Today, I want to talk about my friend and coach, Renee Gray. Renee is a business coach and owner of Dare to Dream Life Coaching. She coaches high achievers that are usually CEOs of big companies or powerful people who are in a role of strong influence. She doesn’t work with just any CEO or leader, she works with people whose job is to boldly serve others instead of themselves because they know that their business is beyond what they are doing now.

One day, I was searching for coaches in my local area and I came across Renee’s website. I thought she sounded pretty cool, so I sent her an email asking if we could get together and to get to know one another. What I didn’t know is that Renee would become more than just a coach to me – she became a dear friend. She responded and invited me to come to meet her at her office.

Renee and I met and we hit it off! We got along so well; I instantly loved her! We agreed to start working together that first meeting. I signed a 90 day contract with her so she could coach me in different areas of my business life. As I have gone through this journey of working with her, I have learned so much about myself – like how I am a high achiever (how could I have missed the signs! Now my life and business makes sense!). When Renee speaks, I literally hear myself. It’s like she’s saying the things I have never put into words. And for the first time in a LONG time, I feel like someone in Cheyenne believes in me and my bold dream.

I told Renee my bold dream that I have had since starting my business and she immediately said, “Monica, I believe you can do that.” For so long, people have been patting me on the head saying, “That’s nice, Monica.” I have seen through their disbelief, so they say something nice so they won’t hurt my feelings. But Renee doesn’t do that. She believes that I can achieve greatness without any doubt.

Renee and I at the AllProWebTools Launch Party September 2015

Renee isn’t just a coach – she’s a friend. Not only do I hear myself in her, but we have experienced some of the same emotions and she has not only taken an interest in how I am feeling, but has helped me work on personal issues in my life. Because she has been there before. She’s relatable, kind, and always willing to give more than you bargained for.

If you decide to work with Renee Gray, you will not be working with a coach who just looks at you with dollar signs in their eyes, but you’ll be working with a woman who genuinely cares for you and your business. When you work with Renee, you won’t get a cookie cutter coach who believes everyone fits into their cookie cutter program; you’ll work with Renee on designing a blueprint for what you want to accomplish while working with her. She believes in customizing every coaching program she has so she can meet you where you’re at.

I know I will be working with Renee more after our 90 day contract is up. I am excited to not only promote my dear friend, but I am excited on where she’s headed with her coaching. I know God has a plan for her and she’s always wanting to do His will and He will bless her for it!

If you’re tired of working with coaches who see you as payment for their fancy hotels, then work with Renee Gray of Dare to Dream Life Coaching for personalized coaching plans who meets you where you’re at. See how she can help you achieve greatness through your self and your business. Visit her website at to learn more about her services and workshops. When you contact her, let her know that Monica sent you!

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