Now that you have written a beautiful blog post, how do you make sure it is always getting seen with new traffic? That’s the million dollar question.

When I first started my own blogging journey, I thought that you could just write a blog post and publish it and woola! Traffic! I learned quickly that is not the case, especially when you don’t implement strategies to increase traffic.

If you’re about to launch your blog or publish your first blog post, then this question has been haunting you in the back of your mind. But if you’ve been blogging for quite some time and are not seeing the results you expected, then you’re in the right place.

Here’s a list of “be’s” to consider to gain new traffic onto your blog post.

Be Captivating

Remember, your blog is to solve problems your ideal audience is having. If you’re not solving problems or answering questions that your audience is asking, then you’re wasting your time.

Be captivating in the sense that every time you blog, you’re blogging about questions or topics you hear your ideal audience ask over and over again. This topic right here is one I have received over and over again and I often answer it when I am out speaking.

Read how to discover what your ideal audience is asking so you can be more captivating instead of shooting in the wind (because that doesn’t work. Trust me).

Be Evergreen

Create posts that are evergreen, meaning that they will stick around for a while. I have plenty of topics on my blog that are evergreen and unless the industry changes so drastically that it’s no longer relevant, the topics I write about will remain relevant, whether it’s a year from now or four years from now.

Be Catchy

Your heads are making up 90% of why your ideal clients click to read your blog posts. If your headlines are not catchy, then your audience won’t feel the need to read your blog post.

Here’s an article about how to use CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer to create click-worthy headlines that draws attention.

Be Social

One way to gain more traffic is to post your blog post on social media. I repurpose phrases and pieces of my blog content on social media every single week.

Learn how to repurpose your blog content into social media content by downloading the workbook.

Social media is powerful and if you’re not sharing your blog posts on social media, you’re missing out. Use relevant hashtags to get found (for Facebook and Twitter) and make sure you’re using content that stands out and creates curiosity.

Be Talkative

I love talking and when I was younger, my dad would comment that I had gone over the words I was supposed to speak in a day. Since I love teaching and sharing content strategies with people, I love going onto podcasts as a guest to chat with the host about content and how their audiences can take hold of the reins and begin creating unique content of their own.

At the end of the podcast, the host always asks me, “So Monica, where can people find you?” And I get to share my website and blog with the host then.

Here’s an entire blog post on how I find podcasts to be on.

Another way to be talkative is to get on stage and speak. When you’re on stage, you’re an automatic authority and when you inspire people, they will check out your website, thus leading them to your website with your fantastic blog.

Speaking on stage is a little too much? Then start on Facebook Live and share pieces of your blog content on there so you can speak your passion rather than writing it. Always give the URL to your fantastic blog post in the comments.

Oh and your Facebook Lives need to be on your Facebook Business Page.

Be Pinnable

It’s no secret that Pinterest is helping business owners kill it at traffic, so learn the ways of Pinterest so you can gain more traction and traffic organically. I am learning Pinterest now and I have seen an increase in traffic so far.

Be Organic

Learn SEO Keywords and how to implement that into your blog posts. This is one way to get organic traffic. Hubspot has a free SEO Course that will help you understand SEO  and how to use it for your blogs.

Be Wordy

Last but not least, I would highly suggest that you blog as a guest on other blogger’s sites to get in front of new eyes. I have done this for bloggers and online magazines, which has led more people to my website and blogs. 

Read how you can be a guest on a blog as well as a contributing writer for a digital magazine.

There are many ways to gain traffic to your blog and what I just wrote is just the tip of the iceberg. What you need to do is find the activities that work best for you and your business. This may take time and tweaking, but eventually, you’ll have the ebb and flow to it.

Okay, how do you do this all, from start to finish? I mean, how do you write the blog post?

How long should it be? How do you find an audience? How do you come up with content?

These are all excellent questions and if you’re finding yourself asking one or all of these constantly, then Your Blog Launch Made Easy online course is for you. 

Your Blog Launch Made Easy is a four-module, step-by-step course that leads you into finding an audience, building a community for your brand, and creating a launch that is sure to gain traffic, subscribers to an empty or growing email list, and passive income.

If you’re ready to build your brand with content and a blog is a way you want to go, then Your Blog Launch Made Easy is going to support you every single step of the way.

Here is what you can expect to learn from within the course:

  • Discover your blog’s purpose, whether it’s to educate or inspire, this will make or break how your blog will be designed
  • Create killer content that is going to bring in new readers and turn regulars into fans 
  • Understand how to market your blog so that you can build community, traffic, and engagement
  • Learn to draw in new subscribers and readers with an effective strategy that brings in passive income

Launching a blog can help your brand get onto the online world map while gaining both traction in your business, revenue, and clients, this course is a must-have whether you’re wanting to start a blog or if you want to re-launch your blog because of the lack of results you are getting.

Click below to learn more about Your Blog Launch Made Easy and get ready to start an incredible journey that will bring you more clients while sharing your message and truth with the world.

It’s time to play big, let your voice be heard by sharing it through the power of blogging.

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Female Entrepreneurs hire me to create and write successful blogs so that they can articulate their message into convertible and profitable content. Many are confused, overwhelmed, and lost at where to begin, so I help them step up into their authentic authority, strategize their message and increase their income all from the powerful use of blog strategy.

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