Finally, at last! The COVID-19 self-quarantining mandates are about to be lifted! How many of you are preparing to start going out WAY more now? 

Regardless of if you’re planning on going out or staying in, your business may be feeling like it needs more clients or income coming in right now.

Maybe you’re one of the many entrepreneurs where the pandemic caused you to lose clients which made your income level go soaring to a halt. If you had momentum in your business, you might have lost it.

If you’re looking for ways to generate income, get more clients, and start building momentum in your business like a steam engine going downhill, then here are seven things you can do right now to get clients coming back through your digital doorstep.

1. 9 Word Email

Read up on what the 9-word email is and send it to 50 people who wanted to work with you, said no, or could be great referral partners. That will start the snowball of momentum, trust me.

2. Flash Sale

Have a course or a short program already created? Why not have a 72-hour flash sale for it?

Create three emails explaining the benefits and transformation of what your program or course will have for your readers. Post the flash sale everywhere. Get peers involved and ask them to share as well.

3. Create a Beta Program

As entrepreneurs, we have plenty of programs and courses inside of us that we just haven’t had the time or energy in putting together.

Until now, perhaps.

If you’ve been wanting to put on a brand new program that will last between 4-8 weeks, then create a call-out for beta students to come through your new program for a discounted price with them giving you feedback and testimonials at the end.

I would even go as far as saying that one of your bonuses should be a 1:1 private call with you. In January, I came out with a beta program and offered it for $197/person and got three people into it. 

Now that it’s recorded, I can promote it as an online course OR partial course and partial group coaching and charge more for it.

4. Be an Affiliate

If you are an affiliate for someone’s program that you are just in love with and it made a difference in your life or business, put that back out into the world. Let people know on social, your email list, and anyone else you may know.

I know affiliate payouts may not happen until 2-4 weeks out, but at least it’s money coming in the bank if someone buys the product that you raved about.

5. Make a Paid Training

One secret to getting money and giving your audience a quick win is by offering a recorded training from either a program you’ve done or a free training you hosted live and make the training it’s own paid training with an easy price on the eye.

For example, I hosted a free Content Calendar Training where people learned how to set up their content calendars for free. I even worked with one student to create her own individual calendar by giving her real examples, ideas, and strategy for her opening her next group program.

Now, I’m going to put it on a membership site and sell it for around $27.

6. Offering a Paid Coaching Hour

Many of you are coaches and love offering your genius to those who need it. Reach out to those who have told you that they couldn’t afford your services and ask if they want to hop on a one-hour private coaching call with you, no strings attached.

This could be an easy $47 – $97 call, something that can be an easy yes for those who may have also been hit with the virus as well and need your help in direction, strategy, or guidance right now.

7. Membership

How many of us have content with programs, packages, challenges, and workshops that never saw the light of day outside of a folder on our laptop or external hard drive?

Or perhaps you went on a killer Facebook Live spree where you gave out some badass content and you wanted to give out more content, but didn’t know how?

If you have content, then you can have a membership site. Start off slow, offering a few things a month and perhaps offering a virtual get-together a month as well.

Are you meeting already with a group of people for free? Turn that into a paid membership program.

For example, I run a 90-minute book writing group twice a week where we all hop on to zoom and write in our books, blogs, journals, or whatever else for 90-minutes. I’m going to make it a pay-what-you-want/month group because what I’m offering is hugely valuable! 

Which of these will you create?

Money is literally everywhere and one way to make money is by taking what we have already created or have already done and repackaging it a little differently. Whether that’s as simple as a paid coaching call or having a flash sale on a program, it’s all about not re-creating, but repurposing what we already have at our disposal. 

Here’s the thing: if you’re struggling with how to put together a paid or beta program for your business, struggling with the launch plan, or even the “I need clients right now plan!” then let’s hop on a call.

In the call, we’ll come up with a customizable content and marketing plan for you where you can easily follow and get clients coming to your digital doorstep right away. No more guesswork or wondering. It’ll be all right there.

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