Happy Memorial Day everyone! My business supports and thanks all military veterans and active duty personnel who is serving our country! I also want to thank all the spouses for their service as well! As a military spouse myself, I know that what we go through for our active duty (or non active duty) spouse and it’s NOT easy! So shout out to all the military, active or not active, and their spouses for their service to our great country!

This month, I have been talking about how to be more Mindful on what you’re thinking. I have discussed that our thoughts are critical to our mental health and we cannot allow ourselves to bully us! We need to take the time to change our way of thinking so we can give grace on ourselves and to make change happen (and it all starts in our heads!).

I have also discussed living a Yes And lifestyle; instead of saying, “I can’t have anything nice because of my pay check”, start saying, “I can have a pay check, yes and have nice things!” It’s all about not feeling sorry for your situation, but looking at your situation and seeing the best out of it! It helps you move from negative thinking to positive thinking!

I also spent two whole weeks discussing Limiting Beliefs and how we chose to live a life we don’t desire because we have been ingrained with our limiting beliefs that we have formed ourselves or it was passed down to us (thank you parents!). If you want to break free from your situation, then you need to stop believing the lies you’re telling yourself. Nobody who is rich as a poor man’s mindset. You NEVER hear a rich person saying, “Aww, money doesn’t grow on trees, you know!” Only the poor man says that. It’s all about changing what’s going on inside of your head.

I also gave you a FREE 30 Day Proclaim It! Challenge that you can participate at any time by clicking here. It’s all centered by writing down “I am” statements and something that you desire or want (“I am so grateful that every time I speak, I make money!” or “I am so grateful that I made $XXXX this month!”). I challenge you to do this for 30 days straight to help you with your mindset and to see the difference that happens in your life when you begin to be grateful for things before they come!

I want to wrap up this month with challenging you to take the 30 Day Proclaim It! Challenge. I also want to challenge you to begin stating what you WANT out of life. I totally believe that God calls us to live bigger, but because of our limiting beliefs and the lies we keep telling ourselves, we live a small, puny life.

I don’t want to live small; I feel like there’s a world waiting for me (and you!) so why are we living small? I cannot fathom it. But I know I am tired of struggling, I am tired of wasting time. I want to live my life to the fullest!

I want you to have this as well! You can have a life you desire! But it all starts with how you’re thinking. Then it’s all about proclaiming it and then being grateful for whatever the outcome.

I am starting an 8 week program called Content Creation that begins this Thursday (June 2). I only have one student in the program so far. I have been saying for a few weeks now (before the one student joined) that I am grateful for the students that are in Content Creation. I keep saying “I am grateful for the full class of students in Content Creation!” Even if no one else signs up after I do my end (sales calls, emails, speaking, etc.), I am grateful for the one person who did sign up and I know that the outcome will be great! It could mean I will get a raving fan, have a boost in confidence, make Content Creation better, or something else. I am not attached to the end results, but the results that I will gain!

I hope that this month has inspired you to live to the fullest by thinking fully! I also hope you’ll begin to work on your mindset so you can be grateful and see changes being made in your own life!

Next month is all about BLOGGING! I am super excited about this so if you have been wanting to begin blogging, I’m going to give you great ideas on how to begin blogging and expanding your reach and expertise through it!

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