How to Speak Your Truth to Stand in Love, Confidence, and Leadership for Your Audience

How many of you struggle to speak your truth?

Social media is a war zone right now and as the election draws nearer, it’s going to become even more difficult to not only say what you want but to cringe if you will eventually get attacked or not.

I know many of you fear putting your truth out there because of the potential attacks, the rejection, what others will think about you, or having the feeling of being isolated or alone.

I get it – I was afraid to speak my truth until I distinguished that there are a few elements that we need to consider when we are wanting to speak up. Since discovering this distinction, it has helped me to not only speak up more but not care about the perceived attacks.

The reason I am sharing this is that the world NEEDS to hear your truth. People are looking for leaders to step out into their truth and speak it in a way they never heard before.

And I believe that leader is YOU. 

How can you be the best leader while sharing your truth? Here’s how:

Your Truth is NOT Your Opinion

One way to distinguish a truth is when you speak, you are speaking from a place of, “I’m rising to the occasion; I’m rising to be better; I’m rising to share a transformation; I’m rising to transform you and myself. I’m rising because I want you to rise with me. I’m speaking from a place of ‘I’m not alone’ and ‘I want to be witnessed.’”

When you speak your truth, you’re not speaking to change anyone’s opinions or make others believe a certain way (your way). 

I believe when you speak your truth in love, you’re asking others to show up to be their greatest and highest self. 

Opinions do not come from a place of love. They don’t come from a place of “Let’s rise together.” 

It’s not coming from a place of spirit. And when I say spirit, I mean the place that is calling us to be our better selves.

Next time you’re uncertain if what you’re going to say is truth or not, look to see where it’s coming from: a place of love or a place of pride. You’ll know whether it’s a truth or opinion then. 

Your Truth does not always Equate Kindness

What I have found is that your truth is going to make you scared to say it because you’re scared of saying the wrong thing, experience rejection, or it may hurt other people. 

Truth does not equate to kindness. Wanting to be kind can be a form of pleasing people. 

When you’re kind, it can actually silence you because you’re fearful of what others will think or say if you did speak your truth.

But your truth isn’t there to please someone. It’s there to shine the light on the darkness so that you can give your audience a helping hand to rise to their best self.

When you speak in love, no one will hear cruelty in your words – only that you care about them so much, that you’re willing to speak into their heart with honesty.

When you’re kind, you’re enabling and justifying where they are at. That’s not serving them or you. 

This is why speaking your truth can be hard because we know speaking our truth may be hard for other people to hear. When they do not hear us, these people may jump on us, and all they are showing is their own insecurities. If you get these naysayers, it simply means they are not at a place to receive your truth right now and that’s okay.

Your Truth Equals True Leadership

When you’re ready to speak your truth, ensure that you’re coming from a place of love, honoring people’s journeys, and a place of spirit. Your truth will transform the world, one human being at a time. What you have to say matters and someone is needing to hear your truth and message NOW.

If you’re ready to transform your life and other people’s lives with your truth, then come to Speaking Your Truth during Turbulent Times workshop.  This virtual workshop is going to help you understand what your truth is, how to speak your truth and get past any lies that have been silencing your lips. 

Because once you get past the lies of why you’re remaining silent, you get to stand up in who you are and who you were meant to be with empowerment and confidence like never before. 

You get to stand in your truth called confidence, love, and leadership. When you start speaking your truth unabashedly, people are going to take notice and that is when their lives are going to change. 

You can’t make a change until you rise up to the occasion. So let’s rise to the occasion. Get in the workshop by clicking the button below.

Speaking Your Truth during Turbulent Times workshop investment is  $97 and that includes the workshop, a private coaching call, a Facebook group, and a writing prompt worksheet that will help you write your truth even more and speak louder. 

You’re bright, bold, and beautiful. Let’s start this and finish 2020 strong, courageous, and transformative lives.


3 Ways to Calculate Your Next Workshop Price for Maximum Income

How many of you want to host a workshop, but are uncertain on how to charge for your workshop? 

I know that many of us are going online, hosting virtual workshops and virtual summits, so why am I talking about traveling to host a workshop?

Because when things start to open back up and we begin to meet again, one thing is for certain: as teachers and creatives who love sharing our gifts with the world, we need to calculate our time, energy, gas, and more to make sure we are breaking even when we want to put together a workshop.

This even includes hosting virtual workshops (minus the gas).

If you’re like me, then you’re playing a bigger game and whether you’re hosting an online or offline event, you need to know how much to charge for your time and travel expenses. If you know that you’re going to be traveling to host workshops, then this is vital to your success, time, and attracting the right set of clients.

How to Charge for Your Workshop

Charging for your workshop can seem like a daunting task because so many workshops are done for free or a minimum price. My 6-figure coach was charging $20/person for a 3-hour training once a month and she even included food!

So what’s a person to do?

One thing to consider is who is your ideal client is. Once you know who they are, then you need to get a few ideas of how much can they afford to come to your workshop if you were to charge. Also, consider how much your coaching services are as well and if you can make more money on the backend (which you most certainly will).

The Counselor’s Coach blog writes,

“You need to understand who your attendee is so that beyond your content and presentation focus, and your expertise, you also know when to schedule the event, how long the event will be, and the budget of your attendee. Like it or not, what your client can likely afford and when they can attend will inform your fee and your date.”

You should also remember that you’re going to be breaking down your cost by dividing your gas, time, and energy by person so the cost will become lower and more affordable, especially if you’re going after entrepreneurs. If your audience is corporate, you can charge at a higher price.

You can price your next meeting costs to understand just how much you can price your workshop with how much people make and how many will be attending the event.

Understanding Your Gas Budget

All workshops include your time and gas, no matter if you’re driving 5 miles or 50 miles to host your workshop. You need to understand your gas budget so this can be included in your cost.

If you have no idea how to get started with your fuel budget, then here’s a simple tool to start a budget for your fuel.

All you need is to have a basic understanding of how many miles per gallon your car gets, read your odometer before and after you go to your workshop, and start breaking it down from there.

Remember, business travel is deductible! Know how to break down your travel expenses, no matter if you’re driving or flying.

Calculating Your Time

The biggest expense is your time. How can you keep the cost down for your time that includes traveling?

There’s no right or wrong answer here. It boils down to what you feel is the right cost of your workshop. Then keep in mind how much money you can make on the backend.

One way to calculate your time and workshop cost is by dividing your hourly rate by how many people you want in your workshop. If you want 10 people for a one hour workshop and you charge $250/hour, then you can charge $25/person + travel expenses and materials (this will make the price jump up to $30-$40/person). 

And there’s still no guarantee that you’ll get the 10 people you want, even after all the promotion you’ll do.

Jenna Rainey broke down how she charges for workshops and I think she has some smart ideas on how you can do the same, all while keeping your cost reasonable and making money with your next workshop, too.

Other Expenses to Consider

Here are a few more items to consider when calculating your workshop pice:

  • Materials for Workshop
  • Promotion time
  • Workshop space (if not free)
  • Advertisement (Facebook ads, etc)
  • Saleable items (example: your books that you may have to order to sale at the end of your workshop)

Money from Your Workshop

You want to make sure that you can not only make money for the time you’re putting into your workshop but also from afterward too.

One key component is offering people a discovery call and offer them to work with you after attending your workshop. If your package is $3,000 and you sell one person into it, then you just made $3,000 + the total amount from your workshop.

Hosting a workshop helps you get more eyeballs onto your expertise, brand, and passion, without a huge commitment from your potential client. They get to have a taste of what it would be like if they work with you by getting tangible results immediately from what you’re teaching them. 

What kind of workshop will you be hosting next? Let me know by commenting below or telling me on my Facebook Page!


How My Clients made $9,000 in 60 days with this ONE Email

My clients and I made over $9,000 in 60 days.

There’s no hard work involved, no launches, no strategy, but nine words that helped convert readers into buyers. Prospects into paying clients.

You read that right. Nine words lead to over $9,000.

Do you want to know what this secret is?

If you want to work with amazing clients, make money, and live a life you love, then this is a method that I teach my clients to do to make money and get my clients FAST! Let me introduce you to the 9-word email concept.

The 9-Word Email that Makes Money

All you need is one nine word email

If you’re wondering what are these magic words I used to bring myself and clients a lot of money, then here it is: 

“Do you still need help with XYZ?”

That’s it.

But you replace XYZ with whatever it is you do or help your clients get. 

In my nine-word email, I wrote a few different versions depending on what the person I am messaging talked about in a previous conversation:

“Do you see me and you still need help with a blog?”

“Do you need help with creating content for your business?”

That’s it. Now let’s begin sending it to people!

Who to Reach Out To

The people I emailed with this simple nine-words are people who have said no to me in the past, potential clients that want to work with me,  people I want to work with, people who got me on speaking gigs, or people whose messaging needs tweaking.

Don’t forget to reach out for referral partners, because your referral partners are great people who might need your services too, or who could refer you to someone you know.  

I encourage all of you (as well as my clients) to send this email to 50 people. 

If you’re finding yourself hyperventilating about that, then good news: it will only take 45-minutes. 

All you’re doing is copying and pasting the same sentence over and over again. Simple. 

Your Next Money-Making Steps

Once you want to have an email sent out, and when someone responds to it (it’s a numbers game at this point), you can ask them, “Hey, do you want to get on a call? I got some ideas for you.”

The reason you want to get them on a call with you is so that you can feel what they need and then offer one of your services as the solution. 

I highly recommend getting an online calendar if you don’t already have one to include in your message back. That way you’re not playing the back and forth game and it just keeps things nice and simple.

I use Acuity Calendar as my online calendar and I love it! It’s only $10/month or $110/year and it integrates with Google and Zoom, so it’s perfect for me. 


Click here to learn more!

Your Simple (and FAST) Money-Making System

Let’s recap: 

You’re going to send the 9-word email to 50-odd people and when someone responds, you’ll ask them to get on a call with you, and then, if it makes sense, make the offer, and see what happens.

It’s literally that simple.

One of my clients landed a $5,000 speaking engagement, another client sold a $2,400 package, another got a new participate in her group program, while a friend (not even a client) had someone say yes to a 3-month coaching package. 

This simple system works. You just need to do it and watch it work for yourself.

Start Working on that 9-Word Email Now!

This is what I teach my clients to do and you should be doing in this in your business if you want to see real money, real quick, real fast within the next 30 days or less. 

If you want to get more clients now and make fast income with new clients, then let’s get started inside of Get Client$ Now Bootcamp, a 4-week online program that walks you through a variety of steps that gets you momentum fast!

Inside of the 4-week course, you’ll get four different lessons on what to do right now to create more revenue and new clients FAST! Every week, you’ll have a new assignment to land new clients organically and without feel salesy! 

It all starts with Get Clients Now Bootcamp or by getting on a call with me personally so I can give you some ideas that fit your business model now.

If you take on the challenge of reaching out to 50 people with the 9-word email, let me know your success by emailing me at [email protected]



Why is PR so Important as an Entrepreneur?


How do people get into magazines or become guests on high-profile podcasts?

You may have seen your friends or peers get into magazines, onto high-profile podcasts, and gain a whole lot more visibility.

But how do you do this? Where do you find these podcasts, magazines, and other public relations to get more eyeballs onto your business and brand?

And where do you find the time?

I’m so excited to introduce you to a new friend of mine, Laura Maloney. Laura and I met her through a community called Sheer Impact where we were on a coffee and connection call.

When we met for our own coffee connection time, I knew I had to interview her. This interview was recorded live and now I’m transcribing it onto my blog. If you want to watch the original video, go here.

Laura is a PR and marketing maniac that loves helping her clients land valuable press and share their stories with the right audience.

She’s also the blogger behind The Self Set, a space dedicated to self-care, self-love, and self-improvement.

She recently self-published a 60-day guided journal called Create Your Confidence that guides you through the process of cognitive reframing to help you work through insecurities and and build more confidence over time.

I’m so ecstatic to be interviewing Laura, so let’s hop straight into the interview:

What inspired you to write your guided journal, Create Your Confidence?

It was definitely a side project kind of a passion project of mine. I love anything around self-care and self-love. And from my own experience, I found cognitive reframing as a really useful psychology practice that helps you work through your insecurities, start to challenge them, and replace them.

And I wanted to find a practical way that people could do that and I ended up creating that was through a guided journal.

It was definitely an interesting process. I love journals, I love journaling. Amazon has a program that lets you Self Publish called Kindle Direct Publishing. And, yes, that’s a part of like, “Okay I can actually do this, like actually go through the process of self-publishing!”

And then to actually create the actual specific guided journal for building confidence was definitely written from my own experience of lacking confidence, lacking self-esteem years ago, and what helped me build my confidence and then writing it down in a practical way.

When you become more confident in yourself, you’re able to be more confident in how you show up in your PR. Am I right, Laura?

Absolutely, it’s connected and it’s definitely related to the way that we connect with other people.

Because PR itself is kind of like a broad topic, but if you were to summarise it, it’s about relationship building. It’s building those strategic partnerships, like mutually beneficial relationships.

And it’s a lot like owning your business, owning your value, and what you have to offer, and really connecting to that and articulating that to the right people.

Why is PR so important as an entrepreneur?

Oh man, there’s a lot of reasons. I think the main one is just building relationships.

I think a lot of people have a fear of selling, so I think with PR, there’s the opportunity to really build these relationships and cultivate them.

These cultivated relationships are called earned media versus paid media. And it’s just so important because you’re building these opportunities that are going to last.

You know that you’ll be able to land press once and then go back to that relationship you have with that publication and you know you can land press again in the future.

How do you define what Public Relations is and what areas do you specifically focus on with your clients?

PR is kind of broad and now these days with social media, it gets kind of mixed in with marketing and, sometimes, with advertising.

Since it’s relationship building and earned media, it’s thinking about any type of article in any magazine with featured articles. All it takes is someone reaching out to the editor and being like, “Hey, there’s a story, you should write about it.”

It’s a lot of landing press like magazines, with other types of partnerships like events, finding speaker opportunities, and sponsorship opportunities.

Basically, if you can say, “Hey, here’s my business, my organization, a publication, let’s team up, here’s what I have to offer to you”, can be considered PR.

What are your specialties when you work with your clients and the common PR work that you do for them?

One specialty I perform is that I build media lists. I find those relevant publications, magazines, news outlets, and podcasts, and I find the right editors, reporters, and publishers for my client and I reach out to them. I find ways to pitch a certain story angle around [my client’s] business.

Podcasts have been the most popular recently with clients asking me to land guest opportunities on podcasts.

I am able to be that middleman saying, “Here’s this awesome business, here’s what’s going on with them, and this is what your readers are going to gain value from them.”

The goal is to have them said, “Let’s work on this together.”

What are some PR mistakes you see entrepreneurs make all the time?

When people say, “I want PR and I’m going to pitch myself to these businesses or publications, and I’m only going to write about myself and here’s how awesome and great I am”, and think that that’s all that it takes when it’s not.

Instead think, “Here’s what the publication’s readers are going to value.” When you see it from that angle, you can write your pitch to your value versus just writing about yourself, then it’s so much more successful.

That way you’re not spamming and you’re not coming across as salesy or inauthentic, you’re giving something to them that they’re going to value.

What is one tip that you can give us that we can grab a hold of and make it happen today in regards to our own PR?

If there’s a certain magazine, or in podcast, that you really like and is totally in line with your audience, and you really want to be featured in it, then in your pitch, you got to make sure to at least have that beginning introduction make it clear that you really care about them by showing a specific example of an article or of a podcast episode that you loved.

So many times, these people get so many pitches all the time and you can tell when it’s copied and pasted. So if you’re able to add something in there that’s very tailored, then that’s gonna make your pitch stand out.

If you’re looking for those really specific perfect for your type of press, then that deserves that little bit of extra time to really pitch to them.

How can we get more clients and scale our businesses with PR?

That’s a good question, but unfortunately, there’s no way for someone to ensure that you’ll get clients from your PR. I think any type of agency or anyone who says “Hey I’m gonna 100% land you this much press” is lying.

There’re so many variables in place – it could change based on that magazine’s editorial schedule or interest or so many other things that there’s no way to completely 100% ensure that you’ll land the article or clients, but I think what really helps is just staying organised.

One piece of advice is to keep those media lists organized, knowing who you’ve reached out to, when to follow up, and when to set those reminders.

Next, it’s also coming up with different angles, being able to make it interesting, look at [your topic] in different ways. Then you can pitch to a whole bunch of different publications.

If it’s not turning out, you can always shift and change [your article] a little bit and tweak it.

What are some of your client’s successes that you have helped them achieve?

I’m very honored to have the opportunity to land a lot of different press recently in the Colorado-area publications and news outlets. I’ve also landed national ones as well.

I had a client who has a pet product and I landed them in the American Kennel Club Magazine. Since podcasts are becoming very popular, I think I’ve landed my clients at least like 15 or 20 interviews, you know across the board and those, that’s been awesome.

Why would an entrepreneur want to hire someone like you to do the work for them when we know we can do the work ourselves?

There are a few different reasons why people should hire out in general to freelancers or agencies. The simple thing is that PR takes time, as we’ve said to build those relationships, to really like cultivate them, and if you’re a business owner, you have tons of other things that you’re doing.

So you definitely need someone who can follow through and follow up with those leads and things like that.

I think another part is that a lot of people in the PR industry went to school for journalism which actually fits under the umbrella of journalism, so I was trained to understand how journalists think, know their editorial calendars, and understand what makes something newsworthy.

I took a lot of classes on that and on strategic communications. So I think that the other part that makes PR successful: knowing how to think like a reporter and write to a reporter, effectively, then that’s going to be much more valuable than someone who doesn’t have that training.

What kind of packages do you have?

Depending on what the person needs and expectations are, I can definitely tailor our outreach to regional or to national for the podcasts. I definitely tailor it depending on if you just want training on how to actually pitch properly or what publications and podcasts to reach out too, I’m totally cool sending it to you.

I like to tailor my packages especially with newer businesses and smaller businesses to make sure that it’s valuable to them.

How do we connect with you?

The easiest way is just emailing directly at [email protected]. I am actually on Instagram a lot, so I’m always in the DMs over there.

I was always open to just even just getting coffee and talking about PR and marketing. I love meeting different business owners and hearing about what’s their story.

Any last parting words for us, Laura?

I love that you have this interest in PR. It is such a valuable way to earn and get that attention you need to really get your story out there.

I hope you take some of this advice to heart because hopefully, this is helpful for people, so they can pitch their businesses effectively and really build those relationships. Feel free reach out to me whenever you want because I just love talking about these types of topics.

Share Your Message with Laura Maloney!

Reach out to Laura to do your PR to reach out to the publications to share your message because we know that when we show up, other people are impacted. And then the world is impacted and things begin to shift and change.

I want to leave with is “What changes in me when I share my message?” and “What changes in the world?”

Your message can do just that when you hire Laura to share your message out to the world through publications or getting more ears on your business by being on higher-profile podcasts as a guest, be sure to email her at [email protected].


4 EASY Steps to Get Your Genius Out of Your Head to Inspire and Attract Your Audience


Have you ever wondered how people who create content always come up with content?

Have you ever thought, “I can never come up with great content!”

Or maybe you just look around like, “I don’t know where to even come up with great content!”

If you’re on the struggle bus with creating great content, then you’re in the right place because I’m going to talk about the four ways that you can get content now and get your genius out into the world in a powerful way.

Step 1: Create a Mind Map

This is for you if you know that you have juicy, good things to share! You have spent years on your business, learning, and growing to be the best inside of it.

The problems lie in that you don’t know how to get that brilliance out of you and into the hands of your audience without them having to hire you.

The best place to start is by having a mind map.

You start by writing out one word in the middle, this one word might be what you call yourself or what you’re really good at. For me, it was content.

Then I ask myself, “What does content mean to me?”

From there, I start drawing lines out from the center to come up with words like topics, blogs, videos, and podcasts.

From there, pick a word like “blog” and start thinking what a blog means to me. In order to have a blog, you want to have blog traffic, blog topics, and a content calendar.

From there, let’s look at the word topics and so on and so on. You see how I expanded all the way around the mind map until it was full.

Essentially what you’re doing is taking an idea and dissected it down into many little areas.

You can always use one of these small circles and put it into the big circle and begin dissecting again.

Each circle can be a blog post a video, a podcast episode, or a speaking topic for you. It could be anything you want it to be.

A Mind Map is the best way to get started creating more content for your business.

Step 2: Brain Dump

It’s kind of like a mind map, but instead, you’re dumping all your brilliance out onto a blank sheet of paper.

Write down everything you know.


I mean go from the basics of the basic to the more intimate systems you use and teach to your clients. Write down processes, systems, and anything else you do and use to make your business and clients’ businesses and lives work in sync.

This content is going to become blog posts or medium post content articles, your next podcast episode, videos, and more. You’ll see just how much you know and how much you’re not sharing with the world.

Step 3: Utilize the Internet

You have the gift of the internet so utilize it!

Here are a few of my favorite sites to go to when I am either feeling like I have no ideas or I want to write from a different angle.


This website brings the frequently asked questions from Google and Bing from a keyword you put in the search bar and provides a nice visual with questions that people are asking.

When I type in the word “blog”, it pulls up over 500 questions that people are asking.


This takes the most popular blogs that are being shared on social when you provide a keyword into the search bar so you can write a similar post and understand the keywords that are being used inside of that blog post.

If I were to type in “content creation”, it’s going to pull out the most liked blogs and websites on social media, with articles having that keyword in them.

Look at that and be like, “how can I write this to my own expertise? What would I say that, how would I say it?”

Then begin writing and see what happens!


Type in your question that your audience is asking you all the time. And it’ll give you some of the frequently asked questions of other people asking the same question and how other people are responding to them.

This gives you a feel of what people are asking, how others are responding, and how you would respond to the same question. Plus it’s good SEO for your site.

Step 4: The Power of Talking It Out

I find different perspectives and angels when I talk about my genius with people I trust. They give me the best ideas and tell me exactly what they want me to talk about.

This is going to be the number one thing that in my opinion, can really help because, as we’re talking, someone else is listening, and they’re going to be listening out.

They can ask you questions like, “Have you thought about this?” or “Why don’t you write about that?”

One time I was chatting with a wonderful lady and I totally gave her an idea to write a blog about to share with her clients!

Sometimes talking things out just creates more ideas because we just need to share what’s in our heads so we can create even more epic content for our audience.

4 Steps to Momentum

When you begin to use these four simple steps to creating content, you’ll begin to build credibility authority, teacher, and leader in your area of expertise.

It’s your time and year to become a leader that you know you are and you can literally become that when you use these four steps.

If you want more money, generate more clients, and be the expert in your area of expertise, then let’s talk.

If you’re wondering how to create even better content for your audience, strategizing it, and marketing it, then let’s talk.

I would love to chat with you if you just need some ideas. I always have ideas for you; I need you to tell me what you’re doing, and I can tell you exactly what it is that you need to be working on right now so that way you can move the needle in your business and get more clients and get more money into your bank account.


3 Simple Ways to be Consistent with Your Content


“How do you stay consistent with your content?” Someone asked me when I was on a call with them.

How many of you are inconsistent with your own content? You may post regularly for a few weeks only to stop after that.

Or you post for a few months consistently, and your life or business gets busy, and you fall off the bandwagon again.

I know that you, along with many others, struggle with staying consistent. You know staying consistent is one way to build trust and authority with your business, but if you keep falling off of the bandwagon, then that could lead to distrust in your brand (and perhaps yourself).

Here are three ways to stay consistent with your content so you can start attracting more ideal clients to your digital doorstep.

Content Calendar

The first way to stay consistent is, you probably guess it, a content calendar. A content calendar is just a simple way to put your ideas into a calendar.

If you have a paper calendar as I do, then you want to put sticky notes on it with what topics are you going to write about and when you want it to be posted.

My calendar system tells me what I’m going to write about on my blog and if I have any upcoming promotions that I need to promote. I write on colored sticky notes and place them on my calendar on days when it’s happening (and even on days when I need to start promoting).

If you have a content calendar where you know when you’re going to post, where you’re going to post, then you’re going to be setting yourself up for success.

Word/Google Document

If you don’t like paper calendars, create a Word document. And this document is going to have all of your brilliance into it and it can be in a calendar-like form or a simple document on when you’ll write what on what days.

I have a Google Doc that gives me ideas on what I can write about, go on Live about, and topics I can talk about as well. This gives me ideas for the month so if I ever wonder, “What do I write today?” I have a whole document of ideas ready to spark inspiration right in me.

My ideas for my content come from my theme of the month and I have Facebook Live topics, social media post topics, lifestyle topics, and promotion topics.

If you have a document that you just put all your ideas into, the number one thing I would say is you want to make sure that all your social media content is going to reflect what you’re promoting right now. This reflection will be in your newsletter marketing as well.

Theming Your Months

Themes are really fun because it gives you flexibility on what to post, especially when it comes to your social media feed.

Themes can represent what you’re working on right now or what you’re selling. For example, I have been theming my months with what I can help my audience with.

April was all about how to turn your content into cash and May was about adding additional revenue streams into your business. Now June was a wonky month and it didn’t really follow a theme.

July is taking the most-watched of my Facebook Live videos and turning them into blog posts for you to read (it’s relatively easy even if the translator cannot understand what I say some of the time).

When you have themes, your blogs, social media posts, newsletters, videos, and anything else you’re marketing and creating can be applied to it. If you want to sell more of your group program over the course of the next few months, then your themes can reflect the transformation or benefits that your program offers.

Your CTA will reflect this as well. It makes marketing and life a tad bit easier when you have a theme to your content and it helps you stay consistent and strategic!

Let’s Get Consistent with Your Content Now

This whole video that was turned into a blog post was created because someone asked me about it and I know consistency is something a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with.

While I was on that call, I gave her a few ideas on blog posts she could write about.

If you’re feeling jealous of that person who got some awesome ideas from me, then let’s talk. On the call, I can guarantee you I have a couple of ideas just for you.

If you’re ready to start making money, getting more consistent, and filling your pipeline, let’s talk.

My goal is to start helping you write epic consistent content inside of your marketing campaigns, your ad campaigns, your blog, video, or newsletters so more people are working with you.

If you’re not down for a chat, that’s cool. Download my free How to Create a Realistic Content Marketing Plan Workbook.

This workbook will help you create a content marketing plan with ideas and themes so you can start getting strategic and consistent with your content and drawing in new clients!


5 Ways to Build Credibility and Authority as a Speaker


How many of you want to be speakers?

How many of you are already a speaker?

If you’ve been wanting to become a speaker and wonder what it takes to become one and be taken seriously, then you’re at the right place.

If you’re already a speaker, perhaps you’re looking at how to leverage yourself and build authority for your brand.

Regardless if you’re looking to be a speaker or are already one, knowing what it takes will help you build your own confidence, courage, and credibility to your name and brand.

What Every Successful Speaker Needs to be an Effective Speaker

You’ll Need to Bring Your Experience and Story to the World

The first thing you need to have in order to even begin to speak is to bring your story and experience to the world.

Every single one of us has a story that ties into an experience that led us along our journey. It has even encouraged others to pursue the same thing.

For example, my story began when I was a little girl that had a speech impediment. I remember people always asking me to repeat myself or asking my sister, “What did she say?”

I believe that is why I turned to writing because I got tired of everyone always asking me what I said. In writing, no one questioned me anymore!

I didn’t realize it then, but my journey from speech impediment to writer was the very thing that cultivated a love for writing and then to helping others to write themselves.

I tie this story, amongst other stories, into my talk to let people see that while some called it a disability, I didn’t see it that way, so I pressed forward. If I could do it, so can others.

No matter what your story is, it led you to become the woman or man you’re at today. Through your story and experience, you can use it to leverage your own credibility and success as a speaker.

Speaking from a Place of Authenticity and Vulnerability

When you’re a speaker or want to become one, you need to start practicing vulnerability and authenticity in your talk.

I believe a lot of us already do this through social media, videos, and podcasts. But not all stories are easy to share. Right now, I’m battling sharing one very vulnerable story that I know will inspire others.

I also believe that we have to work our way there sometimes.

One thing I would encourage you to do, regardless if you’re already speaking or wanting to begin speaking, is to look at vulnerable moments along your journey and include that into your talk.

Look at the emotions that you felt and how others may feel right now. You can relate because you’ve been there and it sucked. You can talk about what helped you overcome the moments and how others can do the same.

These are the pieces that will connect with your audience on a deeper level and will help them see you as someone whom they can trust.

Credibility Builders for Your Speaking Brand and Business

You don’t need a lot to get started as a speaker because all you need is a story and a stage. However, there are things you can do right now that will build your brand, authority, and credibility to begin playing a bigger speaking game.

Write a Book

Writing and publishing a book is one of the biggest credibility pieces you can have as a speaker.


Because it shows that you have been at this for a while and are willing to share your knowledge with others.

It’s one way for people to experience your services without paying full price. It’s easy to access to you and people want easy access to you without the cost.

Your book doesn’t have to be 353 pages long! It can be a short book, 60 pages, or 125 pages.

It doesn’t have to be long, drawn-out, or anything – writing a book about what you’re good at and how people can benefit from you in it is perfect!

Writing a book that is related to your business and brand will help you gain instant credibility, get more clients, and make more backroom sales because, as I said, it’s an easy investment for many and they get you without paying your full package price.

Plus, it will lead people to your full package sales funnel.

Write a Consistent Blog on Your Website

Having a blog on your website is much like having a book because you’re offering consistent guidance on how to improve your audience’s businesses, health, wellness, or relationships.

It’s a constant reminder of what you’re good at and how you can help people achieve their goals on a regular basis. It’s a boost in credibility because it shows you’re committed and want to serve others with your content (just like when writing a book).

It’s a great way to build your email list, start a community, make more sales, and leverage your genius!

Also, you can write a book from your blog. Or repurpose your book into blog posts!

Have Live Video Trainings

Some of you are cringing at the thought of writing a book or blog post and that’s okay, because you may want to consider adding video to your brand.

Videos are becoming more and more popular and it’s one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website, your brand, and gain credibility.

I have a chalkboard that I am beginning to conduct more trainings with Facebook Live, so I am teaching people how to have a great email follow-up system and how to stay consistent with their content.

When you go on video, you are automatically seen as someone who has something to say – and when you’re training your audience in your area of expertise, you’re the teacher!

And we’ve been trained to pay attention to teachers!

Host a Podcast

If you’re loving this idea of speaking on a video, then you’ll love the idea of starting a podcast for your brand.

Podcasts are one easy way for your audience to digest your content on the go. They don’t have to sit and watch or read your stuff, instead, they can drive and listen to your juicy content!

Podcasts allow you to connect with other speakers, which could result in you being on more podcasts and being asked to participate on their stages as well.

Create Your Own Speaking Events

The best way to start speaking is by hosting your own speaking events like webinars, virtual summits, online events, and more. Anything to do to get more opportunities to speak and spread your message.

The more eyes that can be on your business and brand, the more credibility you’ll have and the larger impact you’ll create.

Start Speaking Now

You’ve got some great ideas on how to start speaking and building credibility on your own, then you’re probably wondering how to get started.

You might be wondering how to get the genius out of your head and onto paper or how to speak to your audience so that they take action right away rather than wait.

Perhaps you have a book in you, but how do you put it together? Maybe you already have a book, so now it’s more about leveraging it?

Wherever you’re at, I can support you in this arena. One of my geniuses is pulling out your brilliance and giving you topics to write about (I discovered this talent when I wrote human interest stories while stationed in Ramstein, Germany). Or helping you put your book, blog, or video strategy together so that you’ll have accountability, support, and strategy all in one.

The best way to do this is by hopping on a call where we’ll chat about your genius and what you’re brilliant at and then how to start getting more speaking engagements, more conversions, and more clients coming to your digital doorstep.

Let’s schedule a time to chat and get the ideas flowing!


How to Prepare for Travel in the Post-Covid World


Now that things are opening back up, how many of you are considering traveling?

If you are like me, then you’re probably traveling for speaking engagements or considering going on a nice family vacation. But you may be wondering what is different this time around? 

Airline travel is changing by the minute, and it can be a difficult thing to understand and find the best ways about it. Not everybody is airline savvy and knows the ins and outs of flying. When you travel, it is meant to be fun and relaxing the moment you exit your house.

Travelling can be stressful, but there are four tips to help make your experience as smooth as possible.

1. Be Prepared

The last thing you want is to be stressed out about your trip right before you leave. Forgetting your passport, driver’s license, or other incredibly essential items can make or break you leaving.

The night before you are expected to leave, try to have everything prepared and packed, so you do not have to be rushed. Double-check or even triple check before leaving!

Make a list if you have to; this is something I do every time I travel. If I can’t pack things the night before (toothbrush, deodorant, etc), then I will make a list and place it where I can easily see it the day of my travels. That way I am sure not to go away without packing my essential items.

Part of being prepared is expecting the unexpected, so try and arrive early for your flight. Traffic and weather can be unpredictable. Waiting around at the airport a little longer is better than waiting around in traffic and missing a flight!

The rule is if you’re flying national, to be there an hour before your flight. However, I would recommend being there between two hours to ninety minutes before just in case the security line is backed up.

2. Keeping Busy

Depending on how long your flight is or if you are traveling with kids, it is a good idea to bring along items that will make the time pass. This can entail downloading music and podcasts, packing your favorite book, or bringing electronic games for the kids.

Look into downloading videos that can be played without the internet. Netflix has this option and I would highly recommend it, especially if it’s a 3+ hour flight!

Everyone can get antsy and hungry from sitting still too long! If you do not want to have to pay for expensive airline snacks, pack some of your food for the journey (make sure it can be brought on board the flight – lookup airline requirements for bringing your own food abroad).

3. Wear Something Comfy

Since you are going to be sitting down for long hours, try and wear something comfortable. It only takes an itchy sweater or tight jeans to make a flight unbearable.

For me, I usually wear leggings, a t-shirt (if it’s warm), a hoodie, and comfortable. I know airplanes can get cold so I prepare with layers.

Once, I wore a pair of green shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops on a flight to Georgia in the summertime and my dad questioned my choice, but I wanted comfort over being pleasing to the eye.

You are not expected to be ready for a five-star restaurant or meeting the president, so relax and do not be afraid to wear your favorite old sweatshirt or hoodie for the flight. Not everyone can fall asleep on a plane ride with jeans and a fitted jacket!

4. Look at Real Estate Where You are Traveling

Don’t hesitate to quickly search up some house or real estate at the location of your destination. This can be a fun piece of research to do before leaving home.

Looking at the houses gives you more of a realistic take on the place you are going and consider going back for future travel!

If you are visiting Charlotte, North Caroline, it does not harm to look at the Charlotte houses for sale. You may enjoy your trip so much you want to stay there long term or go in front of a location to take Instagram worthy pictures at! It doesn’t hurt to keep an eye out for those types of things. 


Whether you are an avid traveler, or it is your first flying experience, it is acceptable for everyone to look into making traveling easier and exciting.

Following these tips, being safe, and cautious are great ways to increase your airline experience. It never hurts to be over-prepared, especially when it comes to a much-needed vacation or an important business trip.


8 Ways to Turn Your Book or Blog Content into a Killer Money-Making Marketing Strategy


Have you ever thought, “How do I make more money with my book?”

“How do I get more eyes on my stuff?”

“How do I expand my business without any extra additional time (or learning how to do something new)?”

Marketing is the name of the game, but do you know how to make your book or long-form content into a killer money-making strategy?

If you are have written a book or if you have long-form content like a blog, then you want to listen up because this is going to get you more marketing assets for your business to make more money coming into your bank account sooner rather than later.

And the fun part is you can repeat the process over and over and over again!

Here are eight ways to publish your book or long-form content into a killer money-making marketing strategy. 

1. Blogs

The first thing you can do is converting your long-form content into blogs.

Some you went on a podcast and you were on that podcast for an hour, so why not transcribe that podcast into a couple of blog posts? 

It’s the only way to get attention on your expertise and to showcase how you can repurpose your content onto platforms where those who are not going to listen to the podcast you were on can benefit it too!

Not everyone’s gonna listen to your podcast. Not everyone’s gonna watch your video, but people may read your blogs.

Blogging is one more way to get more eyeballs onto your brand and onto your message to those who are readers, not podcast listeners or video watchers (like me).

Why wouldn’t you meet these people where they are at with a blog? 

If you’re a video-maker, then turn your videos into blogs (this blog post came from a Facebook Live video I did).

2. Videos

Just like with turning a video into a blog, you can easily turn your written word into videos. 

If you have written a book, then use the content from your book and conduct Facebook lives from the content or create a video series. This is one way to capture the attention of those who would rather watch videos of your content rather than read it.

If you’ve done podcasts, then break each component down into shorter bits of video and post them or go on Facebook Live.

You could get more eyeballs on you and your business when you do Live videos. Live videos can help convert 83% more with lead gen more than anything else right now.

I know some of you are resistant and it’s time to get over that resistance and start doing Facebook Lives for your business! It’ll gain traction, trust me!

3. Social Media Posts

Take pieces of your book and turn sentences, thoughts, or phrases into social media posts, all while pointing back to your book. This is one way to get more attention and awareness that you have a book out in the world, ready to be consumed by your consumers!   

If you are complaining about how your book is not selling, then it might be because you’re not promoting it! Social media is one of the best ways to promote your book and get the word out there.

Why don’t you go through your book or hire someone (like me) to pick out social media posts? Then after picking out social media posts, all you need to do is find a graphic, a sticker like your Facebook avatar, a GIF, or a picture to go with it. Always make sure you link back to your book, wherever it is sold at. 

If you are a blogger, take pieces of your blog and post it across social media, while pointing back to your blog.

This concept is not hard, but I know a lot of people are not doing this and you are missing out on having a killer money-making marketing strategy.

4. Newsletters

Getting into your potential client’s inboxes is another high form of touch. We need to be touching our potential clients up to seven times before they consider buying.

Turn written pieces of your work into newsletters. Let people know what you’re up to, give them like a exert into your book or blog and see what happens. 

Create a content upgrade to interest your new audience who come across your content, whether it’s through your blog, podcast, or video, to download and get onto your email list. Then begin to nurture a relationship via email. 

And no, email marketing is far from dead.

5. Interviews

Interviews can be anything like being interviewed as a guest on Facebook groups, podcasts, or personal pages.  You can begin doing interviews about yourself and your work just so people can better understand what you do on your own pages, but you can also start to interview other people as one way to get in front of your audience as well as other people’s audiences.

This is a strategy to get visible and appear as an expert who loves to interview cool people like your guests.

Seek to be interviewed onto other people’s Facebook pages, Facebook groups, and podcasts. This is the easiest way to get in front of someone else’s audience because you’re getting more eyeballs onto your own business with someone else who had built their audience up already. 

Consider making this part of your marketing strategy where you’re looking for people who want to interview someone like you.

Never forget that virtual summits are another great way to get in front of audiences that you may not have been able to get in front of before. This year is a BIG year for virtual summits!

6. Press Releases

Press releases might cost you a few hundred dollars to get your name out there,  but this is one way to get your next service, book, or blog out into the world. Press releases are one way to build authority in your niche. 

Having a press release about your book is going to do your book wonders, because now you’re getting your book into the hands of so many more people. Think about it like this: what if you spent a couple of hundred dollars to get 100,000 eyes on your book and your book sales came back fivefold? 

You can read these tips on how to use a press release for your book to generate the most out of your money.

If you have a blog, then that is your own press release. Consider taking a blog post that announces something – new course, book, or group program release – and submit it to either paid or free press releases to get more attention and traction.

7. Online Courses

If your book is about your business, then consider turning your book into a mini online course. This could mean a full-blown course or it could be a simple mini-course. 

Consider making your online course with a group coaching program attached to it. 

Remember, your course doesn’t have to have 49 lessons inside of it to be an “online course”. It could be two lessons per module with three modules for the entirety of the course.

Your book has all the content, all you’re doing is copying pasting content into modules and creating an experience that leads and guides your audience on their own journey with you as leading captain.

If you’re wondering why you would do that, it’s because you can charge more for your book content. And it’s a way that your audience can actually take action on your book content immediately and see faster results.

I mean, how many of us have taken immediate action on a book? Probably only a handful of us. 

You can turn your blog posts into online courses because you’ve got all the content right there! Just take content from a variety of blog posts, put it into a logical flow, plug it into a membership site, turn those lessons into modules, and woola! A course has just been made. 

I have done this with my online course, The Confident Blogger, where 75% of the content came from my blogs. I made sure the content flowed in a logical path where my audience would learn a step-by-step way on how to start blogging.

8. Paid Programs

You know how much how many times I’ve taken my blogs and turn them into a paid program? Do you know how many times I’ve taken paid programs and turned them into blog posts? 

If you have a book, you should be turning that book into a paid program, mastermind, memberships, or private calls. 

If you have a blog, then take content from your blogs and turn them into paid programs, mastermind content, membership content, and private calls.

Repurpose is the name of the game. 

Begin thinking outside the box

If you want to make a killer money-making strategy plan, then here are a few thoughts to begin thinking:

  • “How can I use my book or my long-form post like a blog and begin making money from it?” 
  • “How can I get more eyeballs onto my business without making more work?” 

I can help you turn your book into blogs, social media posts, and a variety of digital assets for your business so that you’re making more money and getting seen and having more clients.

Or coach you to do it yourself so that together, we’re creating that killer money-making strategy to get more eyes on your content, whether it’s in a book or blog format, and turning it into marketing assets for your business!

It begins with hopping on a 30-minute free call where you’ll share where you’re at, where you want to be, and how I can help you get there. Whether you want me to do it for you or if you want a helping hand to get you there.

Let’s take your books or your long-form content and begin creating programs, online courses, ebooks, press releases, and so much more!

It’s time your book got into more hands so that your impact spreads, your income expands, and your business is known.


5 Reasons You’re Not Getting New Clients (and how to fix that)

How many of you want more clients? 

Maybe you are in the space of “I will love to have some more clients to work with because I just love working with clients!” 

Do you ever feel like finding clients is hard work? 

For a time, I felt like every month, it was a struggle to get a new client and meet a new bottom line. 

Since then, getting new clients is relatively easy and it was because I had a shift. And I want to shift that for you. 

I want to tell you five reasons why you may not be getting clients right now so that you can start making more impact, create more income, and live a life that you love. 

Reason 1: No One Knows Who You Are

I see this all the time from entrepreneurs. No one knows who you are because you’re not showing up. 

You’re not going live on Facebook. You’re not writing blogs. You may write a social media post every now and then to talk about your business, but you’re mostly on your business page. 

No one knows who you are. They don’t know what you do or how you can help them.

I was there once. I didn’t want to talk about my business on my personal page. I was against it for so long. 

But then, my coach asked me to change it. Once I began to show up on my personal page and talk about what I do, things started to pick up.

Start writing about your business on your personal page and see what happens. 

Reason 2: Your Message is Not Hitting a Nerve

It wasn’t too long ago that my own messaging was not hitting a nerve, meaning, no one wanted to blog necessarily and I wasn’t talking about how blogging could change their income and getting more clients!

It wasn’t until January whenever I began shifting my energy, my messaging, and began talking about getting more money, more clients and enjoying more freedom was when people started to come to me. 

What is it that you help people with and what nerves are you not hitting? 

You might be too scared to say, “This is what I do.” 

You might be scared of saying that because you may say something like, “I don’t know, because they don’t do the work, they won’t get the results they want.”

Yes, if your people do not do the work, they’re not going to get results. Bottom line.

They could do the work and still get no results. And maybe it’s a tweak in their message or maybe it’s something else that you can help them with further.

Reason 3: No Follow-Up Strategy

You know how many people I run into that do not have a single idea of how they will follow up with people they reach out to?

How many of you, after reaching out to people, and don’t hear a response back, you don’t reach back out? 

Or people reach out to you and you don’t reach back out?

There needs to be a follow-up strategy! 

People’s emails get built up and they could have missed your email. I spend 30-45 minutes just checking my emails once a week. That may be happening to your potential client and because you’re not following up, you’re not getting that sale!

Stop making a follow-up strategy complicated! It’s quite simple. 

It can be as easy as, “Hey, I am checking in to see if you got my last email about…” That’s it. 

Reason 4: You’re All Over the Place

You got too many things going on or you got your hands on too many little things. 

And you want to share all the things and people don’t know what your business is, which is usually, the main money maker. 

You have to decide what is the main thing you want to focus on and sale. This boils down to your main brilliance. 

Where is the main brilliance that you do? What is it that you really just love doing? 

If it’s going to be the main source of income, focus on that.

This doesn’t mean you can’t bring in these other little pieces, because you can, but you’ll have to market it differently. 

Plan out your marketing calendar on when you’ll be promoting your smaller things, but make sure your money-maker gets 80% of the attention.

Reason 5: You’re Stuck In Perfectionism

You think in order to speak, you have to be perfect. Your messaging has to be perfect. You have to have a website. 

You have to have this. You have to have that.

You know how many people I know who made six figures without a website? 

All you need is your voice, your mouth, and a message. 

That is all you need. 

It doesn’t need to be perfect. 

The number one thing in my opinion, is getting your voice out there. 

Who cares about the typos if someone pointed out! 

I’ve had the best month yet in my business and I’m not perfect. I make mistakes and plenty of typos! 

Let yourself be messy and people will love you more for that than if you were perfect.

Conclusion: It’s Time to Get More Clients

Did any of this resonate with you? Did you see yourself raising your hand to any of these reasons on why you’re not getting clients?

If you’re ready to change that and ready to get more clients so you can make a greater impact, the impact you desire, then let’s talk.

Within this conversation, we will go over which reason sticks out to you the most and how, together, we can eliminate that and get you into momentum, traction, and receiving more clients for your business.

One client, who was stuck in perfectionism, was able to generate a $5,000 contract! Another was able to get a $350 group to participate. Another, $2400 client.

What would these numbers do for you and your business?

Excited? Nervous? Ready?

Let’s get on a call and start changing your life and business now.