My desire to write came from an early age where I knew I wanted to be an author. I dreamed and talked about what I would do when I “made” it to the other side of stardom. So I wrote many books that never saw the light of day until, at the age of 19, I published my first novel, The Cave Nemesis.

The Cave Nemesis is about four young adults on their way to see their fathers after a very long time because of the secrecy of their mission. Three months ago, Levi Northington left to see and help their fathers with the last bit of research.

Upon arriving, they find the scientists dead, Levi was missing and the house in a disarray. Without any way of contacting anyone, the young adults are forced to piece the scene bit by bit until they uncover a hideous truth.

I never stopped my writing there, I kept on writing and becoming visible through ghostwriting, I never stopped my writing there, I kept on writing and becoming visible through ghostwriting, writing for newspapers and magazines, articles and blogs, and eventually, newsletters.

Finally, I decided to write another book and decided to base this book about writing a book when you have no time. I wanted to help others find the time to write their book and to be successful at it. Write a Book with No Time is helping you learn the three strategies I found to write that book and a devotional book that will be released in May 2016.

Writing has always been my favorite past time and I write pretty much everyday. That is why I want to help people get their expertise out of them and into their content easily. I love the process, even though it can be quite painful, but the outcome is beautiful and an experience!

Now why the pen name, Monica Lynn? Lynn is my middle name and when I was still single, I knew I would be writing more than one book and since I didn’t want to confuse my audience, I wanted to keep my pen name the same. Since my middle name will never change, I wanted that as my pen name. I am debating if I want to change this rule as my profession uses my last name now. However, I am still incline in going with my middle name.

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