Influencer marketing is a big word now in days, but perhaps you’re unsure on what the term means and why should you even care.

First of all, the term Influencer means just that: you have the ability to influence people on their decisions, whether that’s to buy a product or service or you influence a decision they need to make in their life.

When you watch commercials, the companies are hiring actors to influence you to sign up with a particular insurance company or to eat at a certain restaurant. Because if that actor is eating there, then you should be too, right?!

In terms of entrepreneurship and business, this is the same thing as writing a landing page or blog content!

And the best news is that you can become an Influencer without even having to become an actor!

Whoo hoo!

You have the ability to become an influencer right now using your blog with your audience, no matter how big or small. You may only have 257 people on your email list, but if they already know, like, and trust you, and you’ve influenced them to buy a product of yours, then you are a micro-influencer, my friend.

Okay, sounds great. If you want to become an influencer with your blog, how do you get started? What makes a blog feel more influential and what shifts do you need to make right now?

There’s a blog post for that and you just found it! 

Write great content.

That is a given. When you first created your blog, you wanted to write great content! No one sets to write a crappy blog from the start! 

You’ll need to connect with your readers on a deeper level than just talking surface stuff. You need to talk to their burning desires and investigate what they want to accomplish in their careers, life, marriage, romance, or health journey. 

Once you have figured that out, you can create great copy that will leave them drooling for more!

Create an Effective Marketing Strategy

Next is to create an effective marketing strategy that is going to move your audience from reader to buyer. Do you have an online course that can solve their problem or a group coaching program that will leave them creating more money?

Whatever it is, you’ll need to get in front of your audience’s eyeballs and lead them to buy from you.

You can do these several ways from capturing their attention through social, a webinar, asking your audience to join your Facebook group where you can provide and build even more trust, or being on a popular podcast.

This marketing strategy will take time and a lot of tweaking! But if you stay consistent and be willing to change your gears slightly, then you’ll find the most effective way to market to your people where it’ll bring you abundance!

Be Consistent

This is the #1 killer of accomplishing all that you want. Consistency is key in the world of marketing! You have to be consistent with your blog, your marketing, and your message. 

People are flanky and your audience wants to see if you have what it takes to serve them powerfully.

But how do you stay consistent? You develop a content calendar that helps ensures that all your content and marketing activities are getting done in a timely manner and that you’re staying consistent! 

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