Hi, I’m a new mom and an entrepreneur. Constant stress and tiredness rule my house. Oh – my house? Yeah, it’s a wreck. But I’m raising my baby boy all while running a business, and what sane person has time to have a perfectly clean house?! 

Have you ever wondered how a new mom can run a business all while raising a baby? I had my precious angel back in December and since then, life and business haven’t been the same. 

So how do I do it? How am I able to work with being a brand new mom, write consistent content, run a business, go grocery shopping, go out and speak, be a milkmaid for my son, all while trying to keep up with a house and a husband? 

Today I am going to keep it real with you on how I “handle” the business side. Next week, I’ll be talking about how I balance it all, so stay tuned to that! I’m about to get very, very real with you because I want YOU to see that my life and my house isn’t perfect and I’m just like you – a tired mom working to make her dreams come true so that she can show her son that he can have even bigger dreams of his own.

How do I work while having a baby?

This is how I work with having a baby: 

Thank God Almighty for vibrating chairs that rock! Our baby swing broke so we had to get out this little rocking/vibrating chair for him (current situation: batteries are dying… must get new batteries!) and I place him under my desk where I rock him for at least two hours.

He seems very content for now. We haven’t entered the crawling phase and I know once that happens, this chair will go bye-bye. Until then, I am more than happy to rock him as he sits contently, sleep, and coos at me.

I also have a boppy pillow where I have mastered the art of nursing and working at the same time! *High five myself* I am very proud of this feat even if he kicks my arm and hand while nursing or laying there. Yes, I use the boppy pillow to cuddle with him at the same time.

Then there is the blessedly nap time! Anthony will give me between 2-3 hours to work on my business as he naps during the afternoon. Because I know my time is limited, I try my best to get as much as I can done during his nap. 

Do I ever feel bad about putting him in a rocker?

Yes. I feel bad a lot. 

I feel like I should be holding him, cuddling with him, or being more of a “mom” to him.

But I also know that its this time of his life I can build my business so that when he gets older and mobile, I can spend quality time with him. 

Because I am working on my business, my house is a total disaster. Here are some pictures I’m embarrassed to show you of my house before I cleaned it up.

I always feel that I need to be doing more, like doing more sensory activities with Anthony or going to story time at the library. Or be a “good wife” and make sure the house is always clean and it’s decent to live in. I have to constantly remind myself that 1) my house is a place where it can get messy (hence the whole living part) and 2) my job right now is to raise my son and trust that everything else will work out.

But this whole “working itself out” deal can be tough. I get it wrong… a lot. I fight with my husband on this and there’s a ton of frustration on both our ends (hello new momma and daddy). It’s not easy, but one thing that I am learning is to take it day by day. Do my best and don’t worry about everything else.

This is all 100% okay. 

And it’s 110% okay to rock my son in his vibrating chair beneath my desk.

Share with me in the comments below on what you’ve learned as a new mom and business owner. What are a few ah-has you’ve learned to be 100% okay with? I would love to know! If you don’t want to comment, then go to my contact page and send me a message. I want to hear from you.

I’ll see you next week where I am talking about how I balance it all (be prepared for some messiness!).

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