Have you ever thought about having your own online course? If you created a signature course that could be your main course that you make once and sell over and over again.

How sweet would it be to wake up to see several thousand dollars in your bank account from making a product six months ago?

How sweet would it be if you could travel and goof around for a few weeks after you made your first 5 figures in your online course launch?

That would be pretty sweet, huh?

But maybe you’re asking the following questions:

What would I talk about?

What does an online course consist of?

Where do I host the online course?

How do I launch it?!

I have created one online course so far and I know I’ll be creating more. I love the idea of creating something once and relaunching it over and over again! My answers to your questions will be based on my experience so you can begin making decisions clearly and accurately.

What would my online course be about?

Your online course could literally be about anything you want it to be! I woke up one morning and decided I was going to create an online course about Marketing and so I did!

Your course could be a workshop that you teach already but just extended. It could be your signature program right now! It could be a boot camp that you would like people to know before they join your program.

Whatever your course is going to be about, it needs to be something your audience is craving and are always asking for more of.

If you’re unclear on what that is, then I would suggest to perform some Market Research and see what the common themes are that you could teach your audience about.

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What does an online course consist of?

Your online course can consist of audios, videos, and text. My course, Market Like a Boss, is consisted of all three. However, I want to redo them and make them all either text or audios. It’s better for bad hair days (which I have a lot of thanks to having a pixie hair cut).

With videos, you can make a PowerPoint and record your screen if you are wanting your students to keep up with your main points. You can also record your screen and give a quick training for a resource you use that your students may not use.

Right now I am taking Mariah Coz’s Your First 1K course and it’s mostly text and training videos. If you have had a webinar or training session in the past that you have recorded, throw that into the course! Repurposing content will become your best friend, I promise you that.

Where do I host my online course at?

Thankfully, there are several hosting sites that are free and paid for. Here are my recommendations:

Thinkific: I use Thinkific for my course because they have a free version and since I’m not always actively promoting my course (which I am wanting to redo anyways), it’s free for me to host on there. I like that they paid instantly too. It’s quite simple to figure out and I enjoy hosting my course on the site.

Teachable: Mariah Coz uses Teachable. I like Teachable’s interface and smooth features, but I didn’t like the fact that they didn’t pay you instantly unless you use a higher paying feature. But Mariah’s course is on Teachable and I like the smooth transitions. I would check this out if you have some extra cash you want to spend.

Your own website: SquareSpace, WordPress and even my hosting (AllProWebTools) all have membership sites that you can add on your website. You can host your own course on your website. However, you may need some additional plugins, like WooCommerce or WishList to protect your paid content from your free content, and that may cost. It also may take time to figure out how to do that.

For me, I prefer Teachable or Thinkific because they include the hosting, the payment methods and much more. I would recommend using one of those two because of the time and energy it would take to learn your website’s features.

How do I launch my online course?

Did you know I wrote about how to have a successful webinar last week? Host a webinar and offer your online course at the end as the paid product.

You could offer your course at speaking engagements (I did this and gained a few clients) or have an affiliate program set up with your clients to promote it through their email list as well as yours to expand your reach (and it gives your clients some incentive).

This is a quick overview of how you can create instant cash using your online expertise and authority. It’s a great way to become recognized and generate leads and new clients.

Since I know this is a quick run down, I have provided you a Resource Guide with all the tools I have used (and mentioned) for my own online course. This Resource Guide is going to help you decide where to host your online course, what programs or products to use to build your online course and how to even generate leads by hosting a webinar as the way to launch your online course.

Yes! I want my FREE Launch Your Online Course Resource Tool Guide NOW!

I know that many of you are wanting to leverage your time and your money in different ways and online courses is one way to begin doing just that!

Let me know in the comments below what kind of online course you’re planning on launching and when!

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