Live video has made a huge difference in how we communicate and share ourselves with the world. We now have a way to interact with our favorite people by asking questions and commenting on video in real-time.

Did you know that Facebook Live videos produce 6 times as many interactions as traditional videos and has 10 times more comments than regular videos, according to 99Firms? 

Video has a higher return of investment, up to 63% and marketers are tapping into video since it has such a high conversion rate. A whopping 72% of consumers prefer video over text. 

So what does this mean for you, the entrepreneur? It means you need to be on video! Whether you’re using Facebook Live, IGTV, or YouTube streaming, you need to begin tapping into live video now!

“88% of marketers using Instagram videos say they have been successful” – SmartInsights

Marketers are predicting that the future is video and that means it’s time to get over your camera shyness and begin showcasing your beautiful face with your powerful message through video!

This same concept can be used for your Live Video content as well!

Finding Content for Your Live Video

Listen, I know one of the questions you’re asking right now is, “What do I talk about?!” 

Sista, if you have hung around me for any length of time, then you know I am all about creating massive success using content creation as the backbone of your business! 

If you’re blogging, then you have more than enough content to share right now! 

Once a week, I go onto Facebook Live and I share my blog content with my audience. I am working on tuning in more often on my Facebook Business Page where I share my thoughts, my epiphanies and now, books I am reading. 

If video still freaks you out, here are additional video tactics you can use to get into live video for your brand as well as create awesome content.

Lifestyle Video

If your brand is more lifestyle, like gardening, couponing, or making clothes, then consider doing a lifestyle video. That means your phone is pointed to what you’re creating rather than you.

If your brand is health and wellness, then show people how to eat healthy with a live video on how to chop, measure, or mix food together into a delicious and Instagram worthy way!

Live Show

Admire Ophrah and Ellen? Then why don’t you create your own Live Video show?

Consider going on weekly where you have a live show about your expertise and passion. This works very well for yoga instructors, health and wellness experts (think cooking show), or visual creators like graphic designers.

If Doña Ángela, who is a Mexican Grandma, can start her own YouTube cooking show using basic video sets and her views are flying off the charts, then so can you!

Walk & Talk

You’ve seen videos of people walking and talking and if you’re thinking, “I’m not that correlated”, then why not flip the camera around to see what you’re seeing (aka the camera is NOT facing you) where you can walk and talk, would you do a Live video then?

Have a small human (aka toddler)? Why not follow him or her around and share while people see what your kid is up to? If you have a cute animal, you can do this as well!

You don’t have to show your face to make a killer live video, ladies! You can be on your daily walk with your dog and go Live and share your thoughts, insights, and expertise!

Your content can come from your blog if you feel you have nothing else to share.


Have a whiteboard or a blackboard? Why not use that opportunity to share your knowledge in a fun and interactive way?

If you’re teaching tactics or strategy, this could be instrumental in connecting the dots on what you do and how your audience could benefit from your brilliance.

Video is NOT Complicated 

All you need to do is come up with content and press the record button! If you’re consistently blogging, then you have tons of content right there. If you post on social media on a regular basis, there’s content. If you walk around recording your thoughts, there’s content.

Content is in your brain and all around you. Stop making excuses and start plunging into video and begin making a name for yourself, your brand and your company! The camera doesn’t have to be pointed at your face for you to press record and let the world hear your voice!


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