Have you ever wanted to share your message, but your immediate concern was if you were going to offend someone or if what you had to say was really “important” enough?

You have a message to share and you know it can change lives, but you’re getting stuck too often.

One thing that I was getting stopped in when I wanted to share my message was what if I said the wrong thing or what if someone would attack me.

I was able to lay those concerns and fears aside when I discovered these four ways that allowed me to speak my truth in confidence.

If you’re ready to share your truth and get your message from inside of your being and into the world, then I believe distinguishing these four ways will shift you to speaking your truth now.

1: Your Truth is Not Coming from a Place of Emotions

Looking at social media, emotions get high and fast. When emotions are involved, things get heated up quickly.

I don’t believe your truth comes from emotions. Last week, I discussed that your truth comes from a place of love and love doesn’t care whether or not you agree, it’s just there to shed its light and love onto an individual if they want to listen.

The next time you’re considering speaking, do an emotional check.

Are you getting angry, heated, or defensive? If you are, then this is the cue to say, “Okay, I’m not in my truth right now. I need to take a step back and shift my perspective.”

When we come from a place of love, it means love for people and where they are in their humanity (their journey in life).

Checking your emotions is going to be a big key factor in sharing your truth and message with the world. When you come from a place of truth, you don’t care if people hate or not because you’re in your truth and your truth isn’t for anyone.

2: Your Truth isn’t to Judge People

How much judgement is on Facebook nowadays? It seems everyone either is wrong or right, and there are a ton of “us vs them” posts.

Your truth is NOT coming from a place of judgment.

There is no judgement when you’re speaking truth because the truth will either convict someone or it won’t.

And you have to trust your truth will do its job when you do your job of sharing it.

3: Your Truth is just Being

Truth doesn’t care.

Truth is just truth, truth is you just being there to share.

You have to trust that your truth is going to speak to those who it is meant to speak to and it’s not going to speak to those who are not ready or meant to hear your truth.

If you are wanting to prove someone wrong or prove how great you are, then this is NOT truth. This will NOT impact the world in any positive way.

Truth is neither right or wrong, it’s just truth. Truth is not attached to any emotion or judgement as it just is.

4: Your Truth is NOT Attached

If you are scared to post on social media about your truth that means you are attached to an outcome.

Your truth is not attached to any desired outcome.

Being unattached, in my opinion, simply means you’re not attached to how people might respond or think.

It’s more attached to being heard, being witnessed, being shared, being seen and being out in the world.

Your message and truth is not attached to emotion, judgment, it’s not about proving whether or not you’re right or wrong.

Whenever you’re in that place of no attachment, think about how much more powerful you will be.

Now you could post on social media and someone starts freaking out on you, you could be like, “That’s so interesting!”

And you’ll be able to see past the response and really love the person for where they’re at in their journey.

Because you’re going to start seeing their hurt and their pain and you can begin to love them for where they are at.

When You come from Your Truth, You Are Powerful

When we come from truth, we get to be witnessed by those who we were meant to be witnessed by, giving them an opportunity to be transformed by our truth and message.

People will start coming out from the woodwork and begin to share stories with you.

If you are like, “I want to start sharing my truth. I have been believing too many lies for so long. Every time I post on social media I’m getting heated, emotional, and prove that I am right, but that’s not making me the strong leader. How can I change that?”

Then come to the workshop, Speaking Your Truth during Turbulent Times. This is a workshop that has three inclusive bonuses like private coaching to take your truth to a deeper level, a private Facebook group to share and practice your truth, and a writing prompt worksheet that will help you get into your truth faster and quicker.

Speaking Your Truth during Turbulent Times is going to help you with all four elements that I mentioned inside this article and put it into your daily life and business.

What I know is when you do all four of these elements, your business is going to change. What do you think is going to happen for your:

  • Speaking engagements
  • Marriage
  • Content
  • How you show up daily?

This is the power of speaking your truth.

Let’s start speaking our truth and start shining our light now. Let’s start being beams of hope for those who are seeking leaders who are shining that light now.

It can happen whenever you come to Speaking Your Truth during Turbulent Times on Wednesday, August 26 from 2 to 5pm Eastern Standard Time.

Be prepared to identify the lies that have been holding you back so you can get past them once and for all. Then write content from your truth from, without feeling any attachment, sharing from that place of purpose and passion so you can show up brilliantly.

I see you as a leader that you are and I want you to show up as that leader.

And the way to show up is by speaking your truth to become the leader and the business owner you always wanted to be.

About the Author: Monica Miller

Female Entrepreneurs hire me to create and write successful blogs so that they can articulate their message into convertible and profitable content. Many are confused, overwhelmed, and lost at where to begin, so I help them step up into their authentic authority, strategize their message and increase their income all from the powerful use of blog strategy.

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