This month, I’m talking about how to Spring Yourself Forward and one of the best ways to grow and gain knowledge is by going and attending a conference in your local area or outside of it!

I just got back from my trip from Phoenix on Saturday night where I spent the last three days learning, growing and having TONS of fun while I’m at it! So why should you attend a conference this year? Here are three reasons why:

Reason 1: You will learn.

I attended Message to Money who was taught by Jane M. Powers (my wonderful coach) and her business partner, Sheryl Wolowyk (also awesome!). Since I’m already working with Jane and Sheryl, I flew in Wednesday afternoon into Phoenix for a VIP training that evening. The conference started at 9am on Thursday morning and ran into 3:30pm Saturday. It was PACKED full of awesome content that I know I will have to go through my notes several times to see what I learned.

Jane M. Powers

Sheryl Wolowyk, Expert Elevation

Conferences are one great way to learn a bunch of new content and ideas within a few days so you can take it back home and put it into practice. Jane did some exercises that were very interactive and since we all sat at tables, we usually worked with our tables. I had the BEST table, just in case you wanted to know.

One exercise that I really enjoyed was that I had to find a partner (a wonderful guy named Mark), where I had to talk to him as if I’m talking to money. That was so weird to do because I was calling money a jerk, but looking straight at poor Mark! But it was nice to have someone hold a space for you to talk like that.

Reason 2: You gain encouragement.

Two of the biggest things I learned this past weekend from the conference was that I am Enough and that I am further along than what I was yesterday. These two statements were just powerful to me. One thing Jane told me to do was to stop beating myself up.

I do beat myself up a lot. I feel like I should be further ahead, making X amount of money by now, or have more workshops, speaking gigs, or my packages all figured out. But when Jane said, “You are enough,” it told me that it’s okay not to be where I want to be at now. She also said to be okay with being where I am now. It was so relieving!

Then I had my awesome table. My table was the best, just to let you know! So many of them encouraged me and motivated me to be the best I can and to affirm that I am the best right now!

We were brainstorming! Becky was trying to figure out her infomercial!


My table! From left to right, starting with me (the back row): Me, Laura, Becky, Elaine, Carrie and Donna!

Reason 3: Meeting new people.

Meeting my team mates who were also coaching with Jane for the first time was incredible (we all see each other online in little boxes on Zoom twice a month). I got to room with Elaine, who is so incredible and sweet! I know it was God who put Elaine and me together to room with as we stayed up late chatting and she said so many nice words to me this past weekend that I know I was well loved and cared for! The best part is that Elaine lives in Georgia which is where I grew up! I know I have the potential to see her again very soon!

Elaine_and_IElaine and I: Best Roommates!

I also met Larry, Irma, Becky, Heidi, Natalie, and so many more who were coaching with Jane and Sheryl. It was like we all knew one another beforehand and we were all just getting together. I have never experienced that before in a coaching group! I also made new connections to help me grow in my business and beyond!

Larry, Elaine, me and Linda

Me, Natalie, Heidi, Becky, Sheryl (photobombing!) and Elaine

Look who I saw at the conference! Donna!

(Donna and I already knew one another and didn’t realize that we were both attending the conference!)

I met many new people who are going to be coaching with Jane and Sheryl now so I am very excited to see where this will lead to.

I want to encourage you to attend an event in your local area or even outside of your local area. Trust that you’ll meet amazing people, gain new and exciting insights on how to run your small business, and be encouraged on where you’re at now or where you want to be.

What conference are you wanting to attend this year and what are your intentions once you get there?

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