Have you ever thought, “How do I make more money with my book?”

“How do I get more eyes on my stuff?”

“How do I expand my business without any extra additional time (or learning how to do something new)?”

Marketing is the name of the game, but do you know how to make your book or long-form content into a killer money-making strategy?

If you are have written a book or if you have long-form content like a blog, then you want to listen up because this is going to get you more marketing assets for your business to make more money coming into your bank account sooner rather than later.

And the fun part is you can repeat the process over and over and over again!

Here are eight ways to publish your book or long-form content into a killer money-making marketing strategy. 

1. Blogs

The first thing you can do is converting your long-form content into blogs.

Some you went on a podcast and you were on that podcast for an hour, so why not transcribe that podcast into a couple of blog posts? 

It’s the only way to get attention on your expertise and to showcase how you can repurpose your content onto platforms where those who are not going to listen to the podcast you were on can benefit it too!

Not everyone’s gonna listen to your podcast. Not everyone’s gonna watch your video, but people may read your blogs.

Blogging is one more way to get more eyeballs onto your brand and onto your message to those who are readers, not podcast listeners or video watchers (like me).

Why wouldn’t you meet these people where they are at with a blog? 

If you’re a video-maker, then turn your videos into blogs (this blog post came from a Facebook Live video I did).

2. Videos

Just like with turning a video into a blog, you can easily turn your written word into videos. 

If you have written a book, then use the content from your book and conduct Facebook lives from the content or create a video series. This is one way to capture the attention of those who would rather watch videos of your content rather than read it.

If you’ve done podcasts, then break each component down into shorter bits of video and post them or go on Facebook Live.

You could get more eyeballs on you and your business when you do Live videos. Live videos can help convert 83% more with lead gen more than anything else right now.

I know some of you are resistant and it’s time to get over that resistance and start doing Facebook Lives for your business! It’ll gain traction, trust me!

3. Social Media Posts

Take pieces of your book and turn sentences, thoughts, or phrases into social media posts, all while pointing back to your book. This is one way to get more attention and awareness that you have a book out in the world, ready to be consumed by your consumers!   

If you are complaining about how your book is not selling, then it might be because you’re not promoting it! Social media is one of the best ways to promote your book and get the word out there.

Why don’t you go through your book or hire someone (like me) to pick out social media posts? Then after picking out social media posts, all you need to do is find a graphic, a sticker like your Facebook avatar, a GIF, or a picture to go with it. Always make sure you link back to your book, wherever it is sold at. 

If you are a blogger, take pieces of your blog and post it across social media, while pointing back to your blog.

This concept is not hard, but I know a lot of people are not doing this and you are missing out on having a killer money-making marketing strategy.

4. Newsletters

Getting into your potential client’s inboxes is another high form of touch. We need to be touching our potential clients up to seven times before they consider buying.

Turn written pieces of your work into newsletters. Let people know what you’re up to, give them like a exert into your book or blog and see what happens. 

Create a content upgrade to interest your new audience who come across your content, whether it’s through your blog, podcast, or video, to download and get onto your email list. Then begin to nurture a relationship via email. 

And no, email marketing is far from dead.

5. Interviews

Interviews can be anything like being interviewed as a guest on Facebook groups, podcasts, or personal pages.  You can begin doing interviews about yourself and your work just so people can better understand what you do on your own pages, but you can also start to interview other people as one way to get in front of your audience as well as other people’s audiences.

This is a strategy to get visible and appear as an expert who loves to interview cool people like your guests.

Seek to be interviewed onto other people’s Facebook pages, Facebook groups, and podcasts. This is the easiest way to get in front of someone else’s audience because you’re getting more eyeballs onto your own business with someone else who had built their audience up already. 

Consider making this part of your marketing strategy where you’re looking for people who want to interview someone like you.

Never forget that virtual summits are another great way to get in front of audiences that you may not have been able to get in front of before. This year is a BIG year for virtual summits!

6. Press Releases

Press releases might cost you a few hundred dollars to get your name out there,  but this is one way to get your next service, book, or blog out into the world. Press releases are one way to build authority in your niche. 

Having a press release about your book is going to do your book wonders, because now you’re getting your book into the hands of so many more people. Think about it like this: what if you spent a couple of hundred dollars to get 100,000 eyes on your book and your book sales came back fivefold? 

You can read these tips on how to use a press release for your book to generate the most out of your money.

If you have a blog, then that is your own press release. Consider taking a blog post that announces something – new course, book, or group program release – and submit it to either paid or free press releases to get more attention and traction.

7. Online Courses

If your book is about your business, then consider turning your book into a mini online course. This could mean a full-blown course or it could be a simple mini-course. 

Consider making your online course with a group coaching program attached to it. 

Remember, your course doesn’t have to have 49 lessons inside of it to be an “online course”. It could be two lessons per module with three modules for the entirety of the course.

Your book has all the content, all you’re doing is copying pasting content into modules and creating an experience that leads and guides your audience on their own journey with you as leading captain.

If you’re wondering why you would do that, it’s because you can charge more for your book content. And it’s a way that your audience can actually take action on your book content immediately and see faster results.

I mean, how many of us have taken immediate action on a book? Probably only a handful of us. 

You can turn your blog posts into online courses because you’ve got all the content right there! Just take content from a variety of blog posts, put it into a logical flow, plug it into a membership site, turn those lessons into modules, and woola! A course has just been made. 

I have done this with my online course, The Confident Blogger, where 75% of the content came from my blogs. I made sure the content flowed in a logical path where my audience would learn a step-by-step way on how to start blogging.

8. Paid Programs

You know how much how many times I’ve taken my blogs and turn them into a paid program? Do you know how many times I’ve taken paid programs and turned them into blog posts? 

If you have a book, you should be turning that book into a paid program, mastermind, memberships, or private calls. 

If you have a blog, then take content from your blogs and turn them into paid programs, mastermind content, membership content, and private calls.

Repurpose is the name of the game. 

Begin thinking outside the box

If you want to make a killer money-making strategy plan, then here are a few thoughts to begin thinking:

  • “How can I use my book or my long-form post like a blog and begin making money from it?” 
  • “How can I get more eyeballs onto my business without making more work?” 

I can help you turn your book into blogs, social media posts, and a variety of digital assets for your business so that you’re making more money and getting seen and having more clients.

Or coach you to do it yourself so that together, we’re creating that killer money-making strategy to get more eyes on your content, whether it’s in a book or blog format, and turning it into marketing assets for your business!

It begins with hopping on a 30-minute free call where you’ll share where you’re at, where you want to be, and how I can help you get there. Whether you want me to do it for you or if you want a helping hand to get you there.

Let’s take your books or your long-form content and begin creating programs, online courses, ebooks, press releases, and so much more!

It’s time your book got into more hands so that your impact spreads, your income expands, and your business is known.

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