Have you ever wondered how people who create content always come up with content?

Have you ever thought, “I can never come up with great content!”

Or maybe you just look around like, “I don’t know where to even come up with great content!”

If you’re on the struggle bus with creating great content, then you’re in the right place because I’m going to talk about the four ways that you can get content now and get your genius out into the world in a powerful way.

Step 1: Create a Mind Map

This is for you if you know that you have juicy, good things to share! You have spent years on your business, learning, and growing to be the best inside of it.

The problems lie in that you don’t know how to get that brilliance out of you and into the hands of your audience without them having to hire you.

The best place to start is by having a mind map.

You start by writing out one word in the middle, this one word might be what you call yourself or what you’re really good at. For me, it was content.

Then I ask myself, “What does content mean to me?”

From there, I start drawing lines out from the center to come up with words like topics, blogs, videos, and podcasts.

From there, pick a word like “blog” and start thinking what a blog means to me. In order to have a blog, you want to have blog traffic, blog topics, and a content calendar.

From there, let’s look at the word topics and so on and so on. You see how I expanded all the way around the mind map until it was full.

Essentially what you’re doing is taking an idea and dissected it down into many little areas.

You can always use one of these small circles and put it into the big circle and begin dissecting again.

Each circle can be a blog post a video, a podcast episode, or a speaking topic for you. It could be anything you want it to be.

A Mind Map is the best way to get started creating more content for your business.

Step 2: Brain Dump

It’s kind of like a mind map, but instead, you’re dumping all your brilliance out onto a blank sheet of paper.

Write down everything you know.


I mean go from the basics of the basic to the more intimate systems you use and teach to your clients. Write down processes, systems, and anything else you do and use to make your business and clients’ businesses and lives work in sync.

This content is going to become blog posts or medium post content articles, your next podcast episode, videos, and more. You’ll see just how much you know and how much you’re not sharing with the world.

Step 3: Utilize the Internet

You have the gift of the internet so utilize it!

Here are a few of my favorite sites to go to when I am either feeling like I have no ideas or I want to write from a different angle.


This website brings the frequently asked questions from Google and Bing from a keyword you put in the search bar and provides a nice visual with questions that people are asking.

When I type in the word “blog”, it pulls up over 500 questions that people are asking.


This takes the most popular blogs that are being shared on social when you provide a keyword into the search bar so you can write a similar post and understand the keywords that are being used inside of that blog post.

If I were to type in “content creation”, it’s going to pull out the most liked blogs and websites on social media, with articles having that keyword in them.

Look at that and be like, “how can I write this to my own expertise? What would I say that, how would I say it?”

Then begin writing and see what happens!


Type in your question that your audience is asking you all the time. And it’ll give you some of the frequently asked questions of other people asking the same question and how other people are responding to them.

This gives you a feel of what people are asking, how others are responding, and how you would respond to the same question. Plus it’s good SEO for your site.

Step 4: The Power of Talking It Out

I find different perspectives and angels when I talk about my genius with people I trust. They give me the best ideas and tell me exactly what they want me to talk about.

This is going to be the number one thing that in my opinion, can really help because, as we’re talking, someone else is listening, and they’re going to be listening out.

They can ask you questions like, “Have you thought about this?” or “Why don’t you write about that?”

One time I was chatting with a wonderful lady and I totally gave her an idea to write a blog about to share with her clients!

Sometimes talking things out just creates more ideas because we just need to share what’s in our heads so we can create even more epic content for our audience.

4 Steps to Momentum

When you begin to use these four simple steps to creating content, you’ll begin to build credibility authority, teacher, and leader in your area of expertise.

It’s your time and year to become a leader that you know you are and you can literally become that when you use these four steps.

If you want more money, generate more clients, and be the expert in your area of expertise, then let’s talk.

If you’re wondering how to create even better content for your audience, strategizing it, and marketing it, then let’s talk.

I would love to chat with you if you just need some ideas. I always have ideas for you; I need you to tell me what you’re doing, and I can tell you exactly what it is that you need to be working on right now so that way you can move the needle in your business and get more clients and get more money into your bank account.

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