You’re getting ready to launch your blog – you have created content, started a email list, and you have been working on the design of your blog to make it just the way you like it for the BIG LAUNCH DAY! But then you remember, “I need to put together a campaign to spread the word about my blog!”

Yes, you do need some form of marketing campaign to get excitement and hype for your blog. And this campaign needs to be between 4-6 weeks long so you can get the hype you desire (anything less, people won’t either notice or won’t know until after your launch day). 

How can you spread the word about your new blog? Well, I have a few ideas for you to try out!

Email List

If you have been working on building your email list, then inform them that you’re about to begin blogging and ask them to share first few blog posts with their friends when your blog posts come out. Also, ask what questions they would like to have answered on your blog (so you can begin writing posts that they want). Remember, your email list is your VIP people, they should have first dibs and look at your blog before anyone else! 

Give them something free as a thank you for supporting you and making your big launch day a success!

Don’t have an email list yet? Your blog is one way to begin building it!


Let people in your network know that you’re launching a blog. This can be easily done in an email and ask to help spread the word to their audience or people. Or if you’re out physically networking, let people know then as well.

Ask people to help spread the word

Have a power partner? Have entrepreneur friends who love and adore you? If you know any of these types of people, ask if they wouldn’t mind sharing your blog launch day with their email list, clients and network about your blog, especially if your blog can solve their audience’s problems (but it doesn’t take away from your friend’s business). 

Create a page where people who are interested in your blog can sign up for the grand announcement of your blog launch. 

Guest Blog Posting

Guest post on a high trafficked blog (meaning that this blogger has active fans and commenters) that’s inside of your niche. If you enjoy working with speakers, then you need to make sure that this blogger you’re writing for is in the same niche as you are. Ask this blogger if you can guest post for them and then announce after the post that you’re about to launch your own blog and asl if they will join you in the celebration! In your bio, you can have a link that will inform them of the day you launch your blog or lead them to a sign-up page for them to get the announcement about the blog launch.

Social Media

Create posts and let your friends know that you’re about to start a blog and what you’re going to be talking about. Let them know the date in which you’re going to launch and ask them to comment and share so the word can get out faster.

These are just a few suggestions you can take to spread the word about your new blog! Try a few of these strategies now and remember to make then plan and then work the plan!

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If you have been following me on social media, then you know this already, but for those of you who are just dropping in and getting to know me, I want to let you in on a special announcement so that way, you won’t wonder where I have gone.

This will be my last blog post for 2017 as I am giving birth to our first child, Anthony Isaiah, on Thursday, December 21, or before. That means my “Maternity Leave” starts the day he is born and will go through Tuesday, January 16, where I’ll roll back into blogging to introduce you to Anthony and then we’ll begin talking about Visibility Strategies for 2018 for you and your business! 

So until then, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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