If you have found the time to blog, then you’re probably wondering how you’re going to grow your blog to create loving fans and a loyal tribe. Did you know it doesn’t have to be hard or you may not even have to write new content? 

I wrote this blog in June 2016 and I am now updating it because when I wrote this blog, I was writing for Entrepreneurs, but since my focus has changed and I know as a Coach and Speaker, you may not have 40+ hours a week to grow your blog like other bloggers do. I get that and I am here to support you in that. So I want to show you ways on how to spread your blogs like wildfire through the act of repurposing your content into a variety of ways.

These ways are mostly list building, but list building is crucial for your business, so let’s begin reviewing what you can do to grow your blog without spending time writing out new content (because let’s face it, that gets old quick!):

Spread it!

Spread your blog where your target marketing is hanging out on. I have chosen three different social media platforms in which I spread my blog on and that’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (go back to last week’s blog post where I talk about this + automation). I would highly suggest to spread it on your newsletter as well. I would also suggest talking about your blog in Facebook groups when they allow promotion days or days where you’re allowed to share your blog

Guest blog post

The beautiful thing about guest blog posting is that someone else has done all the work of finding followers. Many bloggers allow guests to come in and write for their target audience and allow a bio and your URL to be shared on their site that leads back to your blog. Many of these bloggers has 10K+ readers, which gives you the opportunity to gain some followers of your own! So, how do you find these bloggers to guest write for?

I have always found guest blogging opportunities on Facebook groups if anyone allows guests to post on their site. You could take a old blog post and freshen it up if you didn’t feel like writing brand new content (like I’m doing here).
Create an eBook

If you find yourself writing a few blogs with a theme idea, why not make an ebook out of it? Add more photos and maybe screen shots (depending on what you’re talking about) and sell it as a eBook? Or give it away for free in return for a person’s email address. This can be a GREAT way to build your email list as well as add some cash into your bank account.


Did you know that you can take 3-4 blogs and turn that into a workshop or speech? I did that and afterwards landed a $1K client. You can do the same. Just make sure the blogs flow into another and provide a few worksheets and boom. You have a workshop.


Make videos out of the content you have created. Maybe it can be the next Udemy hit? All you would need to do is make some clever worksheets using Canva and make a video series to teach the subject you’re talking about. Or make a free video series as a way to ramp up your email list or as a free challenge!


Just like turning your blogs into a speech, it can easily be converted into a webinar where you can sell your services at the end of it. 

Free 5-Day Challenge

One of the easiest ways to get your blogs heard AND grow your email list at the same time is to create a Free 5 Day Challenge. Inside of this challenge, you can take a series of blogs you wrote to make 5 days worth of valuable lessons and then sell a service at the end of the lessons. So you’re building your email list and your income! AND your audience is getting value from it all! It’s a win-win-win!

Write your book

There are people out there that have written a book from writing blogs. Actually, many bloggers start off with the intentions of turning their blogs into books. It’s like a two for one deal. You get a blog and a book (probably several books)!

You could do a number of these to grow your blog, audience and income. For example, you could create a 5 Day Challenge that leads people into an Webinar and then into a service of yours. Or you could offer a video challenge or the 5 Day Challenge as an offering at one of your speeches. 

 Which one are you going to do this week? Share in the comments below and let me know!

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