How many of you want more clients? 

Maybe you are in the space of “I will love to have some more clients to work with because I just love working with clients!” 

Do you ever feel like finding clients is hard work? 

For a time, I felt like every month, it was a struggle to get a new client and meet a new bottom line. 

Since then, getting new clients is relatively easy and it was because I had a shift. And I want to shift that for you. 

I want to tell you five reasons why you may not be getting clients right now so that you can start making more impact, create more income, and live a life that you love. 

Reason 1: No One Knows Who You Are

I see this all the time from entrepreneurs. No one knows who you are because you’re not showing up. 

You’re not going live on Facebook. You’re not writing blogs. You may write a social media post every now and then to talk about your business, but you’re mostly on your business page. 

No one knows who you are. They don’t know what you do or how you can help them.

I was there once. I didn’t want to talk about my business on my personal page. I was against it for so long. 

But then, my coach asked me to change it. Once I began to show up on my personal page and talk about what I do, things started to pick up.

Start writing about your business on your personal page and see what happens. 

Reason 2: Your Message is Not Hitting a Nerve

It wasn’t too long ago that my own messaging was not hitting a nerve, meaning, no one wanted to blog necessarily and I wasn’t talking about how blogging could change their income and getting more clients!

It wasn’t until January whenever I began shifting my energy, my messaging, and began talking about getting more money, more clients and enjoying more freedom was when people started to come to me. 

What is it that you help people with and what nerves are you not hitting? 

You might be too scared to say, “This is what I do.” 

You might be scared of saying that because you may say something like, “I don’t know, because they don’t do the work, they won’t get the results they want.”

Yes, if your people do not do the work, they’re not going to get results. Bottom line.

They could do the work and still get no results. And maybe it’s a tweak in their message or maybe it’s something else that you can help them with further.

Reason 3: No Follow-Up Strategy

You know how many people I run into that do not have a single idea of how they will follow up with people they reach out to?

How many of you, after reaching out to people, and don’t hear a response back, you don’t reach back out? 

Or people reach out to you and you don’t reach back out?

There needs to be a follow-up strategy! 

People’s emails get built up and they could have missed your email. I spend 30-45 minutes just checking my emails once a week. That may be happening to your potential client and because you’re not following up, you’re not getting that sale!

Stop making a follow-up strategy complicated! It’s quite simple. 

It can be as easy as, “Hey, I am checking in to see if you got my last email about…” That’s it. 

Reason 4: You’re All Over the Place

You got too many things going on or you got your hands on too many little things. 

And you want to share all the things and people don’t know what your business is, which is usually, the main money maker. 

You have to decide what is the main thing you want to focus on and sale. This boils down to your main brilliance. 

Where is the main brilliance that you do? What is it that you really just love doing? 

If it’s going to be the main source of income, focus on that.

This doesn’t mean you can’t bring in these other little pieces, because you can, but you’ll have to market it differently. 

Plan out your marketing calendar on when you’ll be promoting your smaller things, but make sure your money-maker gets 80% of the attention.

Reason 5: You’re Stuck In Perfectionism

You think in order to speak, you have to be perfect. Your messaging has to be perfect. You have to have a website. 

You have to have this. You have to have that.

You know how many people I know who made six figures without a website? 

All you need is your voice, your mouth, and a message. 

That is all you need. 

It doesn’t need to be perfect. 

The number one thing in my opinion, is getting your voice out there. 

Who cares about the typos if someone pointed out! 

I’ve had the best month yet in my business and I’m not perfect. I make mistakes and plenty of typos! 

Let yourself be messy and people will love you more for that than if you were perfect.

Conclusion: It’s Time to Get More Clients

Did any of this resonate with you? Did you see yourself raising your hand to any of these reasons on why you’re not getting clients?

If you’re ready to change that and ready to get more clients so you can make a greater impact, the impact you desire, then let’s talk.

Within this conversation, we will go over which reason sticks out to you the most and how, together, we can eliminate that and get you into momentum, traction, and receiving more clients for your business.

One client, who was stuck in perfectionism, was able to generate a $5,000 contract! Another was able to get a $350 group to participate. Another, $2400 client.

What would these numbers do for you and your business?

Excited? Nervous? Ready?

Let’s get on a call and start changing your life and business now.

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