About Me

Hi, I’m Monica Miller and I help you transform lives one word at a time. I am grateful that you stopped by to read a little bit about me, which will unveil itself into a story.

I grew up in a small middle Georgian town where I was surrounded by beloved friends and family. I discovered my love for writing at an early age and spent hours cultivating my talent by writing books that never got published and newsletters that was only ever seen by my best friend.

In college, I tried my hand with creating posters, writing short stories for the college publication, tutoring students in the ways of MLA formatting and sentence structure, and then, fulfilling my dream by publishing my first novel, which you can see here.

 Then came 2011 when my life changed as I moved to Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany, with my Active Duty Air Force husband, Nathan! We lived in an enchanted little German house with awesome German landlords in a village called Weilerbach. I learned to drive a stick shift as well as discovered European culture through exploration and lots of traveling!

As I grew to love Germany and all of its wonders (ice cream, cheap shoes, great sales, the ease of traveling, awesome food, just to name a few), I worked on finishing my degree in Communications with a Minor in English. Afterwards, I sharpened my skills as a volunteer writer for the Kaiserslautern American, the newspaper on base. I wrote a variety of stories ranging from human interests to promotional articles. You can see them here.

Our lives changed again as we moved from Germany to Cheyenne, Wyoming! It was a very dramatic change and I miss Germany every day, but I love the life I have here. My husband and I have found a great church, friends that have turned into family members, plenty of opportunity to grow, have become home owners, have three babies (two dogs and a cat), and we love the Rocky Mountain fresh air! We are still traveling, but not as much as we did in Germany. But to see the Rocky Mountains is a gift from God and I love seeing the snow capped mountains as I drive down to Colorado!

I started a new chapter in my life when I took the leap of faith in September 2014, to do what I have always dreamed of doing: to become an Entrepreneur. It has been an incredible journey and I have learned many lessons in my trade and am always learning something new. Whether it’s blogging, speaking, or writing in general, I’m discovering my limits, my strengths, and my creativity.

I know the journey I am partaking will be a great one as I can feel it in my bones! I am always trying to align myself with people who will put me in the right path and to get involved with those who encourage me. I am excited and I cannot wait to show you how you can achieve your visibility dreams when you work with me. Let’s take you from a small town girl to a Queen of your own Content! I am looking forward to hearing from you and starting a wonderful relationship that will take over your local area, then your state, and eventually, the world!

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