How many of you are lost and clueless when it comes time to post on your social media? How about your blog posts? And do you know how to write content that sizzles and sales?

We desire to create content that sets our audience drooling by saying, “Yes! I need this” or “This person is reading my mind!” 

All too often, we don’t get that response; usually, it seems that we hear crickets more often and we didn’t take all that time to write just to hear crickets! 

So how do we write content that sizzles and makes our audience drool? Here are 3 easy ways to begin writing content that sizzles and sells:

Speak in your audience’s language

You want to begin speaking your audience’s language because more than likely they don’t speak in your language. You already have the answer to your audience’s needs, but they don’t generally know that.

How do you speak in your audience’s language then?

You ask a question and then whatever answers your audience gives you, then that is the language you use.

If you were to ask, “What are you struggling with in regards to (the problem you fix)?” When your audience responds, there’s your language.

Use that language in your content to demonstrate that you will solve their problem, their pain, and this can be used in a webinar, selling a product or service, or even use it on Facebook Live. These are the words your audience understands, not the language you understand.

When your audience does give you their struggles, this is your content for your next blog post, social media post, FB Live or even webinar.

Use their burning desire

A burning desire is a light at the end of your audiences tunnel – their aim, the reason why they live.

Here’s an example: I started my business so that I can have freedom and income to spend more time with my family, travel to exotic locations, and never have to worry about where the next paycheck is coming from. I want peace of mind, fun in my business, and making a change in this world. I want it so badly that I will work even in the low times (even when there’s no income coming in).

How many of you can relate to that? 

When you have captured your audiences burning desires, then I want you to begin using that as part of your copy.

My copy could say, “Write copy that sizzles so much that you can relax and take a family day.” Or “Earn income with sizzling copy when you’re asleep.” Or “How to write copy that sells while you’re away from your desk.”

I’m using both my audiences burning desire and words that they have told me when I asked what their pain is inside of my headlines.

Look at your competition

What is your competition saying? What words are your competition using that is converting like crazy?!

Use these words!

This is not plagiarism because words typically do not copyright to them and if you’re using words that are converting like madmen, then use them! As long as you’re coming from your own perspective and making it your own, you’re golden.

Take time out today, say 30 minutes, and look around the internet and see what is converting and what word choice your competition is using. You may be surprised at how well this simple strategy works.
Tell me in the comments below which one you’re going to use today. I challenge you to use one of these methods and see what results you get.

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