plus, when you have your systems set up, you appear professional and confident in what you’re doing.

If you need help getting more clients through your doorstep with the power of your content (like social media, blogging, packaging your content into online course, etc), then I can help you.

I want you to get more clients and make more money and it starts with you hopping on a call with me to see how we can get more clients coming through your digital doorstep with ease, confidence, and success.

Let’s get more clients with less work starting now. Schedule a call today.


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