Have you considered going to a blog retreat? You know, a getaway from life to actually start your blog?

Perhaps you’ve thought about going to one, but you’ve always talked yourself out of it. 

There are so many reasons why a blog retreat is for you, but I listed five great reasons why attending a blog retreat is for the woman who wants and desires to start her blog off the right foot in a space that is safe and creative!

Reason 1: You want to start a blog.

A blog has been on your horizons for quite some time now, but you just didn’t know how to get started, create consistent content, or how to create the impact you want. That impact might even be on your bank account!

A lady who attends a blogging retreat is also a lady who wants to start a blog and start it successfully, off the right foot, instead of spending countless hours wondering if she’s doing it right.

Reason 2: You NEED a different space to write your blog.

You probably wear different hats like the mom hat, the wife hat, the businesswoman hat, the cook hat, the taxi hat, the finance hat, the cleaning lady hat, and you can probably list 10-25 more hats you wear on a daily basis!

The woman who comes to a blogging retreat is a woman who wants to get away from it all! She needs a space that is going to allow her to take off all the hats and just wear ONE for the entire time! She wants to be known as who she is as a business owner while creating a safe space to share and be herself. 

Do you need to get away so you can take off your hats and roles so that you can concentrate and focus on your blog?

Reason 3: You desire to learn from a mentor.

You want to learn from someone who has been there done that. You want someone who can mentor you and take you step-by-step towards success with your blog.

If you’re a woman who values mentorship and guidance from someone who has had success in an area that you want to venture into, then attending The Elite Women Blogger Retreat will fulfill this need very quickly!

Reason 4: You want guidance instead of guesswork.

You don’t want to waste your precious and valuable time researching answers for your blog. You want to be guided and shown the way while having an environment that is safe and fun!

A woman who desires her time is a woman who attends a blogging retreat because she knows she’ll get the answer she needs without wasting her time doing it all on her own.

Reason 5: You like to have fun!

A woman who loves to have fun is a woman who wants to attend The Elite Women Blogger Retreat! Listen, if you’re all about work and play, then this retreat has you covered!

There will be wonderful like-minded women there that you’ll meet and create lasting relationships with! You’ll eat great food, drink wine, and have girl talk because we ladies need to have some of that in our lives!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and sign up for The Elite Women Blogger Retreat that is happening May 16-18, 2019, in Estes Park, Colorado! Your investment covers your stay at a luxurious mountain home, some meals, all five trainings, a post-retreat training, and the wine!

Plus there will be hot seats and masterminds so you can get the help of other women who see your greatness and want you out there showing off your awesomeness!

Register by clicking below right now!

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