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Why Entrepreneurs Use YouTube and How it Helps to Improve Their Business

YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms that have got countless audiences for marketing businesses. It measures two million active users globally. And YouTube outperforms as the most broadly used online platform among U.S. adults. 

Yet with more than 500 hours of video posted every minute effectively, YouTube is perfect for the brands and the entrepreneurs to uplift their business productivity. 

Based on the source from Global YouTube user growth, the report says that from 2016-2021, the total number of global users on YouTube increased by 9.2% in 2017 relatively to the previous year. In 2021, the user growth rate is predicted to slow down by 4.9% year after year. 

Why Does an Entrepreneur Work On YouTube?

YouTube lets entrepreneurs represent themselves in a different aspect of specific and innovative methods. People are wishing for perfect content that is faster to end, making your watch time using the short videos. YouTube is the ideal method that works more effectively that provides cost-efficient results instead of reading out longer articles or traveling to the industry for a conference. And YouTube generally has got no range on the method you make use of on the platform. 

Entrepreneurs on YouTube make the chances of displaying their content, possibly limitless. Yeah, YouTube is the ideal platform for setting one of the types of brand awareness. 

Hence YouTube is a genius brand-building option, yet how do you make a business develop using this brilliant brand-developing tool? You need to study the methods of those who have done it previously for you. 

How Did YouTube Support Entrepreneurs For Business?

The benefit of experiencing social media platforms as a business owner is mandatory for reaching your audience. Meanwhile, logging on to your social media platform is a simple process; trying to enhance your online presence means to be more challenging than it sounds. Take the world of YouTube, for instance. The video’s website has grown from common videos into the third most visited website around the globe. 

Do you know more than five billion videos are looked at regularly? With so many audiences’ eyes looking onto the platform of YouTube, where it is foolish for the entrepreneurs not to benefit the massive audience. We asked a few entrepreneurs and business owners how they advantage using YouTube. 

Here are some of the explanations about how they make use of YouTube for their entrepreneurship marketing. 

1. Write Fresh content: 

YouTube might not look like the perfect platform for marketing for a small scale business, yet making and sharing the ideal content can increase your reach and credibility. One factor that’s essential to be reminded of is to maintain the content. 

While checking out the most prominent YouTube channels, they have regularly higher volumes of the posted content. There are several methods to perform this. For instance, if you have a webinar, you could break it up into a series of videos, rather than merely one very long video. If you wish to have any infographics for your business, you can remodel those aspects in your video format, in which you can break down the infographics for viewers. Another method is to make short tutorials or demonstrations of how your products are worked. 

2. Share Your Story:

There are two possible methods to influence YouTube for your business. The first is to simply receive your story out there and reveal the people stories behind the work. These can be informal interviews, simple Q&A with your employees, what the developers help resolve the client’s issues, testimonials of customers or attract how the kitchen works, or even showcase an employee helping a customer in a particular manner. 

Think about what goes perfect for the business that can reveal your care, that you support, or might be factors that people don’t usually check. Another method to benefit from YouTube’s visibility helps to sky-high your business by merging up the customer points on your industry or that you would hear about from your sales or customer service teams. 

Meanwhile, Google has broken down the number of video clips that display in the search results; there are still chances to attract traffic from the videos showing in Google and posted on YouTube. When making video content, target why, how, what type of questions will most probably drive a video resulting in Google. These similar types of questions will also likely be searched by the users on YouTube that kickstart your business for your entrepreneur marketing, that provide you a chance to receive in front of the new audiences eye’s 

3. Make A Call-To-Action:

Are you using YouTube for business? It’s essential to add call-to-action both in your video as well as in the description below. While you can include links in the story, you shall also plan the methods you wish your audiences to react before you have posted. Always call-to-action might add subscribing to your YouTube channel, making feedback, sharing the YouTube video on social media networks, or any extra activities that you would like to check. When worked properly, it supports you to increase the conversion rate and target competition. 

4. Identify Your Audience:

To understand the ideal method to use YouTube that gains engagement with more likes for your specific business, it’s essential to know about your audience. It is the primary key role to classify which type of content will enhance your other social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You also need to know a perfect suit for checking one and targeting your efforts where your audience lives and plays. With that being told, the general YouTube viewer is an older millennial holding from 25 to 34. 

Particular demographics can be tougher to come by, yet the platform as a complete target primarily on checking patterns and channel’s chances for subject niche content. Make use of the benefit and identify a method to connect individually with your customers. YouTube gives you a great medium to represent yourself in a process that your audience feels like they understand you. 

How Does YouTube Support its Entrepreneurs in Marketing?

Several YouTube users reach the website to check the videos from the artists and musicians and even from the other users. YouTube also features videos and ads from their businesses. They serve as a platform that companies can use and other advertising tools to resonate with their audience about their services and products. 

  1. Educational process
  2. Company’s Promotional process
  3. Advertising process.

Wrap-Up Points:

Today, we have discussed the concepts of why entrepreneurs make use of YouTube and how it supports to enhance their business. Moreover, in the digital world, YouTube is a gold-digger that easily supports the business people to outrank their products and gain a massive audience range on YouTube

I hope you liked this article. Thanks for reading!

Author Bio

Victoria Daniel is a social media expert and writer who is working in PixelGroovy. She is a regular contributor to well-established IOT blogs and she has been into Internet Marketing for two years.

Business Selling Success

Attracting Clients with Your Marketing Message in 3 Steps

Do you want more clients? Start by attracting clients with your marketing message. Here are three easy steps.

If you’re feeling stuck, frustrated, and disheartened right now, then you’ll continue to feel this way unless you make some changes.

If you want to draw in more clients organically using your brilliance, then start by having a marketing message that resonates and is clear to your audience.

When I work with my clients one on one, we follow this path to their success because I know once they have their message down, they can post and create content that trail blazes them to success!

Ready to move into the three steps to attract clients FAST with your marketing message? Let’s get into it now!

Step 1: Have a Clear Marketing Message

Recently, I worked with a private client whose content was too long and wordy. She wasn’t getting the engagement she wanted because her message was blurred inside her content she was posting.

She needed to create shorter posts while educating her audience through live videos. That is what was going to keep her on point and have more fun with her marketing.

Your message needs to be utterly clear and concise.

If your message is not clear enough, then people have no idea what you do and how you can serve them. If your content is getting wordy, full of jargon, and concepts they don’t understand, they are going to continue strolling.

One way to make your message clear and concise is by posting little sentences to gain attention like telling people what they want and what they need to do to get it.

Here are a few examples of what I have done recently to give you an idea of how clear and to the point my content is:

Step 2: Attracting Clients by Knowing Your Audience

You need to know who your audience is. If you are speaking to everyone, then you’re going to market to no one.

When I work with my clients, this is one of the first things we work on together. Once I can understand their audience, we can then create a clear and concise message that resonates with the people they want to reach.

After discovering who your ideal audience is, you need to speak to the results that they want.

Don’t get technical, just stick to what they desire and how you can create that result.

For example, I help my clients create more money and clients so they can have more free time to do what they want to do.

One of my clients helps women feel beautiful and confident in their bodies through the clothes they wear so they can create more opportunities for themselves (think promotions, getting more speaking engagements, making more money, etc.).

Step 3: Leverage Your Time

Now that you know your message and your audience, let’s leverage your time so you’re not spending it all creating content and being on social media.

You got a business to run, so let’s make sure your time is being spent wisely.

Once you have the results that your audiences want, then you start posting that on social, your blogs, podcast, or anywhere else you love to share your knowledge. Check out my Facebook page for examples.

Next, you want to have a follow-up system so when you do get engagement, you know exactly how to get someone from your post onto your calendar.

Hint: It all takes place in private messages.

This simple strategy consists of having a content calendar to know what to say, when to say it, and on what platform to say it on.

This leverages your time and energy – trust me.


Attracting Clients with Your Marketing Message System Today

If you’re ready to rock your message and create powerful content that easily attracts your ideal customer to your digital doorstep, then download the Turn Your Brilliance into a High-Ticket Offer that Converts.

Turn Your Brilliance into a High Ticket Offer that Converts is a Free Workbook that teaches you the exact steps to:

  • Create an offer to attract higher-quality clients with ease
  • Turn your message into a client magnet
  • Marketing techniques that work FAST
  • Pricing your offer that feels good to you and your future clients
  • A tutorial on how to market your offer effortlessly!

Even if you have a high-ticket offer right now, this workbook will give you access on how to present your offer to ideal clients FAST so you can sell more and work less!

Go ahead and download the workbook to start leveraging your marketing message today!

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Sell Your Black Friday Offer with Ease with these 5 Steps!

Black Friday is coming up quickly and this means that if you’re not ready for it, you may miss an incredible opportunity to sell your Black Friday offer!

Black Friday is the beginning of the holiday season and people are in the right frame of mind to buy!

As business owners, we want to appeal to those who are business owners since Black Friday is an excellent time to invest in your business at a discounted price.

But if you have no plan to promote your offer, then you could miss an opportunity to serve potential clients.

Now is the time to get your Black Friday Offer ready to sell so you work with more people, help reach your revenue goals, and be of service to those who are ready to kick start the new year with a bang!

Step 1: Have Something to Sell on Black Friday

This is probably the most important step here. If you have nothing to sell, you’re not going to make any money.

What are a few good offers to sell during this time? Here are some ideas that I’ve seen work for entrepreneurs in the past and I know it can work for you too:

  • Online Courses
  • Group Programs
  • Free or Paid Challenges
  • Private Calls
  • Workshops
  • Videos
  • Workbooks
  • Books
  • Combination of courses between two or three different people

One of my clients is selling her online course and affirmation cards for her Black Friday sale. Another is selling her books at a discounted price. Mine is a new group program and one of my online courses.

If you have several offers, then consider bundling them together. Or if you have a business bestie, then combine your courses or programs together and offer them to your audiences.

There is no right or wrong way here. The only “rule” to remember is to discount it to fit the Black Friday excitement.

Step 2: List out the struggle and results in your program offers

After deciding what it is you are going to offer, it’s time to list out the struggle that your ideal customers are going through and the solution or results they will find within your offer.

There’s an exercise in the Turn Your Brilliance into a High-Ticket Offer that Converts workbook that really helps you with this, so download the workbook and practice the exercise.

Step 3: Create Teaser Content to Sell Your Black Friday Offer

You want to gain interest from your audience by creating teaser content for your offer.

Here’s how to do that in 3 steps:

Step 1: Identify the core ideas, modules, or lessons in your offer. Write that down.

Step 2: What struggle does each of these main ideas, modules, or lessons cover? Write that down.

Now ask the same question, but instead of struggle, write in “result”.

Step 3: Once you see the struggle and the result that your offer has, it’s time to write teaser content!

Write out between 10-15 teaser content posts for social media that will reflect one of the struggles your audience is facing or a result they want.

Each one should be 1-3 sentences long and always have a call to action at the end. Then you put the link to your offer in the comments.

For example, when I was hosting a free 7-Day Bootcamp, I wrote content like this:

“Learn to create content without writing one word! Join Start a Blog that Converts like Crazy Bootcamp!”

“Want to stand out from all the other bloggers? Find out how in the Start a Blog that Converts like Crazy Free Bootcamp!”

Have fun with this too. Ask questions and ask participants to respond with an emoji or a gif!

Step 4: Create a Promotional Content Calendar

After coming up with content and video ideas for your offer, the next step is to create a promotional content calendar for the duration of your sale so you know when to post and where to post.

This includes content for videos, social media, emails, and any other ways you connect with your audience.

You want to start the teaser content and videos immediately.

Build the suspense from here until the week of Black Friday and then roll with the excitement until Cyber Monday. Don’t forget to create doors closing content too!

You can read how to create a content calendar by reading this article.

Step 5: Sell Your Offer With a Reach Out Funnel System

When people are interacting with your teaser posts and videos, you want to have a plan to reach out to these people to invite them to your offer.

If there are people who you believe will be a good fit for your offer, reach out to them via Messenger or email and let them know you have something you believe would be a good fit for them (and it’s discounted!).

The way you’re going to sell more of your offer is through reaching out to people and getting into Messenger when people interact with your posts.

You need to have a funnel system on what to say and when to send the link to your offer through Messenger so you can close more deals.

The reason it works is that it’s private and if they need to chat with you, you can set that up immediately.

Black Friday, here I come!

Your Black Friday sale begins today and it’s time that you get your content in action and start planning out how you’re going to sell your Black Friday offer now!

Don’t be waiting till the week of or the last minute, get prepared now so your Black Friday Sale will be easy.

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3 Ways to Sell Your High-Ticket Offer with Ease

How many of you LOVE selling your offers? Selling your offers can be scary, right? Especially when you have jumped up your price point or just created your high ticket offer. Let me tell you about 3 ways to sell your high-ticket offer with confidence and ease!

Do you feel like a deer in the headlights right now?

I totally get it and it’s very common for just about every entrepreneur to struggle with selling their new offers to potential clients.

But what if selling your high-ticket offer felt good and it was easy? It can be once you’ve built your confidence muscle to get clients in the door.

It can be easy when you come from a place of giving without attachment and just being of service to people.

If you’re new to creating high-ticket offers, then I want to encourage you to go back and read this series, Create and Sell Your High Ticket Offer, where we started out with creating an offer from your brilliance.

The next step was adding irresistible bonuses to your package and last week, it was all about pricing your offer so you can stand out, create more cash flow, and be in the space of receiving!

There’s even a free downloadable workbook that goes with the series where it walks you through how to implement the content so you can begin selling your new high-ticket offer ASAP (also, it has two marketing tips that are easy and gets clients fast inside the workbook)!

Ready to market and work with incredible clients while receiving money all at the same time?

Here are three ways how to market your offer with confidence and ease:

1. Market to Sell Your Offer

You want to market your new offer by talking about it! If you’re rolling your eyes like, “Duh, Monica,” then listen on.

When it comes to your offer, you are solving a problem with it. Take some time to identify what it is that your offer solves. That’s the first of the three ways to sell your high-ticket offer!

Start by writing down the transformation your audience will receive after they work with you. Next, write down the opposite of that transformation. This is usually their pain or struggle.

When you’re working on marketing content for your high-ticket offer, you want to write about those pain points and really get into the emotion of how they are feeling right now.

Let them know you have a solution for their problem and all they have to do is leave a comment or reach out to you through Messenger. Maybe it’s “reply to this email.”

Consider even creating a content calendar for your high-ticket offer so you know how to promote your offer all throughout the year.

Wherever you’re sharing or selling your high-ticket offer, make sure your call to action is to get on a call with you. When you’re on a call with someone, you’re able to understand where they are and how to present your offer to them in a one-on-one conversation.

Asking simple questions that relate to your audience’s pain also works as marketing content. Just make sure you got a plan for when people start to engage with your content so you can get on a call with these people.

2. Reach Out to People

I think reaching out to people is one of the best ways to get on a call with someone quickly!

I also know many of you are cringing at the thought of reaching out to people because you’ve had a bad experience with someone who was bad at reaching out to you.

Here’s the difference between you and them: you are reaching out to people because you care about their future and their life.

They are not just someone to recruit or to get money out of – you’re reaching out to them because you genuinely see their transformation and you want it to come to pass and you know you can help them!

The easiest way to reach out to people is by doing the 9-word email, by saying, “Hey Sue! I was thinking about you! How are you?” And then once they reply, move into asking how their life or business is.

Example: I reached out to someone recently and said, “Hey Sue, I’ve been thinking about you lately. How have you been?” Once she replies, I am going to respond with, “How’s business?”

Next, I am going to invite her on a call to give her some ideas if she wants to schedule a time with me.

It’s easy and it works to get people onto your calendar fast!

Plus, I have two extra marketing tips in the workbook, Turn Your Brilliance into a High Ticket Offer that Converts, which you can download for FREE!

3. Talk About It

Seriously, I know so many entrepreneurs (even my own clients) who don’t talk about their offers enough!

If you’re unsure how or where to share and talk about your offers, then here’s a small list of where to share and chat about it until you’re blue in the face (of course that will never happen because you love what you do):

  • Social Media
  • Live Video
  • Courses
  • Workshops (paid or free)
  • Podcasts you’re invited onto
  • Virtual Summits
  • Conferences that you speak at or attend

The 3 Ways to Sell Your High-Ticket Offer

Go ahead and market your offer, reach out to people, and talk about it, wherever you are online – and even offline.

Regardless of what time of the year it is, it’s always the time to sell your offer! If you’re feeling unsure of what your offer could be or how to price it, then download the free workbook now!

Turn Your Brilliance into a High Ticket Offer that Converts is a Free Workbook that teaches you the exact steps to:

  • Create an offer where you’re working inside of your brilliance so you’re able to offer higher quality work with ease
  • Understand how to add bonuses that are not giving more of your time, but allowing you to work within the time you want to work in
  • Price your offer that feels good to you and your future clients (get coaching on credit card information too!)
  • A tutorial on how to market your offer effortlessly!
  • And more!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the workbook today and get started with creating and selling your high-ticket offer now!

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How to Price Your Offer with Ease: High Ticket Offers

Do you feel unsure of how to price your offer? How much is too much or too little?

How do you know if your clients will even pay that much?

Pricing is probably every entrepreneur’s least favorite thing to figure out, yet it’s one of the most sought after topics because pricing can feel hard!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been talking all about how to create and sell a high-ticket offer, and today, I want to focus on how to price your offer that feels good for you and future clients.

If you’re new to the idea of having a high-ticket offer, then I would encourage you to read part 1 in this series, How to Create and Sell a High-Ticket Offer, and then download the free workbook to help you navigate through the process of creating an offer and then knowing how to sell it with confidence!

In last week’s blog (part 2), I covered how to add irresistible bonuses to attract more clients and to wow them with all the specialties your offer to help them feel that they are getting the most from your package.

Ready to learn how to price your high-ticket offer so you can begin selling pronto? Let’s get into it.

But First… Before You Price Your Offer

I want to say this before we get into this topic because I feel it’s important to say:

No matter what you charge, it will NEVER be what you’re truly worth.

What I am truly worth is close to $100,000. This includes my skills, knowledge, every hour and minute I have put into my business and skill, and money I have invested in myself to help my clients achieve their goals.

Is anyone going to pay that? Probably not.

Once you recognize that your skillset and brilliance cannot be defined by numbers, you can look at what people are willing to pay you to achieve their next goal and dream.

Let’s take a look at a few ways on how to price your offer now. 

The Cost of Transformation

Your high-end offer price point is going to determine how much transformation your client will gain out of working with you and what is it worth to them.

If they want a partner that will love and cherish them through life, that is irreplaceable and priceless.

But what is the price point they are willing to pay? That is the ultimate question.

One thing I want you to know is that the higher the price point, the more transformation they will get. 

For me, my clients want more clients, more money, and freedom to live lives they love by hiring a VA, traveling more, and creating ease in their business.

So how much are they willing to spend to create that?

Using my example, we have to start with how much money they want to make during their time working with me. If they can double their money goals while working with me, it’s totally worth it and my price point for my offer makes sense.

Using the earlier example from above, if finding a partner is priceless, then signing up to work with you should be a no-brainer.

You want to get into people’s transformation and the cost behind that transformation.

When they start to say out loud what the transformation will be and what they will achieve from that, then your package will be a no-brainer and will make more sense to them.

The Cost of NOT Working with You

There’s a cost to NOT working with you that your clients are facing right now and if they worked with you, you could change everything for them (think of time, money, energy, and more).

When figuring out how to structure your price point, you’ll have to write out the literal costs of your client’s losses of not working with you.

I know when my clients don’t have a clear message or a high-ticket offer, they are missing out on time, money, freedom, awesome clients, flow, and fun!

If there’s not a “price tag” on some of these, then you need to figure out what it’s costing them mentally (not enough sleep, fatigue, stress), physically (tired, grumpy, moody, gaining weight), spiritually (not connected to God or source), and emotionally (doubt, fear, emotional drainage). 

These all have massive costs and you can help your future clients not be in this space by pricing your high ticket offer in such a way that it’s a no-brainer for them to say yes.

Feeling Confident When You Price Your Offer

There’s no right or wrong answer for how to price your high-ticket offer, but you have to not only feel confident in saying the number, but also feel a little out of your comfort zone. 

I’ll share my story as an example: When I first started to offer packages, I felt good saying that my 3-month program was $1500 ($500/month) or $997 if paid in full (I later changed it to $1200).

Now when it came to my 6-month program, I felt that sense of unease and “Can I really offer this?” My price point was again $500/month or $2500 paid in full.

The more I said it on the phone to potential clients, the more confident I felt. Then my clients started to make more money after working with me and I knew that my packages had massive value.

But I had to say my prices a lot and I had to see with my eyes that my clients were getting results from my coaching before I could go up on my prices.

Since then, I have doubled my price points because I KNOW if my client put in the work that we talk about on each coaching call, they will see results! And those results can very well double or triple by just working with me.

You have to start with a number that is a little scary to say. 

Now don’t think you can offer a $10K program if you do not believe in it. You may have to work your way up to that $10K price point because until you fully believe that your $10K package is worth it, you won’t be able to sell it nor would you be able to offer that high quality of service.

Download the Worksheet to Get Your Perfect Price Point Now

Your next step is to download the How to Create and Sell a High-Ticket Offer that Converts worksheet to work out the perfect price point for your offer!

In that section, you’ll create a high price that feels scary to you, a low price you’ll never go under, and then you’ll see the feel-good spot to start offering your new high-ticket offer.

This doesn’t mean your price point will stay at that point, it just means you’ll have a starting point to go from.

Also, this workbook will help you create your high-ticket offer step-by-step so you can start selling faster and building a life you love!

So what is stopping you? Download the worksheet now and price your offer with ease!!

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Add Irrestistible Bonuses to Your Offer for More Yes!

Add irresistible bonuses that your high-ticket clients will love and drool over. That’s how you make your high-ticket offer sexy and irresistible to your ideal clients.

But what are the bonuses that you could add to your offer that will speak to your audience and free up the time you want?

Last week, you learned how to identify your brilliance and even structure it so you know how long your offer is for and how many sessions you’ll include in it.

Add Irresistible Bonuses for Extra Value

Now it’s time to add irresistible bonuses to help your clients feel like they are getting the most out of the money they are about to invest in you.

As a quick reminder, this is part two of a series called Create and Sell Your High-Ticket Offer, that will take you on a journey to creating a high-ticketed offer that you can literally start selling immediately.

In today’s lesson, you’re going to learn the nine different bonuses you can add to your offer that are sexy, irresistible, and compatible with your main offering.

Feel free to download the workbook below and get a head start with working on your high-ticket offer now and get ahead of the series.

Be Disruptive

Here’s the deal: your offer is going to sound like everyone else’s offer unless you decide to make it different.

This is called being disruptive. Creating a bonus that is so disruptive and creative, that your audience will LOVE it because they know you’re offering a one-of-a-kind offering to them.

And that makes them feel special.

Although the bonus ideas below may not feel “disruptive” to you, it will certainly create a feeling of “I’m getting my money worth out of this coach!” and a sense that you have their back the entire time they are working with you.

Fun Disruptor: One of my clients offers a pity party session for her clients; they get so many pity party sessions with her so if they are feeling down or blue, they can have a pity party with her.

Even though it’s super simple, she put a cool name to it, and now it’s a disruptor! Be creative with your bonuses and add a cool name to make it feel very disruptive!

An Irresistible Bonus: VIP Days

VIP days are where you spend a half-day (three hours) or the whole day (six hours) with your client working in an area specific to help them gain a massive transformation.

For example, one of my clients and I worked on a course she can offer to new authors so we spent the entire time crafting, outlining, pricing, and marketing her course. 

Another example is inside my six-month program, I offer one 3-hour VIP day. In my twelve-month program, I offer two 6-hour VIP days. The more you pay, the more you get from me. 

And a VIP Day can be sold separately. If somebody wants to work with you, but they don’t need or want the coaching part, then you can sell the VIP day for $2500-$5,000. 

Online Courses

If you have created an online course that is highly valuable (and helps add to your client transformation), add that as a bonus.

You can even create an online course + coaching calls offer so that people have to go through your course and then you coach them to customize the course specifically for them.

When my clients join to work with me, I put them into one of two courses I have, depending on their specific needs and goals.

Voice or Video Apps

There are apps that your client can download to talk to you if they need to ask a quick question. The popular ones are Marco Polo and Voxer.

This is providing more access to you without you physically having to be there or scheduling another call or session with your client. 

More Irresistible Bonuses: Retreats 

Do you host retreats? What if you offered your retreat for free to your new clients as a bonus?

Retreats are, once again, more access to you without you having to give away your time all at once.

And it’s great for your new client because they get to spend time with you by getting away and getting to know the people you surround yourself with!

Other Programs You Offer

Do you currently have another offer or program? Maybe a membership or a subscription for those who don’t want to pay your full price?

Include it as a bonus.

I have a program called Write with Monica, where we spend 90 minutes, two times a week, writing in our books, blogs, marketing, or anything else. It’s a membership that people can enroll in for a small price every month.

I give all of my client’s access to Write with Monica; whether they take me up on it or not is a different story.

Additional Services

Provide your clients with additional services from you that you give away for free. Or if it’s a smaller service you provide, make it a bonus.

When clients sign up to work with me, they get editing services. If they wrote a blog or marketing content, they can send it to me via email and I’ll give them my feedback.

One client uses Marco Polo to communicate with me and that is how she picks my brain.

Add Monthly Check-ins as Bonuses 

What if you scheduled time with all your clients every month where they tell you, “Here are my wins, and here’s where I’m struggling.” 

Check-ins make irresistible bonuses! You can provide them with coaching, almost like a group program. But it’s just once a month for your private clients to come on and chat with you.

This monthly call with your clients would also give you a good indicator of where your clients are and what they’re struggling with to apply that to your next coaching call.

And it doesn’t require scheduling a call with each one of your clients. It’s handling them all at once inside the monthly check-in that is an addition to their private calls.

Quarterly Check-in

If you are offering 6- or 12-month offers, then create a quarterly check-in where every quarter, you help them plan out their next quarter. 

It’s just like the monthly check-ins, but it’s a group call with all your clients to plan out their next 90 days.

Once again, it’ll help you and them! It’ll help them have a goal for the next 90 days and it’ll help you know what their goals are and in their private calls, you can be of higher service to them by speaking to their goals.

Office Hours

Host office hours every other week where you are online at a certain time for 30 minutes. Whoever shows up gets more time with you to coach them.

Another way to do it is to have a Facebook Group for your private clients and ask them to submit their questions to you before you go Live (which is your Office Hour) in which you’ll answer their questions during the live session.

You can easily apply this to a Zoom office hour if you like.

Your Bonuses Make Your High-Ticket Offer Irresistible

If you like these ideas, but are not sure how many irresistible bonuses to add, start off with two bonuses and go from there.

I wouldn’t suggest that you offer more than 3-4 bonuses because it’ll start to devalue your offer and give away more of your time – time that you’re trying to create more freedom around.

If you need an example, my bonuses for my programs are VIP days, getting into a Write with Monica Membership, being enrolled in one of my online courses, and editing services. 

Ready to get started creating and selling your own high-ticket offer? Then download the free workbook, Turn Your Brilliance into a High-Ticketed Offer that Converts,   where you learn a few smokin’ hot marketing tips that will get you more clients faster!

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Plus, it’ll walk you through the process of setting up your offer step-by-step so that you can start selling your offer now!

Business Coaches and Speakers

How to Sell Your Brilliance for a High Dollar Offer

Are you wondering how to sell your brilliance for high dollar amounts? Do you feel that you are constantly looking for new clients to work with?

Or that you’re working ALL the time, spending less time with your family, and saying ‘no’ too much? Perhaps the freedom you wanted (and why you started your business) is just not happening.

Then it’s time to offer a high-ticket offer to your coaching, consulting, or service-based business.

If you have no clue on how to create a high-ticket offer or how to sell it, then stick around. 

I’m going to teach you the EXACT steps through a series called Create and Sell Your High-Ticket Offer. It will walk you through everything you need to make a high-ticket offer that you can literally start selling pronto!

Inside of this series, I am going to cover how to structure your brilliance into an irresistible high-ticket offer, adding bonuses to your offer, how to price the offer in a way that feels good to you and your client, and how to market it to get fast results!

Or you can download the free workbook below and get a head start with working on your high-ticket offer now.

If you’re wondering why you need a high-ticket offer, then consider reading this article and then come back over here and learn how to start working on your offer right away!

Here are the exact steps to package your brilliance into a high end offer that converts.

How to sell your brilliance

Did you know you can turn your brilliance into a unique package?

God gave you this brilliance that you’re awesome at and it’s time to own it and charge what you’re worth!

You need to have something that is sellable. People want something that you have or that you’re very good at. 

This is typically your brilliance and what you thrive on. This should be something you could talk about all day and night. 

How do you find out what your brilliance is? Here are four ways to figure it out:

What is your brilliance?

Think about the frequently asked questions people are always coming to you for.

For example, people are always coming to me asking me about blogging, content, and content marketing. They want to know how to reach out to people and how to create content or strategy. People know that I’m the content-generating queen. 

The same thing is true for you: What are people constantly asking you about?

Be aware of the questions as this is part of your brilliance. After identifying the frequently asked questions, write them down, and even write your response to those questions. 

Who needs your brilliance?

Do people call you for a specific need?

I was talking to a lovely woman who had people call her because she was offering meditation services, clearing away the junk that is in their heart. 

People would call her and ask to come to her house to talk it out. This was a very specific need. People knew they could count on this lady to provide this service and they saw results.

Another woman I know, had people calling her to help them in the areas of life that they were struggling with. 

She was helping moms and women to overcome certain areas in their life, using God’s word. 

What is the specific need that people are calling or asking you about? 

Inventory Your Genius

Inventorying your genius is a great way to visually see what you’re awesome at. 

The exercise is simple, which is writing down every single thing you have ever created in your business or have sold. List all the things you know, all the classes you have taken to get to your knowledge, and the business conferences and workshops you’ve gone to. 

Basically, everything you know about your expertise, write it down. 

If you download the free workbook, you’ll get an inventory worksheet.

Then take the 5-10 things that are really going to transform your client’s life or the biggest transformation that you can provide.  

This can also be the things that would help your clients get to the next level the fastest. Use that as part of what you’ll add to your offer.

What are you already doing

Another way to figure out what your genius is to do something you’re already doing. Some people are already creating content or graphic design work for others. 

If you’re doing something for free or a small fee, it’s time to stop doing it for free and start charging for it. 

If you’re providing a smaller service, it’s time to put it into a bigger package.

Structuring Your High Dollar Offer

Private or Group Offers?

It’s time to structure your offer, which means you’ll decide how you’re going to offer your high-ticket offer.

Many coaches offer both one on one (also known as private) coaching as well as group coaching programs. 

Coaching programs are the most popular ways because not only is there diversity but the one on one attention you can give your clients. 

I love my private clients as I feel like I can give them the best of me. In my sessions with them, I know their business intimately. I can serve them to the best of my ability then.

I would recommend starting out with private coaching. 

Private coaching is a great way to start to get to know your rhythm, what you’re good at teaching people, and your transformative process for your clients. 

Once you develop that, you know the key points that your audience really wants, and then you can create a group program. 

However, with private coaching, you can create more wealth because you can charge more, usually with group programs, you’ll charge a little less because you’re giving your attention to more people at a time.

With private coaching, you can charge more, thus creating more money faster and then begin to work less because you’re in fulfillment.

How to sell your brilliance with coaching calls 

Let’s start getting into the nitty-gritty of your coaching calls. You want to be clear on how long your coaching calls last and how many you’ll provide inside of a convertible offer.

You need to have a time frame on how long someone will work with you and how many sessions they will get during that offer.

For example, I have a six-month program that offers 12 coaching sessions at 60-75 minutes each. 

The coach I’m working with has a group program I’m in where we meet every Monday (once a week) for a year.

The typical length of a coaching program is between 3-12 months. Here is my suggestion: work no less than 6 months and no more than 12 months long (you can certainly create longer than 12 months long offers if you wanted).

Now it’s time to decide how many sessions you’ll provide in your offer. You can offer once a week or once every other week. I opted for my clients to do a call every other week so they have time to implement the homework I give them.

You can conduct your consulting calls through Zoom, because you can record it, and then provide the recording where your clients can download it.

The reason I offer 60-minute long coaching calls is because it’s one of the best ways to get to know my clients and what they are really struggling with so I can support them in their moments of struggle.

Keep your coaching offer tech simple as not all your clients are tech-savvy. 

Start Selling Your Brilliance

It’s time that you put together what your high-ticket offer will look like by looking at your brilliance and identifying what you’re great at and what it is that people want to offer them the best transformative experience possible.

You want to look at how your brilliance can help more people get to where they want to be in life, whether that’s health goals, money goals

, business goals, or relationship goals. You got the smarts, now it’s time to package it and sell your brilliance as a high-ticket offer.

Download the Free Workbook, Turn Your Brilliance into a High-Ticket Offer that Converts, to create and sell your brilliance now!

Business Clients

You Need a High-Ticket Offer – 4 Reasons Why

Do you realize you need a high-ticket offer? If not, it’s high time you did. And I’ll give you four reasons why.

Maybe you’ve recently told yourself, “I am working too much, I don’t have a life, and I’m not making the money I want.”

Perhaps you have money goals for the end of 2020, like $30,000 or $50,000, or even $100,000, but you have no idea how to reach them. 

I get it. I was once there too.

But at the beginning of this year, I found the secret sauce and I want to share it with you. That’s because now I work less and make a lot more.

I was recently on a call with someone who works in her business a lot. And when she heard I only work 20 hours a week and make more money, she was shocked. 

If you want to work less and earn more too, then stick around. I am going to show you exactly how to do that before this year has ended. And it doesn’t have to be 2020 or 2025, it’s all the same!

You need a High-Ticket Offer

Are you not getting the cash flow you want or are you working at a lower cost point? Then having a high-ticket offer is going to erase the cash flow problem!

A high-ticket offer is a coaching or consulting offer that you charge very well for (think $5,000-$10,000+ for 6-12 months).

If this is slightly scary for you, that’s good. It needs to be scary good for you. After all, if it’s not scary, you would be charging this now!

Here’s why you need a high-ticket offer:

You’re worth it

You are totally worth charging HIGH dollars for your brilliance. What you have to offer to the world is no laughing matter. 

Your brilliance is not worth pennies, it is worth hundreds of dollars. It is worth so much because you have spent so much time developing it. 

You have spent money, time, and dedication to get to the point where you’re at now. To give it away for just a few dollars is an insult to your intelligence, and God. 

You don’t need anything else in your back pocket to make it worthwhile. You just need you.

Your clients are worth it

If you’re saying, “People may not pay these prices”, then you need new clients because your clients deserve the transformation your brilliance can give them. 

When you are not charging properly for your service, the clients you’ll work with will be a pain. When I work with people who pay me thousands of dollars, they never keep me awake at night, they never cause heartaches. 

They are amazing and you get that different energy when you offer high end packages! 

Your clients’ transformation is going to show up as they’re working with you.  

When you work with people who you’re charging pennies, they will keep you awake at night, you’ll be stressed, and they will not always be happy. Trust me, I have made this mistake and I am saving you tears, heartache, and frustration.

You will work less and make more with high-end offers

You are going to work less and make more when you have high-ticket offers.

This is going to free up your schedule so you can do the things you love. Like traveling, eating out, buying a new vehicle, hiring a babysitter, or investing more in your business.

I am working 20 hours a week and I am able to take most Mondays off. I get to travel, spend time with Anthony, and pay for my son’s daycare as well as my Virtual Assistant.

It’s because I am offering high-ticket offers that was able to create this life I am living. And I teach my clients how to do the same by using their brilliance and turning it into a clear and concise message.

Cash flow is never a problem with high end packages

When you offer high-ticket packages, you won’t be working as much because cash flow is never going to be a problem anymore!

You’re working with fewer clients, so you’re not constantly looking for new clients.

If you’re tired of looking for brand new clients all the freakin’ time, then it’s time to craft your high-end offer. And to convert your high-ticket offer, it helps to attract the right leads and clients

Craft and Sell Your High-Ticket Offer Today

When you charge more, you’re getting quality clients that just love and adore you.

It is time that you craft a high-ticket offer so that you can make more money, and work with higher quality clients that you just freakin adore, and who adore you. And you’re not working 40 or 50 hours a week. Instead, you’re only working 20 hours or less a week. 

It’s time to craft and sell your high-ticket offer, but if you have no idea where to start, then download the free workbook, Turn Your Brilliance into a High Ticket Offer that Converts now. 

Inside of this workbook, you’ll find a step-by-step process with the exact steps to put together the offer that is attractive and priced just right for you and your audience.

After you learn how to put together your offer, there are two powerful marketing strategies inside the workbook. They’ll teach you how to get a new coaching client in days!

Just one strategy has landed my clients and me $9,000 in 60 days! 

Go ahead and download the workbook, Turn Your Brilliance into a High-Ticket Offer that Converts. Then start selling your offer to live a life you love by transforming your client’s lives!


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Business Success

Build a Six-Figure Business: 3 Things You Must Do

Do you want to build a Six-Figure Business?

Many of us (myself included) want to have a Six-Figure business because that means we’ll have more freedom with time, travel, and money in our business and personal lives.

I know that is what it means for me. 

It also means I can hire more help to grow my business, thus growing my reach, my exposure, and creating more transformation in other people’s lives (namely female entrepreneurs).

While I’m still working on getting to six figures, I have a clearer understanding of what it takes to get there and I believe sharing this clarity with you will help you get to six-figures with me (or before me)!

To Expand Your Business, You Need Something to Sell

You’re probably thinking, “You’re kidding me right, Monica? Of course, I’ll need something to sell in order to make money!”

Although it may be the simplest concept, it’s still the first step to creating a life you want at that six-figure level.

For example, I recently talked to a lovely individual who’s into spirituality and meditating, using scents to calm people and help them relax into their lives. 

She found that people were coming to her, and requesting her services and she was providing them free of charge. It then hit her that she has something to sell!

When people are naturally asking you about your expertise or brilliance, it means you have something to sell and I would advise putting it into a package. 

Build a Six-Figure Business by Offering Packages

Think of the people who are your ideal clients: make them a high-end offer by putting your brilliance into a package.

If you’re offering one-off sessions to people for a small charge, I want you to STOP that right now!

Here’s the deal: You cannot serve that person in the long term by doing a one-off session. 

I don’t offer one-off sessions because I know my time and their time is better used if we decide to work together on a longer-term basis; my minimum is a six-hour package with me one on one. 

If you want to grow a six-figure business, you cannot serve people by doing one-time sessions. You have to offer packages where people will get more of you (your time) for more of a price so they can experience the BEST transformation in their life. 

This creates more cash flow and you have client retention for far longer than you would with just one-time sessions. This also means less work. 

If you need help with this, let me know. 

Payment Methods to Grow Your Business

You need to have a way to accept payment.

I know it sounds so simple, but you need to have a way to accept payment so you can get paid and have a new client to help transform their life!

The payment method I like using is Square. I feel that Square is more professional than Paypal.

However, Paypal is a close second, and many of my clients have paid me through Paypal.

There are many different payment methods out there as well as additional tools that will help you grow your business. Just choose the option that works best for you. Of course, it also must be secure for you and your clients.  

Simple and Yet Not So Easy

Let’s do a quick recap! You’ll need three things to build a six-figure business:

  1. have something to sell,
  2. package it in such a way to make it sexy and appealing to your audience
  3. have a form of payment. 

Are you wondering, “How do I create a high-end package?” or “What price point should I put on my packages?” Then let’s chat.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be going over how to create a high-end offer that is going to be appealing and mouth-watering for your clients. That way, you can live a life you love and get to your goal faster!

If need help with turning your content into clients, let’s chat as well. If you crave traction, I got ideas on how to get traction now in your business. Do it, and you can hit the new year (or any time of the year) running!

It’s time that you grow the business you want and make the money you want. Work with clients who you adore and who adore you, and live a life you love. Build your six-figure business as you’re transforming the world one client at a time.

Business Mindset

The #1 Mistake Entrepreneurs Make that Kills Their Businesses

I have seen this mistake made by entrepreneurs over and over again.

You know how I know?

Because I’ve done it myself and it’s KILLING your (and my) business.

This ONE thing is destroying your vision and it’s butchering what you want to create in the world. 

First of all, I want to say that I hate learning hard lessons; however, I am also grateful that I did learn this one lesson in particular in order to get my head on straight to play the game I want to play.

And it has given me this opportunity to share what this mistake is that is killing your whole business when you know you’re up to a bigger game. I can share it because I know many of you are practicing this, and it’s annihilating the big game you are playing.

Wonder what this mistake is? Let’s get on with it so you can stop playing a small game and step into the big one you’ve been dreaming of.

Your growth is stunted.

Many of you are trying to grow your business, but you just feel like you can’t get anywhere. 

You see so many people creating $5,000 and $10,000 a month in their businesses and you want to get there, but it’s not happening. 

You’re doing all the things you feel like you just keep spinning your wheels. Can you identify with that?

If so, keep reading.

You offer too many services.

Perhaps you’re feeling like, “If I offer this and I offer that and if I sell so many of that, then I can grow my business.” 

Raise your hand if you have fallen into that way of thinking before? 

How many of us (myself included) have thought, “If I make this small offer and lead it to a bigger offer and lead that one to my $5,000 offer, then I can grow my business!”

I have even talked about this in my past blogs. 

But here is the deal ladies and gentlemen: I’m not playing that game and I don’t think you are either. 

Your Smallness is Killing Your Big Game

Here’s the mistake that’s killing your business and destroying your growth: I have come to realize that I’ve been stunting my own growth and I had to get back to my vision, and back to what work I want to do in the world.

What is this that I have been hinting at and haven’t said yet? Here is it:

You are charging pathetic prices for work that you don’t even want when you know your game is to make the big bucks with larger packages that are in your realm of genius and actually will make the difference you want to make in the world.

Here are examples of how I practice this same mistake recently:

I took on a project where I was charging $35/hour and it was outside of my genius. But because it was money, and I was “trying to help” someone out, I said I’ll do it. 

I also thought, “Oh it might give me more clients, or maybe this particular person would become a client”.

I also took on a project, in which I didn’t want to begin with, undercharge myself, and outsourced the work, thinking all was going to be good.

That project turned out to be a nightmare and I was put in a position where my head was on the chopping block so to speak.

And the work was something I didn’t want to do but I took the work because I thought of the money (which was minimal) and I was “helping” someone out.

That’s not what I’m out to create in my life or in my client’s lives.

I had to learn a very hard lesson that kept me awake at night. My high-end clients NEVER keep me away at night.

If I’m out to create a $5,000 or $10,000 month, working for $35/hour is not going to lead me to those $5,000 or $10,000 months.

I was literally destroying and stunting my growth.

How many of you have coaching packages in the thousand dollars and yet you’re still taking on work that’s $35 an hour? 

Perhaps you’re still offering packages that are way under price and under the skills you know you’re truly are amazing at?

When you practice this mistake, you’re doing yourself and these potential clients a disservice.

And if I want to make a real impact in this world, the way I want to, then that means I need to charge more. I need to stop doing all these small projects.

I had to learn that I can’t be offering to work for minimum money if I wanted to create $5,000 and $10,000 months. 

So here’s what I want to tell you:

If you want to make the big bucks, you want to serve the world in a big way, and you love to coach or you love to do whatever you’re doing, I want to tell you to put these little hourly projects aside.

The little packages are not utilizing you, your brilliance, your message, and especially your vision. If you have a big vision like I think you have, then it’s time to stop undercharging yourself and giving people hourly work.

Stop doing the shitty little jobs. It’s not serving you. It’s not serving your genius and it’s not serving that God-given gift that God gave you and it’s not serving the world. 

Stick with your high-end coaching offers.

Market your high-end offer. Let people know what your high-end offer is. Sell your high-end offer only. 

If people come to you because they heard you do the little offers, then you can say, “You know, I don’t offer that, but this is what I do offer and I could do this for you. And I’m going to charge $5,000 for a six-month program.” Or whatever it is that you are doing and you’re charging for that high-end offer. 

Market that Bad Boy

The next step is you want to create content for your high-end packages.

If you have no idea where to start, let’s get on a call. I can give you some ideas to get you started. 

If you’re out to make $10,000 months, then let’s hop on a call. Let me give you some ideas on how to start creating content that markets your high end offers because that is going to utilize your voice and your brilliance and what you’re good at, you go to serve the world at a higher level than what you are right now.

If you’re not achieving your high-end goal and every month you’re not hitting it because you are too busy working on shitty little projects and shitty little packages that you have no business in doing, then it’s time to shift that and start making some damn money!

It’s a whole new ballgame when you decide to show up for yourself. And if you’re up for big things in 2020, then you have to step up.

Stop, destroying your growth and stop killing your business and start focusing on your high-end offer to start making the true difference you want to make in this world and in your life.

You deserve it.