It’s 2019 and it’s time to start your blog for your business, lady boss!

You know that you need to be producing a main source of content on a weekly basis, whether it’s a video on YouTube, a weekly podcast, or a blog. I am all about blogging, so I want to encourage you to start a blog in 2019 so you can grow your girl boss business, generate new leads and clients, and give back to your community in awesome ways.

If you want to start a podcast, head over to my friend, Laura at Social Savvy Geek, who teaches women entrepreneurs how to add a podcast to their business for growth and exposure.

But if you’re not looking to start a podcast and you hate videos, then starting a blog is perfect for you and your business!

Why is a blog so dadgum important for your business, especially in 2019? Here are five surprising facts that you want to consider when you start a blog:

Fact #1: Become an Author

Have you’ve been thinking about writing a book? This could be anything from your own life story, writing a business book to showcase that you’re the go-to expert, or if you have a planner you want to create a publish, you’ll need a community that is ready to buy from you if you want to go through the publisher’s route.

Many publishers don’t want to work with authors unless they have a following and your blog is the piece to gain that following.

Yes, you can build social proof and a community on social media, but what if Instagram or Facebook shut down tomorrow? You’ll lose all of your social proof and following.

But you’ll never lose your community when you have a self-hosted blog for your business.

Face #2: Make Money with Your Blog

You have heard of so many ways to make money with your blog, that depending on which way, it can be difficult to pinpoint what will be most effective with you and your blog. 

But the reality of it is, you can make money with a blog and you can do that by promoting a course you have or an ebook you’ve created. You can sell workbooks, planners, or even affiliates you work with!

Making money with a blog is doable, you just have to find the strategy that works best for you.

Fact #3: Get More Exposure to Get Seen by Bigger Companies

Want to work with bigger companies that have bigger pockets to pay you? A blog can be the way to showcase your brilliance and how you can help them succeed in their business goals!

It’s all about positioning yourself as the go-to expert in your field and creating a strategy to get big corporations to notice you.

Fact #4: Build Trust

Blogging, just like video marketing and podcasting, is a way to show off your skills as a woman business owner and to draw attention to your skills.

People buy from those they trust and blogging is one way to build that trust by providing free information and education to your audience.

Fact #5: Get More Visitors to Your Website

If your website is not performing well, then consider adding a blog onto it because when you have pages upon pages of content on them, it organically gives you SEO for your website. When people are searching for your terms, they’ll come across your website quicker.

Hosting a blog on your business website can create more leads and business grow faster. It’s cheaper to do it this way and you could make some money while you’ll at it! 


Starting a blog for your lady boss business is a solid marketing plan that can lead to more clients, more sakes, and a community that loves and trusts you! Will it take work? Oh yeah! But you don’t have to do about it alone.

You can get started with a blog when you simply invest in Your Business Blog Blueprint, which helps you get started without hiccups and hassle to write a blog post that will get seen and turn heads.

With over 20-pages of action steps, you’ll understand and know how to piece together a blog post successfully and then publish it to bring more attention to your expertise and your brilliance! This is a must-have when you begin blogging!

Go ahead and get it today!


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Female Entrepreneurs hire me to create and write successful blogs so that they can articulate their message into convertible and profitable content. Many are confused, overwhelmed, and lost at where to begin, so I help them step up into their authentic authority, strategize their message and increase their income all from the powerful use of blog strategy.

Do you need help setting up a successful blog for your awesome company? Hop on a free consultation with me and let’s explore what a blog can do for you and your business!

I am an author of three books, International speaker and writer, and coach who is married to a USAF veteran. Together we have a beautiful son, so when I’m not chasing him around, I love to snuggle with my cat, travel, drink coffee and read fantasy (Brandon Sanderson fans in the house?).