If you’re feeling stuck or unable to move forward in life, as if you’re hitting a brick wall or looking over a chasm, then you need to meet my friend, Faith Young.

Faith Young is not only a license realtor representative who is in the top 3% as a realtor with Coldwell Banker industry, but is a motivational coach, speaker, and author of “What Would Faith Do?” She started her movement when she was visiting her life coach one day and he said to her, “You know what, Faith? You put things in such simple words; you have changed my life. So you should write a book!” That’s when the wheels started to turn and Faith began to write her book, “What Would Faith Do?”

What Would Faith Do? is a book about overcoming adversary and attracting what you really desire in life. “There are real life stories that people can relate to and tools that they can implement immediately to start shifting their thought process and creating more faith in their life. I have a way of delivering my message and sharing my story for people to understand and who can relate to it to practice it in their own lives.” Faith has been pushing her movement forward for the last three years with no stopping!

Faith has her own motivational and inspirational quotes that she writes on sticky notes that you can see when you visit her website. I asked her how did she come up with this cool idea and she told me, “I literally started doing that before I started my book because I thought, ‘You know what? I see this on other people’s social messaging, why don’t I create my own?’ I have enough message and value to bring people.”

And that she does! Faith has a free email that she sends out every day that is all about motivation and inspiration that she calls her “Ounce of Faith” messaging. “I’m bringing value to people who are ready to receive positive energy in their life. My Ounce of Faith is there to encourage us to overcome this world.” You can subscribe to get her daily dose of positivity at www.ounceoffaith.com.

Faith also has group coaching if you need to get involved with mentoring and coaching in your life. She sets her clients up for success by helping them overcome their fears and what may be holding them back from moving forward in life. “People don’t realize we self-sabotage ourselves because we’re worried about what would happen if we don’t succeed instead of focusing on just succeeding.”

Every November, Faith puts on a workshop called the Power of Faith Seminar that will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Denver, Colorado. She’ll go over the six powers you need in your life to shift what you desire to come to you. You can learn more about her workshop on her website as she has an informative video discussing what you can experience when you attend her live event.

Can’t make it this year? Then you can join her live webinar on November 1, 2015, to learn how you can take ownership of your life and make positive vibes happen right away!

Are you a struggling or want more money in your life? When you sign up for a Faith Young Institute Online Courses, you’ll learn how to bring in the extra bucks by implementing simple tools that Faith will teach you. You can register for the class here.

Faith is truly one positive person and if you’re ready to welcome inspiration, empowerment, and getting over the walls you’ve been hitting for so long, then you need to become involved with Faith’s book, training, consulting, and mentoring.

Want to know more about her keynote speaking availability or her What Would Faith Do? movement? Connect with her on Facebook or check her website at www.whatwouldfaithdo.com and watch her inspirational videos on her YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe to her daily emails at www.ounceoffaith.com

Today, add a little bit of faith in your life. Either from the virtue or from our friend, speaker, mentor, and trainer, Faith Young.


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