“How do you stay consistent with your content?” Someone asked me when I was on a call with them.

How many of you are inconsistent with your own content? You may post regularly for a few weeks only to stop after that.

Or you post for a few months consistently, and your life or business gets busy, and you fall off the bandwagon again.

I know that you, along with many others, struggle with staying consistent. You know staying consistent is one way to build trust and authority with your business, but if you keep falling off of the bandwagon, then that could lead to distrust in your brand (and perhaps yourself).

Here are three ways to stay consistent with your content so you can start attracting more ideal clients to your digital doorstep.

Content Calendar

The first way to stay consistent is, you probably guess it, a content calendar. A content calendar is just a simple way to put your ideas into a calendar.

If you have a paper calendar as I do, then you want to put sticky notes on it with what topics are you going to write about and when you want it to be posted.

My calendar system tells me what I’m going to write about on my blog and if I have any upcoming promotions that I need to promote. I write on colored sticky notes and place them on my calendar on days when it’s happening (and even on days when I need to start promoting).

If you have a content calendar where you know when you’re going to post, where you’re going to post, then you’re going to be setting yourself up for success.

Word/Google Document

If you don’t like paper calendars, create a Word document. And this document is going to have all of your brilliance into it and it can be in a calendar-like form or a simple document on when you’ll write what on what days.

I have a Google Doc that gives me ideas on what I can write about, go on Live about, and topics I can talk about as well. This gives me ideas for the month so if I ever wonder, “What do I write today?” I have a whole document of ideas ready to spark inspiration right in me.

My ideas for my content come from my theme of the month and I have Facebook Live topics, social media post topics, lifestyle topics, and promotion topics.

If you have a document that you just put all your ideas into, the number one thing I would say is you want to make sure that all your social media content is going to reflect what you’re promoting right now. This reflection will be in your newsletter marketing as well.

Theming Your Months

Themes are really fun because it gives you flexibility on what to post, especially when it comes to your social media feed.

Themes can represent what you’re working on right now or what you’re selling. For example, I have been theming my months with what I can help my audience with.

April was all about how to turn your content into cash and May was about adding additional revenue streams into your business. Now June was a wonky month and it didn’t really follow a theme.

July is taking the most-watched of my Facebook Live videos and turning them into blog posts for you to read (it’s relatively easy even if the translator cannot understand what I say some of the time).

When you have themes, your blogs, social media posts, newsletters, videos, and anything else you’re marketing and creating can be applied to it. If you want to sell more of your group program over the course of the next few months, then your themes can reflect the transformation or benefits that your program offers.

Your CTA will reflect this as well. It makes marketing and life a tad bit easier when you have a theme to your content and it helps you stay consistent and strategic!

Let’s Get Consistent with Your Content Now

This whole video that was turned into a blog post was created because someone asked me about it and I know consistency is something a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with.

While I was on that call, I gave her a few ideas on blog posts she could write about.

If you’re feeling jealous of that person who got some awesome ideas from me, then let’s talk. On the call, I can guarantee you I have a couple of ideas just for you.

If you’re ready to start making money, getting more consistent, and filling your pipeline, let’s talk.

My goal is to start helping you write epic consistent content inside of your marketing campaigns, your ad campaigns, your blog, video, or newsletters so more people are working with you.

If you’re not down for a chat, that’s cool. Download my free How to Create a Realistic Content Marketing Plan Workbook.

This workbook will help you create a content marketing plan with ideas and themes so you can start getting strategic and consistent with your content and drawing in new clients!

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