The #1 reason why I have helped coaches begin blogging is so that they could build a community of like-minded people so they can truly help change their lives and they know blogging plays a big role in building that community.

As a coach or consultant who is wanting to start a blog, building a tribe and community is top of mind and is crucial for your blogging success. 

Building a tribe means building trust, which leads to your audience coming back to your blogs over and over again, joining your Facebook Group, and then getting onto your email list, and finally, purchasing a service or course you’re providing. 

But growing this tribe can be daunting, uncertain, and time-consuming. What are some ways you need to know to build a tribe faster without having to figure it out on your own? Here are 7 ways to build community now with your blog.

1. Use a personal tone

You want your visitors to feel as if you know them and they know you. Your content is easily relatable to their situation and you’re using a friendly tone with them.

Your content is a conversation. Act like you’re sitting down for coffee with your friend and your friend asked you a business-related question. How would you respond to him/her? Write in that same tone of voice because you’re not only relating to your audience, but you’re talking to them and not at them.

Use terms like “I” or “you” to connect and relate to your readers and even get vunerable at times. Vunerability is what people are craving. The more real you are, the more people will love you. 

2. Value First, Promotion Last

I know that you are wanting to start a blog to benefit your audience, your tribe. I know you want to help them achieve success, whatever success means to them.

People are going to see your value from the helpful, informative articles you’re writing. They are going to feel like you’re answering their questions, you’re giving away so much for free and they appreciate your time writing!

Think about your audience on every post. Ask if this is a commonly asked question or if your tribe truly wanting to know this answer. 

One blogger says to use the 90/10rule, 90% value and 10% promotion. When you build value, it’s easier for your tribe to want to stick around you.

3. Offer Free Content Upgrades

One way to provide extra value and build your tribe is by providing free content upgrades. A content upgrade is an additional resource that goes beyond your blog. 

This could be in the form of a checklist, a webinar, a free Facebook Group, or a guide, it takes your audience a step further in the right direction, to their desire.

Psst! Don’t know what kinds of content upgrades to make? Read this post where I list over 20 different content upgrades you can create now!

This builds up several aspects of your blog and tribe: it builds up additional resources to give out when giving speeches, webinars or while out networking and it builds your email list as well.

4. Be Different and Be You

You want to be 100% yourself when you are running a blog. So take that and run with it because people don’t like following people who sound like the noise.

You have to stand out above the noise and to do that is to be YOU and think of ways to be different! 

Think of your favorite show and why you love it so much (one of my favorite shows is Supernatural and Black List). What makes it so unique and what compels you to watch it? 

That is how you want your blog to be. And that usually (if not all the time) starts with you and your approach.

5. Niche Until You’re Uncomfortable!

You got to niche down – remember, if you’re serving everyone, you serve no one. 

I heard it said once that when you niche down, niche down even further until you’re uncomfortable! 

This is the #1 struggle for every entrepreneur and business owner, so don’t worry if you are still trying to figure it out. It takes time and what I would say is to niche and as you begin to write your blog, see if you can niche down further.

6. Ask Questions

At the end of your blog post, don’t be afraid to ask a question instead of a giving away a content upgrades. Remember, your content is a conversation and one way to open conversation is by asking a question.

When someone leaves a response, then make sure you respond to it in a timely manner.

Now if no one ever answers the question, don’t be disappointed. How many times do you answer a question on a blog post? There you have it.

You know how many people I have run into people who have told me they have read my blog posts and I just now met them?! This has told me that I never know who is reading my blog posts and who are finding value in them. 

7. Be Approachable

Have you ever wanted to talk to someone, but you feel like they are unapproachable? Yeah, don’t be like that.

Be sure that people can contact you via email or on your contact page. Tell people to contact you and link to your contact page or even to your email address if you feel comfortable. 

You want people to feel like they could email you like a friend and you’ll respond likewise.

Building a community and tribe takes time, but when you implement some or all of the ways, your tribe will be built faster, on a solid foundation of trust, and you will be confident in how you’re showing up in the world.

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