If you’re wanting to start the new year off with a bang (and with a bang, I mean by launching a blog), then you need to know what you have to have in place before you can go live. So what are they? Here are five key elements you need to have in place by the time your blog launches. You can thank blog writer, Corinne Kerston, for providing inspiration for this blog post. 

 #1 Your Niche.

You need to know who you’re talking to before you even begin blogging. If you haven’t already, read this post where I break down what’s a niche and how to begin talking to your ideal set of audience. But this is an MUST HAVE before you blog as it’ll determine what kind of blog you’ll have and what kinds of content you’ll write about.

#2 Your value.

Beyond your niche, you need to be clear on your value. When you begin looking at your values, you want to ask yourself, “What makes me stand out?” There are millions of blogs being published all the time, so how are you going to make sure yours doesn’t get lost in the sea of all the similar blogs? You need to show what makes you different! Not only make content that no one else is making, but offer what no one else is offering as well. 

#3 Your audience.

Your audience must come first. After identifying your niche, you need to begin creating content regarding solutions to your audience’s problems. If you have to, ask your audience what they want to hear from you. Speak to them using their language and never assume you know what your audience needs for they will tell you themselves!

#4 Email subscription service.

You need to begin collecting emails now, even if you don’t have a blog yet! Sign up for a free or paid email service, like MailChimp, Mailerlite (what I use), or Convertkit. Create a free incentive on Canva for people to opt-in on and put them on your email list to begin to build know, like, and trust with your new fan club. Don’t know what kind of free incentive to use? Read this post that gives you more than enough ideas for your first free opt-in! 

#5 Content.

According to Corinne (and I agree with her), you definitely need content to be scheduled and ready to publish. But what we recommend is at least 5 posts, with 5 more in drafts or queued. This should all be related to topics you found while researching and reflecting what your audience wants to hear from you. Also, for these first 10 blog post, I would highly recommend placing a free opt-in in each one. 

This is just the beginning of what you need for your blog and as you begin to expand and grow it, you’ll find more things you may need for your blog as well. But for right now, get your ducks in a row with these five elements so you’ll be fully prepared and ready to launch by January!

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