When I first starting blogging, I had no rhyme or reason to what I posted. This was back in the day when I was writing about marriage and Germany. Then when I began blogging for my business, I started out with themes. But in October 2016, I discovered that if I planned my content with a strategy, then I could easily lead my readers with my content into a webinar or a sale I was having.

That is when a Content Strategist was born and I came to LOVE teaching it and sharing it wherever I go.

But it all started with me seeing how I could create powerful content that was planned in advance to lead my prospects into a sale. It all started with planning a content calendar.

What is a Content Calendar?

A content calendar is a calendar where you plan your content so you know what you’re going to write about every single week (or day). It allows you to see what you’re going to be selling or marketing 60-90 days out and how you can create content that will provide value, education, and excitement as you create and build your marketing activities.

Why is a Content Calendar SO important?

Sure, when you are wanting to sell a product, service or course, you can just up and sell it. You can do that and plenty of businesses do.

But what makes a content calendar so important is you can prime your audience so when you offer your service, they will be excited and it’ll make perfectly good sense, since you’ve been talking about it on your blog and social media (and everywhere else)!

Plus, when you have a content calendar, you know EXACTLY what you’re going to say every single time you go to write. There’s no more guesswork or writer’s block. A content calendar, when done right, can guide and motivate people to want your services even more because of the content you’ve been writing and sharing. When you have a service you want to offer, content will come easier because you can take content from your service, course or product and write about it inside of your blog, social media, newsletter, video, or anywhere else!

How do I get started?

To get started with your content calendar, I would highly recommend you download the Ultimate Content Calendar Guide. Once it’s downloaded, it’ll ask you what your goals are for the next 30 days.

If your goal is to sell an online course, then your content needs to reflect the ideas, modules, or content that is within your course. 

“You’re telling me that I need to give away my paid content?!”

Yes, I am. But only a portion of it. 

Mariah Coz from Femtrepreneur says that she gives away up to 60% of what’s inside of her courses on her blogs, Facebook Groups, social media, or videos. But if people want the good stuff, they’ll get inside of her course.

You see, I am writing this blog talking about how to start a badass content calendar when I actually provided a video about how to do it inside of my online course I’ll be promoting at the end of this month (keep an eye out for it!). But what makes it different is that I show you how to create that content calendar and in this blog post, I’m telling you how to get started.

You will know how to work a content calendar by the end of this blog post. But what you won’t get is all the other content I provided in my course that goes in depth and detail on how to make your blog work for your business. I saved content specifically for my course 😉

Download My Free Content Calendar Now!

Here’s how to get started:

  1. What is something you want to promote in 60-90 days? Is it a product, course, or service?
  2. Take the main ideas and come up with weekly content for your content calendar.
  3. Write down the topic you’re going to be blogging about every week and what types of social media you’ll write as well that is all related to your blog content.
  4. Follow that content calendar plan and watch the magic happen.

I know some of you need examples, so here is exactly what I am doing for my online course launch:

  1. I figured out when I was going to launch my online course. I decided at the end of February.
  2. I looked at my course materials and generated six topics I could write about that I am actually teaching in my course.
  3. I planned it out so when I launch, my content is in alignment with my online course.
  4. From January 21-February 25, every week, I wrote a blog post that reflects a module within my course so when I launch, it’s all in alignment.

What to do now?

Download the Ultimate Content Calendar to begin creating your next 30 days of content with a planned marketing campaign attached to it! You can download your free Content Calendar below.

Download Now!

Seriously, this changed my business and my life. I rarely question what I will write because I have a detailed marketing plan that allows me to create content from it. That’s my secret sauce and you just got it for free.

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