The Secret to Using Your Content to Book Speaking Gigs in 4 Steps

By: Monica Miller Wednesday June 26, 2024 0 comments Tags: attracting clients, audience connection, Audience Engagement, client connection, Content Strategy, Digital Marketing, grow a business, Marketing, Online Presence, Social Media Marketing

Are you eager to expand your influence and book more speaking gigs?  Your content can be your greatest ally in having people ask you to be on their platforms to speak.  Here’s how you can leverage your content to secure speaking engagements and grow your brand’s presence.   Step 1: Posting Prolifically If you've been following me for some time, you know I've been asked to speak at various events, from local gatherings to international venues.… Read More

Elevate Your Client Attraction Game: Revamp Your Marketing Message for 2024

By: Monica Miller Tuesday May 28, 2024 0 comments Tags: attracting clients, Audience Engagement, Authority Building, Clear Marketing Message, Client Attraction, Client Conversion, Content, Content Creation, Content Framework, Content Strategy, Digital Marketing, Ideal Audience, Marketing, marketing message, Niche Market, Online Presence, Organic Client Acquisition, Personal Branding, Results-Oriented, Social Media Marketing, Thought Leadership

Do you need help attracting clients despite being on the posting hamster wheel?  Are you posting consistently on social media, but your posts need to convert into paying clients? You're feeling burned out and ready for your efforts to be recognized. Your offers are brilliant, your results are transformative (you have the testimonials to prove it), and you deliver like fire bolts! So why is your content falling flat? You're smoke and fire with your clients, but… Read More