How many of you who is either a coach or speaker (or like me, both) don’t have a book yet? Maybe you have been hee-hawing around with the idea, but you keep putting it off? Perhaps you want to write a book, you have some content and ideas in your head, but making it appear on paper is not your strength.

Regardless of whether or not you are toying with the idea of writing a book or just don’t have the time to write it right now, I want to walk you through the five reasons you need to have a book in 2017 to explode your business and credibility.

As a coach or speaker, you need a book and the only way you’re going to write it is if you have the motivation of writing a book when you see the benefits a book can bring you, your business and your future. So let’s hop right on into Reason #1!

Reason #1: It builds Authority.

Many of you already knew this, but when you’re out speaking or coaching, this really seals the deal that you have authority. When you have a book to your name, you automatically set yourself apart from all the other coaches out there and become the go-to expert in your field.

When I speak and I tell my audience I have three books underneath my belt, people perk up, they begin to really listen to my message because I have just become the go-to expert and authority in my field.

Reason #2: It builds your brand.

A book sets you up for success and it gives you the appeal of having a world-renown brand. Your brand is in your book and if you play it right and keep your content the same, you’ll build trust quicker and faster to your ideal client.

Plus, having a book to your brand makes you even more trustworthy than before.

Reason #3: It sets you apart from your competition.

Writing a book has more benefits than you can imagine, but one of them is setting yourself apart from your competition. There are so many speakers and coaches that do something similar to what you do. To set yourself apart from your competition, publishing a book can help your audience understand why they should choose you rather than your fellow competitor over in the corner.

When you give away your secrets for a low cost in a form of a book, you are defining how you’re different and what makes you so unique!

Reason #4: Discover higher paying clients.

Because you have written and published a book, you can now find higher paying clients. You have set yourself up as the authority and expert in your field, you have gained the trust with your audience at a faster pace, and now your audience knows why they need you, you can ask for a higher price point for your services.

I used to charge like $30/hr for my services, now I feel very comfortable charging anywhere between $150-$200/hr because I know since I have written three books and am seen as the authority in my field, I feel comfortable charging more.

Reason #5: Generate more income.

When you’re finding higher paying clients, it automatically boosts your income! If you’re speaking a lot, you can sell your books in the back room and make income that way. Or you can go to a corporation or organization and ask them to buy a certain number of your books for you to speak for “free”. It’s another incentive that makes it look like the organization is getting a deal because they’re getting you for “free” by buying your books. It’s a win for them and you!

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