Do you know what words to use in a blog post that get people to take massive action or do they leave your blog feeling like “meh”?

If your blog content leaves your audience feeling like “meh”, then your copy will not convert people into buyers or even to subscribers. But if you know how to write persuasive words that will turn heads, get your readers into action, or buy your products or services, what would change for your life and business?

Knowing the best words to use in a blog post is going to help you convert readers and gain more attention as a blogger and business owner and lucky for you, these words are not secret and you don’t have to pay one single dime for it!

Here are the  words that you need to be using in your next blog post:

  1. You
  2. Free
  3. Because
  4. Now
  5. Imagine
  6. Instantly

Let’s break each one down so you’ll know how to write persuasive copy in your blog now rather than wondering how to use each of these words! 

1. You

You is a very powerful word because it’s a word that connects to your readers. It’s a way to write directly to the person you’re writing for. In this very blog, you’re going to read “you” a lot because I am talking to YOU after all, aren’t I?

Let’s take a look at a sentence to see how the word you changes the way it connects and communicates:

“This workbook is designed to get beginner entrepreneurs to mastery faster and quicker.”

That sounds great, doesn’t it? But could it be made better with the word you in it? Let’s take a looksie:

“This workbook is designed to get you from beginner to mastery, faster and quicker.”

Did you feel the difference? When you add the word “you” into this sentence, it makes it real, as if your reader can taste the difference!

Hearing your own name makes your brain activity light up like a Christmas tree. In short, it makes you pay attention. To persuade anyone to do anything (like buy your product), they have to pay attention. “You” acts as a placeholder for your name.  ~Sumo

2. Free

Everyone loves free, right? Why not write the words “you” and “free” into your blog post to see what it does? 

“When you download this free workbook, you’ll be shown how to go from beginner to mastery in no time.”

If you are trying to sale something on your blog, then include a “free” bonus to entice people to buy as well. This makes your paid service seem more valuable.

Also, it’s been proven that the word free gets more conversions

Free means zero-risk and no commitment, which instantly attracts potential customers who might otherwise be wary of buying from a business they’re not familiar with. ~Freshly Ground Content

3. Because

Because is a word that gives justification to the reason we buy. Yesterday, after volunteering for a 5K, I went and got coffee. Why? Because I was still tired and my husband didn’t make strong enough coffee earlier that morning (we were on the last few grounds anyways).

See how I justified spending $5 on coffee? All in the name of “I’m tired” and “The coffee I had earlier wasn’t strong enough”. 

Because is a powerful word to use because it limits or takes away objections that people may have. Make sure the next time you are giving something away or want people to join your program, use that word to decrease any reason not to buy your product!

Here’s an example:

The Blogging Bootcamp, Start a Blog that Converts like Crazy, is a FREE course for beginners to turn your new blog into a success because

-It includes the exact road-map on how to start a blog on the right foot, knowing how to navigate your blog easily and confidently

-It’s designed to be easy to follow and implement, with additional bonuses to taking what you’re learning and put it into reality

-It comes with full access to a private pop-up Facebook Group, where you can ask questions and get one-on-one help from myself and your peers

Click here to get into Start a Blog that Converts like Crazy Bootcamp Now!

According to Freshly Ground Content, here are some other words to use in addition to or on their own: 


-as a result


-for this reason

4. Now

Don’t you take it when you miss a sale or miss out on something cool? No one likes that feeling! I know I hate missing out on a great sale!

Now is a keyword to use when you’re wanting to sell or get people to take action! Why? Because you want them to know that whatever you’re offering isn’t going to last forever and if they don’t get in on it now, then they will miss out!

For example, today started the free blogging bootcamp, Start a Blog that Converts like Crazy, and if you don’t get into the free bootcamp now, you’ll have to wait until January 2020 for it to come back around!

Now is a great word to use when you’re having timely launches or you know that it won’t last forever. It creates urgency and the fear of missing out (FOMO). Create scarcity in a way that makes you feel good and let your audience know that they can’t come and get your workbook, course, or program any time they want. 

If you find that your landing pages and offers get a lot of interest but not enough actual purchases, you might not be creating enough FOMO. ~Freshly Ground Content

5. Imagine

We all imagine living better lives or having a better business than we are right now, right? Try using that simple word imagine to add some pizzazz into your content. 

“Imagine when you come home, your house is clean, leaving you feeling relaxed and at ease.”

“Imagine that you have created a blog that has fans from all over the world that buys your products when you launch them.”

“Imagine having the money to actually take that European vacation you’ve been dreaming of for five years!”

Imagine helps people get into their dreams, their wants, their desires the fastest. If you know what your audience wants, then use this word as a way to create desire and want!

Here’s one quick example:

Imagine that after 7 days, you’ll have the exact roadmap to starting and launching a blog that can make money, create community, and bring loyal fans straight to your doorstep! Join Start a Blog that Converts like Crazy today and take control of your blogging dreams for 2020.

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You were meant for greatness, now let’s create breakthroughs.

6. Instantly

My husband ordered a pair of boots from Ireland from all places and he wanted them yesterday (more like the day after he ordered them). We all want things, when? NOW!

No one likes waiting, so why make our audience wait when we can give them something right now? Instantly!

Use this word to deliver on a digital product or course, even if your course doesn’t open up for another two weeks. Give your audience instant access to a workbook, video series, Facebook Group, or another product while they wait for the main course to open up.

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