This has been such an exciting month of July Julibee where I have been discussing and celebrating your website and its content! I have written about why you should have a website, how to write a killer home page and writing a remarkable About Me page for yourself. Since we’re running out of Mondays, I have to wrap up the last few pages that should be on your website and that’s your Service Page, Contact Page and your Blog page. So let’s stop killing time and get on with the good stuff!

Writing your Service Page

Introduce yourself and your services again. Start with your elevator pitch, letting your audience know what you do in a nutshell. Then, move on to your services and if you’re like me, you may have a few services that your audience might be interested in. Try formatting your page with headings for different services with text beneath them to describe what your service does for your reader and how it benefits them (remember, it’s all about matching the pain point and then the benefit). A quick tip about this: When you begin writing for your services, begin by mentioning your audience’s pain points that your particular service serves. For example, I have a Blogging Made Easy VIP Program where I help my audience put together 30 days of content for their blogs and we get very specific on how we will go about writing and getting seen with their blogs. Now that’s going to be different from my Signature Program, Writing to Riches, which is having 365 days of content and learning the ins and outs of all sorts of content driven lead magnets to help grow your business and income. The pain points for these will be different. When I introduce these programs to my audience, I will be introducing new pain points and how it solves their problem.

Describe your process with your audience. Answer questions like, Is this one on one? Is it a group? How will we communicate? How often? Is there homework? How long will the homework take? Are there bonuses to sign up with you before a certain date? How many times can I contact the provider per day, week, month? Describe what will happen when a person joins a particular program. Walk them through each step to build trust.

Testimonials. Provide testimonials in the sections of your services that people have left you when you worked with them. Only use 2-3 testimonials per service because when I’m looking at a service page, I don’t want to read 5-7 testimonials, I like getting gist, but I don’t want to be overwhelmed. Don’t overwhelm your audience, provide enough evidence that people are getting results, seeing a difference, and making a better life for themselves because of your services.

Call to Action. It’s time to build up this relationship: offer your readers a call to action such as a free content upgrade (to add onto your newsletter), schedule an appointment with you (offer a free 30 minute consultation to ask questions and receive answers), or to fill out your contact form to chat a little more. You would provide a link to your calendar or to your contact page.

Contact Page

This is the last chance to turn a visitor into a potential client. You have wrote a KILLER homepage, they have read your About Me page, they are nodding their heads and saying, “This person is pretty cool” and they moved on to your service page. On your service page, they are interested in one of your programs, but want to know more. So they click on the link to your contact page. What should be on this page that is going to ROCK their socks off?

Make sure it works! Make sure your contact page works. You don’t want a visitor to be turned off by your contact page not working properly.

Easy navigation. It needs to be user friendly and easy to navigate. Don’t make it complicated.

Little content. You’re not going to write a 300 words on this. You’re going to make sure this content is simple, sweet and to the point. Use this opportunity to show off your own personality. But don’t use slang words, even if that’s your everyday language! Keep it professional here.

Be inviting. Invite your audience to contact you in a way that you like to be invited. Here is 10 of the Best Contact Us Pages to showcase what I mean. This will help you become inspire on what content/words to use that will match your language from the rest of your site.

Make a statement of getting back in touch. You don’t want your visitor to send you an email and wonder when you’ll reply. Let them know when they can hear back from you. Is it in 5 minutes, 1 hour or 24 hours or less? Make sure they know when they can expect to hear back from you.

Your Blog Page

I hope you have read my blog series about writing your own blog, in which you can begin reading them here. So what should be on your blog page other than, well, your blogs?

Add your benefits to reading your blogs. Think of this page as your About Me page. I want you to consider what the audience will find in your blogs. What’s the benefits of reading your blog posts? What can your audience expect to find in them? What kinds of problems do you solve in your blogs that will REALLY benefit your readers? Or perhaps you’re changing lives, in which I recommend using testimonials for this. Once again, don’t make these testimonials overwhelming, I would suggest little sentences with who it said the testimonial.

Then add a call to to action, such as, “Don’t have time to read my blogs right now? Why don’t you download my FREE Ultimate Guide to XYZ?”

–     –     –

Like I said before, your website is the first impression a visitor has about you and your service. If you don’t look professional or serious enough, chances are that they won’t convert into paying clients. Your website is one of the BEST lead magnets you probably have to creating a lasting relationship, so make sure you spend time with it and take time to write it. Get a friend or peer to look over your copy to make sure it sounds benefiting and solving pain points for your audience. Or you can hire an editor to come in and look at it.

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