If you’ve been wondering whether or not to still sell your services, products, or packages during the pandemic we are in, then I am going to give you a resounding answer that will be my answer the entire month of April (as well as moving forward):


YES, you can still land and get clients during this pandemic!

YES, continue to sell your packages, products, and services even if you continue to get a No. It’s okay! This is a practice to make you an even better saleswoman (or man)!

YES, continue to promote and make new promotions for your business! You can reduce your prices or give out something for free for a time to help your audience get into shape, start blogging, or create their website.

Whatever it is, you can still land clients and make money during the pandemic. 

If you feel at all bad about it, remember this: you are a service provider. You are serving others with your gift and to stop altogether is NOT serving anyone, including yourself.

Last week, I told you seven ways to make money with your content as well as places and ideas on where to promote and share your stuff.

The week prior, I taught you a few foundational pieces you need to have in place in order to start marketing and gaining a newfound relationship with your audience.

This week, I am going to tell you exactly how to land clients using a few tools, tricks, and tips I have learned and implemented over the years that have worked for myself and my clients.

The Infamous 9-Word Email

I absolutely love this 9-word email as you’ll see it all this month in practically every blog post. You know why?

It works!

It’s a simple 9-word email that asks your audience if they still need help in your area of expertise. 

Now if you’re not feeling 100% comfortable with sending out this email to some people, why not shoot them a simple hello email? Something like this:

“Hey NAME, you’ve been on my mind. How are you?”

“Hey NAME, how are you? I have some ideas for you in regards to [your expertise, their pain]. Would you like to hop on a little call?”

It’s still simple and it allows you to start a conversation.

Once a person replies, ask if they can get on your calendar where you’ll talk to them and if they are a good fit, offer your package or service.

Ask A Question

It’s time to get conversational! Never underestimate the power of starting a conversation!

One great question I have asked to my email list, my audience, and on multiple Facebook Groups that has always gotten responses from is:

“What is your number one struggle regarding [your expertise]?”

Here’s the next part that I have seen many business owners fail to do after posting this question: Take time to reply and respond to all comments on the Facebook Groups, replies back to from your email blast, or from your own personal page and start asking those people to get on a call with you if you feel that it’s a good fit.

I have used variations of this question that have allowed me to get on calls with people and sell my packages to.

Post on Your Wall

Start posting questions or statements that your audience struggles with and ask for feedback to get engagement. 

Here’s how to do that:

Write out a list of pain points that your audience has regarding what you offer to them. 

Come up with a few social media posts that you can post multiple times in a week and see which one gets the best results.

Then start posting. Consider posting in a few Facebook Groups with your ideal audience in them as well.

Continue to monitor the comments, responding back, and asking to get on your calendar.

Another idea is to come up with a free training to get people onto your email list and conduct the training and then offer a 1:1 discovery call. Or you can use that time to get people into a paid program like a group program or online course.

That way, you’ll provide value first and then offering a sale. You need to do what you feel your audience wants or expects from you to do. Or do both and see which one has the best response.

Host a Facebook Live and a Watch Party

Get on Facebook Live and just say what you have to say about your product, program, or service. Don’t beat around the bush, but instead, be bold and call people out on their BS.

Get into the transformation of what people can or will get from working with you. Talk about past clients or your own experience.

Then offer a call to action that is all about signing up to work with you or getting into your online course, whichever one.

After posting it Live, create or schedule a Watch Party so even more people will see it! Ask peers and friends to share your video with their friends so that the word can get spread around.

You Can Make Money. It’s Up to You to Make it Happen.

I don’t care if we are in the best of seasons or the worst of seasons, you can make money. You can still serve and be of service and still have a price tag on it.

It’s a matter of you getting out there and doing it. It’s a matter of you being bold and brave enough to get past your limiting beliefs and just doing it.

If you need help in any of these areas, I can help you. I can help you get more clients and make more money during the pandemic if you just ask. Hop on a call with me and let’s see how we can get more clients coming through your digital doorstep and setting your business up so that whether it’s a feast or famine kind of world, you are set up and not having to worry.


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