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Did you know that your content can be the breaking or making of your business in 2017? Do you know what your topics are going to be about in 2017?

Content is crucial in your business, whether you’re speaking, coaching, writing blog content, social media content or are producing programs. Content is your basis for your business – your solid foundation. Without content, you don’t have a business and your products and services don’t exist.

If you’re lost and confuse on how to gather content or even put it into a system and structure that is going to flow with your business with ease, then I suggest that you begin working inside of a Content Calendar system.

Last week, I talked about why you should have a content calendar and how it’s going to benefit you and your business big time in 2017. And today, you are going to learn exactly how to create a content calendar using 30 day increments to increase your visibility, your content strategy and impact the new year that is coming upon us rather quickly.

You can even grab my FREE 30 Day Content Calendar printable that is going to help you see the entire month as well as your week in one easy spot.

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Where do you even begin?

I’ll give you a hint: it begins with coming up with a topic for the month.

What topic do you want to talk about in January? January is usually the month of new beginnings so if you’re a health and wellness coach, then a topic might be healthy eating or getting back into shape.

Whatever the topic may be, come up with subtopics you can have for main topic. The subtopics are your blog posts. If you’re talking about eating healthy, then your four blog posts may include: How to get started with healthy eating, Recipes, Exercises for the busy mom, and How to stay on track throughout 2017 (this is based on you blogging once a week).

Okay, so if you’re blogging once a week, that’s pretty simple, isn’t it? But what about everything else, such as your social media?

You can create your own system on what you’re going to talk about on a daily basis on your social media. For example, some ideas that you could be posting about daily could be:

  • Tips from your blog
  • Sharing an old blog post
  • Lessons you’re learning that comes from your blog content
  • Questions for your audience that is based on your blog post
  • Promotions
  • Showcasing your freebie
  • Video that is based on your blog

This is just some ideas on what you can do in order to be posting regularly on your social media that will grow your visibility and nurture your relationships, even if you’re not even there.

I will let you in on another secret: you need to automate your social media content. There’s HootsuiteCoSchedule and PostPlanner for this. Trust me, you want to automate your content for your social media because you cannot be posting on your social media every day, especially if you’re on multiple platforms, without some type of automation system.

Once you come up with a system for your weekly activities that includes blogging, you can then fill out your month pretty quickly with automating your social media accounts and providing different forms of touches (such as using video).

This is the easiest way to get started with a successful content calendar. This is how I started and I have done this throughout the entirety of 2016 and let me tell you, it has saved me time, energy and money! I will be changing up my 2017 a bit, but I know I’ll still be using the same system I’ve been using for nearly a year because it supports me and my business so well.

If you’re excited about getting your content calendar going, then go ahead and grab your free 30 Day Content Calendar printable! It will help you not only plan out your content for the next 30 days, but you’ll also get My Week at a Glance that will help you see what you need to be doing on a daily basis as well as on a monthly basis to get seen and heard!

The 30 Day Content Calendar printable is for you to get your 2017 going and begin planning so you can have the best year yet! This is the system of support for you and your business and it’s just a start to discovering how you can nurture your audience while supporting your business through your content. Download it to get planning for your 2017 today!

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