National Novel Writing Month is here and if your goal is to have a book done and finished by November 30, then you need to start finding more time in the day. I know that it’s hard, trust me. I find myself wandering around and not being focused. There are other days that I think, “I need more hours in the day!” But really what it all boils down to is what’s my main priority and does my priority match my goals. If it does not, then my priorities need to change.

So how can you find more time today? Maybe you’re not into writing, but you’re thinking to yourself, “Geez, I have thought to myself, ‘I need more hours in the day!’ too!” Here are some quick tips on how YOU can find more time:

  • Schedule this activity into your day as if you’re scheduling an appointment or meeting.
    • You would NEVER miss an important meeting, would you? You wouldn’t miss your dentist appointment or your doctor’s appointment in the name of, “I was too busy scrolling through my Facebook news feed”? NO! So why would you make the same excuse for your priority? Make it a part of your scheduled day and stick to it!
  • Find your Productivity Zone
    • Are you a morning person or a night owl? When do you find that you get the most done? Schedule your priority, whether it’s writing or another activity, during the peak hours when you’re more than likely to get more done.
  • Set a deadline for your goal.
    • Setting a realistic and attainable deadline will not only put some fire in you, but will motivate you to get it done! Put this on your calendar and make it happen!

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Until then, work on your goals and continue to press onward!

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