I don’t have anything to write about.

I don’t know what my audience wants to hear from me.

I am feeling lost on what I should be writing about because I don’t have enough expertise/knowledge/etc.

How many of you have found yourselves saying this?

**Confession Time: I have actually thought this until I caught myself, did a mental slap to myself, and then went out to find more content for my blogs, Facebook Lives and more.**

If you’re feeling like you’re unsure what to write about in your blogs, social media posts, Facebook Lives or anything else, then you’re in luck because I am going to show you two ways for you to draw out content idea from your audience so you can begin writing about what they want to read!

And it’s pretty easy: it’s asking them.

Last week, I shared three ways to generate content for your blogs and today, I am going to spend some time talking about surveys and quizzes. Seriously, who doesn’t like taking quizzes to find out what kind of Disney character you are?! Let’s get into it then.


Yes, I mentioned this last week where I talked about how I have surveyed my audience by asking one question: “What are you struggling with when it comes to creating content for your business?” 

This gave me plenty of content ideas to move forward with, including a webinar that I am hosting throughout the month of May. If you struggle with content, then you should join this free training! 

Anyways, you don’t have to just do one question. You can have multiple questions to pull answers out of your audience. These questions could include (but not limited to):

What area do you struggle with when it comes time for ______?

If you had a magic wand for _________, what would you want fixed/vanished/want?

When it comes time to ______________, what is the biggest dread/fear/anxiety that you have?

Why are you not doing/having/conducting ______________?

Would you rather hire someone to do ___________ or learn it yourself?

The blank is the area of expertise you have. You can even offer lists; for example, ask a question and list a few outcomes so the person has to chose which one they would want/know/do. It can even be a simple yes or no answer.

Each answer your target audience gives you is a potential blog post for you to write about.

You can conduct surveys on SurveyMonkey, Typeform and Google Forms to send out to your audience via email or Facebook Groups (this can even be a good onboarding for a new client!).


Quizzes are becoming popular because they are fun to take and they easily engage with your audience in a unique way. It might take some time to create the quiz upfront, but once made, you can send it out to your audience every quarter, promote on your website and blogs, send out through an FB ad, share in an FB Group and more. 

Once your audience is done taking the quiz, the way they can see their results is by providing their email address. (This may change a bit with the GDPR going into effect in a few weeks, but as far as I know, with US and Canada people, this won’t have any effect on attaining email addresses and how you use it)

This is a fun way to generate content for your blogs base on how people are engaging with your quiz and what is the most popular struggle with your quiz takers. It also helps build your email list (work smarter, not harder).

Here are some sites that offer free quiz creators for you to try:




Thrive Quiz Builder (for WordPress users)



In fact, I might be making a quiz soon because let’s be honest, that actually sounds like a lot of fun!

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