Are you afraid of networking and connecting with people you don’t know? There is an Expert for that!

Many people are so afraid to network and go out and meet new people. You might be one of them. Do you have a mini heart attack every time it’s your turn to promote yourself at a networking event? Are you the person who leans against the wall, hoping and praying that you’ll blend in so you don’t have to talk with anyone when networking?

I am here to tell you that there is a doctor for these symptoms and her name is Penny Brenden with The Connecting Experts! She loves connecting people with other people to help build businesses. “I am passionate about helping small businesses get more exposure and learn how to get out of their comfort zones. That is when the magic happens,” Penny says.

Penny’s passion began in 2008 when she opened a company called Open House with Style where she was inspired to help Realtors sell homes when the housing market was down. She invited businesses to showcase their products and services in open houses in Denver, Colorado. This is when she discovered her love for connecting people with people. In 2012, her passion for connecting others brought her to birth her own company called The Connecting Experts.

“Most entrepreneurs are lacking in the basic skill of how to network and I help them to feel more comfortable and confident in any networking atmosphere. Face to face marketing is the best and most productive way of getting new business for everyone.  You have to get out and do it. Even if you don’t want to. Networking is the way to get you off the ground and running,” Penny says. She helps entrepreneurs achieve confidence through her Art of Networking Seminars and The Connecting Experts trade shows.

The Art of Networking is a two and a half hour seminar where Penny walks you through basic networking skills and helps you come up with your 30-second elevator speech so you don’t have to panic anymore. It doesn’t stop there though – Penny makes sure her class is very interactive by involving everyone who is participating in the class to work together.

I have personally taken Penny’s class and after the seminar, I came out feeling confident and with a purpose behind my business and who I am. Her class is not only fun and interactive, but Penny makes you feel at ease with her open and likable personality!

Perhaps you’re reading this and have a feeling of despair in your heart for you live nowhere near Colorado and Penny’s class seems to be your fountain of water in the midst of your desert. Never fear for The Connecting Experts are wanting to start webinars for the class! Check on their website to see when that will be coming out!

What should you be doing between now and participating in The Art of Networking Seminar? Penny’s advice is this: “You just have to go out and get in front of people. Just do it.  Don’t be afraid to ask others for their help and referrals.”

To learn more about Penny and her awesome company, check out her website at or email Penny if you have any questions at [email protected].

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