Regardless of what type of blog you are writing or going to start, you need high-quality stock images to accompany every blog post. Images give the readers an idea of what they may read about and it is your first impression to your blog post.

Without high-quality images, your blog may suffer views. And if you don’t have photos to break up your text, then you may have a higher bounce rate as well.

Thankfully there are websites that have your back and can provide not only high-quality images for your blog but on brand images that will tell your business story. And many of these sites are 100% free.

You don’t even have to worry about copyright because the sites I am about to give you are either one of the two (and in some cases, both): 1) they are under the creative commons license, which means you can modify, copy, distribute these pictures without having to ask for permission. Or 2) the photographer gives you permissions with some exceptions.

This exception is either you have to say where you got the image from (easy enough) or you can’t use it for a paid product. Both are fair in my opinion and I would highly recommend you respect their request.

Without further ado, let’s get into where you can find free, high-quality images!


This is my number one go-to to get photos for my blogs, social media, content upgrades, and yes, even paid content. This site has all free photos, vectors, and illustrations that you need for any visual aid you need.


Pexels is my second go-to site as it has photos I love and images I can use. Many times you’re going to run into the same pictures across all the free stock photo sites, but when I need different types of pictures, I can usually find it on Pexels.


One of my clients uses Unsplash and I am going to start looking on there for different photos because I am loving their photographers!


I absolutely love IvoryMix! Not only have I guest blog for her, but I love her work! She takes and creates original stock images for business owners so they can have custom, on-brand stock photos of their very own. Not in the market to hire someone to take custom photos for your brand right now? She also has a whole library full of FREE photos that you can download and use.


Yes, Cavna has stock photos, vectors, and illustrations for all or most of your visual aids. However, you will have to upgrade to get some pictures, and even then, photos can cost $1 to buy and use. 


Love feminine stock? This site has offers women entrepreneurs plenty of feminine stock under the CC0 law and is perfect for your blogs and more.

The following are sites that are all under the CC0 license and are free:





MMT Stock

Life of Pix

Death to Stock Photos


Never let your blog go photo-free again with these free photo stock websites that you have in your back pocket (figuratively speaking). Now go out and find your next blog posts photo and use Canva to add text, overlays, and more to make on-brand images! 

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