Making goals and setting realistic actions behind them is important, but let’s not neglect your space where all the magic happens. This bubble of creativity needs attention as well!

Today, I’m going to be talking about your space where all your goals happen as a continuation of this month’s blog theme called Kick Start Your New Year’s Resolutions the Write Way!

Let’s start off with talking about where your space is currently. Is it in a spared bedroom? The guest bedroom? The living room? Your dining room table? Perhaps it’s in your bedroom – on your bed (nothing wrong with that!). Regardless if you have an entire room to yourself or just a table where you share it with other occupants in your home, there’s always a way to create this space a place of peaceful vibes and quick inspiration.

Secondly, let’s discuss what’s around your space. Is there clutter? Chaos? Is it a quiet space or loud?

Your space should have a calm, focus feeling to it. Think about when you get a great idea or come up with a missing piece to your story. Where were you? What was your environment like at the time the idea sprung upon you? Finally, how were you emotionally, mentally, or physically? Take a moment to write down when and where your ideas come to you and what environment you were in. Your space should match this environment.

If your space is dirty, cluttered, there’s a million distractions, then chances of staying focus and obtaining creativity may be limited. You want your space to inspire the best from you, not suck the inspiration out of you.

For me personally, I need an environment that is peaceful and calming; I can’t have a lot of noise and I need to be as free as I can be without distractions. As far as my space, I encourage creativity by placing creativity around me. I have surrounded my desk with paintings I have done and I am in the works of adding more paintings with inspirational quotes on my wall.

I try to keep my desk clean as I have noticed I am much more productive, focus, and creative when the area around me is nice and orderly. Confession: I fail at this a lot, so don’t beat yourself up if you let yourself go on this one. I’m letting you know that I do find a cleaner environment helps me to be more focus.

One way I have also allowed myself to have more creative space in my head is by buying a chalk board from Hobby Lobby and placing my ideas on it. I have my S.M.A.R.T. goals written on it, with sections that include my 2016 goals, Give Away Ideas, and an Idea Center. This has helped me get my creative ideas out of my head and onto a place where I can look at on a daily (or regular) basis. I don’t have to worry about it staying cooped up in my head (and then hoping to remember the idea later on!). The point of this chalk board is to help you gain the sense of having a central place to take what’s in your head and placing it onto a space where it’s been written and you can remember it. That way, you won’t be scribbling it on a sheet of paper and wonder where it went three days later.

Here are some pictures of my space to give you examples of what I did and how you can create your own space to match your own creative environment.

Here’s the chalkboard I was telling you about. LOVE IT!

I highly encourage you to create a space with what you find inspirational or things you enjoy doing (painting, coloring, etc.).

Lastly, I want to encourage you to make your space quiet as it’ll keep you from becoming distracted. I know this can be hard when you have children, but you may want to consider making boundaries with them (if they are old enough) or working at a time where they are asleep. Maybe even make a day once a week where a sitter looks after them just so you can get work done.

No matter what, having a quiet space to work in makes it easier to think and be in your genius zone.

I hope this has been helpful to you and that it has helped spark ideas for your own creative space. Regardless if you have an entire room or a nook in your house or apartment, it’s important to have your own little space with your own creative vibes in it.

If you already have a space for yourself, share in the comments below what you love about it and any tips that you have found to give you peace, focus, and creativity!

Next week, I’m talking about how to stay on top of your goals and with that, I’ll even give you a FREE calendar with action steps to begin your journey on a action packed filled month!

Until then, work on your space, make it creative and quiet, and let the genius zone always be within reach!

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