One of the biggest complaints I hear from new authors is what to do with their book after it’s published. It seems that the book you worked so hard for is now collecting dust on a shelf, especially if this book is based on your brand and company.

As a coach and speaker, you don’t want this to happen and you know there are many other ways to use your book to create passive and active income. But how? What are the first steps to doing this?

I am here to show you five different ways on creating both active and passive income for your business. And it all has to do with the idea of repurposing your book content into a variety of other free and paid content to expand your online presence and income.

Expand your book onto different platforms.

You have just worked hard on a book, creating 10K+ words! Why don’t you take a few hundred of those words and make a blog post out of it? How many blog posts could you make from your book? Probably a lot!

If you follow my strategies, you can use your blog to repurpose onto social media posts. This helps you stay on brand, message and keeps you consistent (which builds know, like and trust!).

Create a free or paid workshop.

I’m talking about using your book as the basis of a webinar (also called a free workshop). Why not teach your prospects the basic idea of your book? I’m doing that with my upcoming workshop, The Writer’s Roadmap. What I’m talking about in my workshop, I have written inside my book. I am even giving a portion of my book away as an exclusive cheatsheet for those who buy on my workshop as a gift!  

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Foundation for an online course.

I am turning my book idea into an online course and if I can do that, you can do that too. Remember people buy your book because of the organization you put it in as well as your expertise on the matter. That’s exactly why people will buy your online course as well. Think of your online course as the virtual workbook that goes with your book. It’s a way to get people into action and create their own success with the principles from your book.

And it turn prospects into buyers by working with you on a new, exciting level! Sell it on your free workshop as well!

Use your book as an outline for your signature speech.

Sometimes people understand your content when you’re speaking to them directly. Then offer your book at the end of your speech as a way to get more informed and to learn more about the topic you just presented on! Then they can become clients of yours when they purchase your awesome online course that so happens to go with your book!

Start a podcast.

Podcasting is growing and it’ll continue to grow. Why not share your expertise and your book ideas on a podcast? There have been many authors who have gained a following by having their own podcast. Invite your power partners, mentors and people you look up to as guests to enhance your listener’s experience.

This is just a few ideas to begin brainstorming to take your book to new heights and gain an online presence to create passive income while you’re busy speaking and coaching your own clients!

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