You’re working, working, working, and none of your efforts are paying off. You’re doing, doing, doing and nothing is rewarding you. It’s like you’re going through a fog where you don’t know the next step or right direction you want to move forward in.

Doesn’t this sound familiar? It’s frustrating and humiliating and it feels that you’re a failure at this whole online business thing. So you just go back to the soul-sucking activities that you despise or you don’t want to do and hope it works again for you. But your heart is crying because you want to set up systems and structures so you can live the life you love rather than the life others think you need to have.

But then you might hear a podcast or read a blog that just makes sense to you. It’s almost like the heavens opened up and poured its light and gives you an idea to move forward in. 

Today’s post is an expert roundup on people I follow who are rocking it out of the park and are living the life they love every day! And the best part is that they speak to me, they encourage me and they give me the hope I need to move forward when I feel discouraged. Because they all started where I was at and they love sharing their story to inspire me and move me forward. I want to share these rocking entrepreneurs to you as well since they speak to me so much and they are living the life I desire to live in the future.

Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is amazing and I LOVE listening to her! I love how authentic she is and how vulnerable she is when she discusses how she started out in her own entrepreneurial journey. Another reason I love her is that she has mastered the art of communication through content! She has a blog, a podcast (Online Marketing made Easy), email sequences, online courses, Facebook groups, and awesome freebies that actually help you succeed! If you haven’t gotten to know Amy Porterfield, then I would suggest you get to know her now to gain the knowledge of creating online content to influence and persuade your audience! Read her blogs, listen to her podcast and download a few of her freebies to see how she works her own email sequencing and how you can too. If she has inspired me, then I know she’ll inspire you!

Mariah Coz

Mariah Coz from Femtrepreneur is another great expert I love following because she has a podcast, blogs, online courses, email sequences, facebook groups and incredible freebies. She’s different from Amy Porterfield, but she’s so knowledgeable in putting together online courses and she walks you through on setting up your first online course as well. Mariah encourages me that it can be done too. She started out with a small list and now she has over 30,000+ people on her list. One thing I do love about Mariah is that she hires people from her community and fan clubs, which is sweet! Mariah encourages me to continue to build my online platform despite a small list or even a small following.

Laura Pence Atencio

Of course, I would mention Laura from Social Savvy Geek! She’s a marketing beast and she knows her stuff (seriously, she knows marketing!). Laura is inspiring to me because she has gotten her content together to create beautiful email sequences that speak to her ideal clients. She gets results because she knows how to speak into the lives of her clients. We are power partners, but she has encouraged me to continue moving, staying focus and speaking into my client lives as well. Laura gets me and is my personal cheerleader when I’m deep in the fog of my own entrepreneurial business! Laura has a blog, Facebook group, a strong social media presence, and freebies that make sense! Definitely check her out and read her blogs to gain the knowledge on marketing to your ideal clients on and offline!

Who are the experts you love following? Share in the comments below!  And while you are at it, why don’t you join Laura and my awesome Facebook Group, Marketing that Converts, especially if you want to grow your online presence and knock it out of the park with content that speaks to your ideal clients and build your tribe using email marketing! Click the image below to get inside the group!

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